Cambridge ESV Clarion Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin Leather

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Brown Calfskin cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
Page size: 5⅛” x 7-1/8″
8.75 font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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2016 ESV Text

Page Size: 5⅛” x 7-1/8″ (131 mm x 180 mm)

2,080 pages
Cambridge has created an entirely new setting of the English Standard Version that will be a delight to read and to handle. Cambridge Clarion Reference Editions present the text in a single column and place the cross references in the outer margin. The font size is just under 9 point with generous line spacing. They are typeset in Lexicon No.1, a modern digital font that has a degree of readability associated with much larger type. The Bibles have 15 color maps and a concordance. These are Bibles of the highest quality, printed on India paper and Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance. They are offered in a range of superior binding styles: calf split leather, top-grain calfskin, and edge-lined goatskin.



16 reviews for Cambridge ESV Clarion Reference Bible, Brown Calfskin Leather

  1. bdonaldhart (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful Bible. I bought this as a wedding present and love the layout for easy reading. I almost kept this and gave away my Pitt Minion instead!

  2. Louis (verified owner)

    I bought the Clarion in brown calfskin. While the bible is nice it has, in my opinion, some flaws for a premium bible. The pages tend to curl in over time which was bothersome and I have to be intentional when closing the book as to not accidentally fold a page. Also, I personally do not like ghosting and the Clarion has enough to be bothersome. Cambridge does line matching to limit this but, again my opinion, the ghosting was too much for my preference. Aside from these two flaws the rest was great. The cover was smooth, consistent and well done. The binding was done very well with no page warping near the gutter. The size is great for a personal size. If you like single column layout, this is a fantastic layout with cross-references. This is a good bible but only 3 stars from me for the reasons stated.

  3. Bruce C (verified owner)

    I wish this were a better-made Bible. The calfskin leather cover is so supple. The single column text layout really makes the parallel structure typical of Hebrew poetry really stand out. The cross-references on the outside margin keep the reading environment uncluttered. This Bible is easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, there is one fatal flaw: the thin paper. The paper is so thin that the pages curl in upon themselves simply by flipping through the Bible. If I don’t spot this before I close the Bible, the folded pages become creased and wrinkled. This problem is so bad that I often avoid turning to the passages in the cross-references. I have tried every thing I can think of to avoid this problem, but to no avail. I have used this Bible for two years now, and I have several creased pages and I expect more to come. It is disturbing to me to have the reading pleasure of an excellent layout and text block ruined by creases and wrinkles running right through the text. Perhaps if you only use this Bible in climate-controlled environments, never use a ceiling fan, and avoid taking the Bible out by a lake where a gentle breeze may be blowing…you can avoid this problem.

  4. Craig

    This is an excellent bible, very good quality and craftsmanship. Perfect size for teaching and preaching from. The single column format is nice. The Brown calfskin gets softer the more you use it. Has great maps and concordance. Highly recommend!

  5. Scott

    When first receiving the Bible, I was pleasantly surprised at its size. It is very easy to hold and handle, as well as Reid. My chief complaint about it is that the cover after any use begins to flake away, leaving tiny bits of calfskin leather. I’ve been reading through it this year, underlining it daily with my readings. I am a quadriplegic so I am not rough at all on the Bible, but still the cover seems to be flaking in and around the edges. For the cost, this should not be happening. I recently purchased a Schuyler quentel personal size ESV. The size is comprable and the calfskin leather is not quite as malleable as with the Cambridge. Still, I prefer it to the Clarion. If I could get my money back for the Cambridge Clarion after seeing the defect mention, I definitely would.

  6. Gary Paulsen (verified owner)

    Just received my ESV Clarion in yesterday’s mail. Earlier I purchased the NASB version of the Clarion in goatskin. I love the format and size of the Clarion. Because I was so pleased with my NASB and my church fellowship uses ESV I thought I’d get a Clarion ESV. Goatskin was not a available so I settled for the brown calfskin. Although I am very pleased with the quality, format, and size of my new ESV I wish I would have waited for the goatskin to become available. I really love the feel of the goatskin. Other than that I highly recommend the Clarion.

