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The Clarion Reference Series is one of the best Cambridge designs in print.  Here are a few photos.  With outer dimensions of 5.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″ – the Clarion is clearly a personal size Bible.  A follow – up consideration to portable Bibles is the most obvious: “Is it legible?”  The answer is absolutely “Yes.”  The Lexicon digital font (a font family which was often used on hot metal typesetting) is naturally bold and easy to read.  The setting is a single column paragraph format which is of particular interest to many modern Bible enthusiasts. The text is uncluttered with references & headings (which are placed in the 1″ margins).  IMG_2420The text is typeset with ‘line-matching’ which allows for a minimum of text ‘see through.’ The Clarion is the best Bible in its class – its nearest competitor in this class would be the Crossway Personal Size Reference -another paragraph formatted Bible- with references in the gutter – but in this case the Cambridge experience and class clearly win out – producing a more durable, more legible and definitely classier book. The Clarion is currently available in the KJV, NKJV, ESV &  NASB –  A quick word about the KJV version – it has the Epistle Dedicatory and Translators to the Reader – which is standard in our KJV Bibles – and it also has the ‘Reader’s Companion’ which is Cambridge dictionary/concordance hybrid – unique and useful. We recommend the Goatskin version in whichever translation you prefer.  IMG_4336For a few extra dollars (over a life-time) the Goatskin version is extremely supple, edge-lined with art-gilt edging and has a natural grain – all others are heat embossed. So – If you’re looking for a single column, paragraph format Bible that is portable and is surprisingly legible for its size – this is the best in print!  Excellent work on this Bible Cambridge!



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