    Gary Paulsen

  7. Jason Gardner

    When it comes to bibles, at least for me, there are two primary components—the packaging (or binding) and the contents (the translation itself). The translation is obviously the more important of these two. Whether it’s for more casual reading or more intensive study, the translation (or translations) matters. This Clarion Reference Edition employs the ESV, a widely popular translation among evangelicals and perhaps even to some not in that camp. I like the ESV (though it’s not without its faults) and have enjoyed having this one in my rotation.

    As for the less-so-but-still-important feature of binding, the Clarion certainly lives up to the reputation Cambridge has built for producing top-quality bibles. I’ll begin with the leather test. This Clarion is bound in brown calfskin leather, which is quite soft and supple to the touch, as you might imagine. Unlike my NIV Pitt Minion (black goatskin), this leather is soft right out of the box and does not require use to appreciate its inherent worth. While it not as soft and velvety as a top grain cowhide or other similar leather, it is certainly far above bonded leather and even some other less-than-top-grain bindings. Color wise the brown is a medium tone and I think will prevent more obvious defects (stains, wear, etc) from showing too badly. Overall, the leather is very nice and because the leather is not stiff and rigid, this edition is quite flexible.

    The layout of this edition is also a positive. The Clarion is not quite the length as other bibles I own; it’s more squared than it is rectangular (dimensions are 204 x 152 x 45 mm). However, this is not an issue; in fact, I would say it doesn’t detract from its usability in any way. I’ve preached a few times using this bible and it fits comfortably in my hands and I had no problems thumbing to various sections through the course of a sermon. The Clarion’s text is in a single-column format with cross-references in the outer margin, which reduces crowding. The font size is Lexicon No.1 and is sized at just under 9 point and is very readable, even at arm’s length away. The Clarion also boasts fifteen color maps and a concordance, both of which are fairly common stock in modern editions. Dual ribbons permit marking multiple sections for easy reference.

    Cambridge claims it “has created an entirely new setting of the English Standard Version that will be a delight to read and to handle” and on this point they are quite right. The ESV Clarion is indeed a lovely edition and would make a great addition to one’s library.

  8. Gary Woodham (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with my new ESV Clarion Reference Bible in the brown calf skin. I enjoy reading all versions of the bible, but especially enjoy the ESV. I also prefer the single column layout over the double column. This is a very comfortable size Bible. I originally ordered 2, one for my grandson and one for myself. I was so pleased with it I decided to by all my children, their spouses, and grandchildren this Bible. Out of 17 total purchased there was one with a factory defect. That one was replaced very promptly by the good people at Evangelical bible. All the recipients were very pleased with the Bibles. I would recommend this Bible to everyone.

  9. John Notestein (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a Bible that I can both read at home and take to church. I have several Allen, Cambridge, and Crossway Bibles that I use for different purposes, but really wanted to get one I could use all the time. This one fits the bill. The Calfskin leather is soft and looks like it will last a lifetime. The paper is thinner than most Bibles I have, but isn’t a problem. I have used the Pitt Minion quite a bit and love the size. The Clarion is roughly the same size but thicker. It fits my hand perfectly. The best feature is the single column text. I have a Crossway SCR and fell in love with the format. In my opinion, Cambridge has done a better job and the line matching makes for very easy reading.

    All in all, an extremely well made Bible that will last my lifetime. I am sure this will be my main all purpose Bible.

  10. Justin Perry

    Let me begin by saying a few things about my preferences: I typically like large, black, thinline bibles- not small, brown, chunky bibles like this one. As a matter of fact, this bible was my 3rd choice…
    However, that being said now that I own this bible, I absolutely love it! To own a Cambridge is of course, to own the finest quality. The Clarion is no exception. The thick calfskin, the art glit edges, the single collumn paragraph format with line matching on bright white paper, all make the Clarion a stand-out edition. I have always preferred a thinline for preaching and teaching, and I still do. This is because they pack better in a brief case and hold better in your hand. For reading however, I cannot imagine a more perfect format than the Clarion. I would rate it a 10 out of 10 for clarity and the look of the red-gilted page edges behind the bright white pages, set against the brown calfskin is is unparalleled. I have had the Bible for a month and I enjoy it more each morning I read from it.
    I will mention that the first one I received had a slight crack at the top of the calfskin binding, so I had to send it back, and of course it was exchanged free of charge. Normally this would have knocked a star from my review score, but since the Clarion would be a 6 star review in my book (if possible), we are back down to 5 stars. I upgraded the ribbons from the two brown which come with it to three ribbons: blue, red, and chocolate 3/8 inch satin ribbons- which add to the Clarion’s glory!
    If you are considering this bible and you can afford it, pull the trigger! Even if this is not your style- go for it and you will not be dissapointed.

  11. Rosario DiPeri (verified owner)

    I just got this. The calfskin binding is very nice. I’m a big fan of the single column reference. I like the format here. Although there is no room for notes on the pages. The paper is very thin India paper so no wet fingers or aggressive page turning. I like the way the references have the verse in bold. Makes it easy to find. The type could have been darker. The comparable Allen is the Brevier Clarendon. The Clarendon’s type looks the same size as the Clarion but is much darker making it more readable. Darker type would have made this five stars. Having said that I think this is a good choice where portability is desired over paper quality, and the ability to add notes.

  12. Terry L Deck (verified owner)

    I can give this Clarion no more than a three-star rating. While I was favorably impressed with the single-column format, paper quality and readability, I was very disappointed with the binding and the condition of the calfskin covering. The calfskin was thin and stiff, the sewing in the front was cracked and some of the opening pages were in need of repair. I did not find that the calfskin cover issues improved with usage. In short, I have purchased much less expensive leather-bound bibles that were in much better physical condition and had a both a better appearance and better feel than this one.

    I sent the Clarion to Leonard’s for rebinding and repair. The calfskin was replaced and the sewing and page issues described above were corrected. Now I am very pleased with this bible. The new binding plus the formatting of the Clarion make for a very fine combination. But I must say that I am very disappointed that I had to go to such lengths to achieve this end.

  13. Linda Irvine (verified owner)

    The ESV Cambridge Clarion will surprise you. As for me, this Bible has effortlessly become my companion Bible, pushing aside even an Allan’s Bible.

    Despite my confidence in this product, I confess that I came very close to sending it back. Why?

    First, when I opened it up, there was no “oooh!” I had been accustomed to seeing highland goatskin in the box, and this looked rather… flat. Plus, it was kind of stiff.

    Second, the paper inside seemed a little stressed, as it had never been opened.

    Third, there is a section in the middle where the pages curl.

    Four, there was a minor nick in the leather, particular to my copy.

    But, oh boy! I stuck with this thing, and it has surpassed anything I have ever had. First, I should say that while the curling paper is a minor annoyance, it decreases over time and is by no means a deal breaker.

    And now I get to the leather. As the cover breaks in, and your hand oils get into the leather, it becomes a premium. Unequaled in softness and smoothness. The printing on the front looks elegant. This is top-of-the-line calfskin. [Side note: I disagree with Mark Betrand; the black liner does compliment the brown, and looks great.]

    Some people have complained about the paper being thin; but this, I can’t agree on. The paper is of the utmost highest quality in Bible manufacturing. I have a Bible from 60+ years ago with this type of paper, and it holds up perfectly. Silky to the touch, and for how thin it is, is quite opaque. I have never had a problem with bleed-through, and would not even if it was not line matched.

    Of course, the real beauty of the clarion is the text block – and for that reason, any cover option would be a terrific investment. Big, spacious, easy to read… Now I do have good eyes, so I can’t speak for those who don’t, but I must say: I do not have difficulty finding verses quickly, and so I take this one to church.

    Even with my minor leather blip and curling poetry section (future prints will not have this defect), this Bible is almost deserving of six stars. Springs open like a Pitt; excellent mix of portability and font size; traditional look… amazing job Cambridge. Actually, Bible makers should sue Cambridge, and they should sue themselves, because I would have spent lots of money buying other Bibles in my pursuit of the right one. But since I have this, it will be a long time until I make another purchase.

    So buy this (or another translation), use it for 3 or so weeks, and see what you think of it. You’ll be hard-pressed to think of a Bible that hits all your check boxes so well. Thank you Cambridge!

  14. Jared Sterr

    Earlier this year I decided to make an addition to my translation library which consisted of … wait for it … just the KJV. I grew up with the King James bible and love the elegant flow of the old English. I also enjoyed the vast resources built around the study component centered on the KJV text. After doing a lot of research about different translations I came to love the ESV. I still read and study from the KJV, but wanted to include another translation that was faithful to the manuscripts they translated and the ESV was it. The purpose of the review isn’t to discuss translations, but bible formats and there purpose in absorbing the word of God.

    My plan was to build a library of bibles and resources, i.e., study bibles, commentaries, concordances, translations, bible types, etc… Since my KJV library was fairly well established I began the search for the perfect combination for the ESV. My wish list included bibles for reading, on the go, and personal home study. During my research I found several iterations of the ESV translation that I thought would work but nothing really stuck for the three purposes I was looking for. Since this was the first time I had spent more than $30 on a bible I didn’t feel comfortable going completely nuts and buying a $200 bible (I thought I would dip my toe first). When I saw the Pitt Minion and it’s corresponding partner in the wide-margin I knew this is what I was looking for. So I purchased the Pitt Minion in calf split and wide-margin in hardcover. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I know they are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality of covers in their category, but to be honest I don’t think I forfeited anything with this combination choice. I feel better about the money spent and if I were to do it all over again I would choose the same covers. The calf split Pitt Minion has softened up a lot … the bible opens flat in all places with ease! The grain feels so good in the hand! The print is unbelievably readable for its size. The hardcover wide-margin is actually (IMO) better than the soft cover options, because my sole intention for the bible is to use it for personal study. The bible doesn’t come to bed with me (often) and is mostly used on the coffee table. Also, it opens flat in all places. The selling point was the fact that the pages correspond with each other. This is perfect for me because I have a visual memory.

    Now this left me with one more aspect of my search for the perfect combination of bibles. I needed a bible for long periods of reading. Well, lucky for me, Cambridge fulfilled that desire as well in the recent released Clarion. I purchased the calfskin this time because it was only $10 more at than the calf split. To be honest, I like the cover, but would’ve been fine with the calf split. The one nice thing that may maintain my first decision is the red under gold gilt edges (they are really nice!). I plan to never write in this bible ever … it’s just for reading. That’s why I have the wide-margin. I can not begin to tell you how perfect the layout, text and size of this bible is. It is literally a perfect reading bible for me. The font really appears much larger than 9 pt. The pages do curl in the middle of the bible, but I think with time the problem will go away. If not, it won’t matter because the rest of the bible is perfect! If they used thicker paper the bible would’ve been twice as thick (wouldn’t work!). It’s the compromise you make when looking for the best reading bible on the market.

    So that concludes my ESV library … for now. The Cambridge Pitt Minion (calf split), Wide-Margin (hardcover), and Clarion (calfskin).

    You will love any one of these bibles in isolation and could easily get away with just one. If that is was what you are planning to do … my order of preference would be (1) Clarion, (2) Pitt Minion, and (3) Wide-Margin. If you want to take notes and only want the Clarion or Pitt Minion you can always buy a notebook. Know that each of these editions will last you a very, very long time!

    Go, enjoy the word of God, and share your experience with others!

  15. Nathan McCallum (verified owner)

    I teeter-tottered on this Bible even before it came out. I have always read from a two-column Bible. I have had issues with poetry and prophecy in the two-column setting but never found a single column setting I liked. I tried ESV Legacy in a tru-tone binding but didn’t like the way the pages crackled when I opened it and it felt like a big bible (maybe because I was reading it along side a Pitt Minion). But I decided to take the plunge. Then it came down to color. I have a ESV Wide Margin in the goatskin from Cambridge and can’t believe the liquidity of the leather in my hands. So, I knew the black leather would be amazing to the touch but I am tired of the classic black in all my quality bibles. So, I went for the Calfskin because I love brown Bibles. Turns out, I AM GLAD I DID! This Bible is amazing! While I am still in my early 30s this font size is large enough (but not too large) that I won’t have a problem reading it into my 50s. Having a goatskin wide margin I can say that this calfskin is definitely more stiff but not terribly. It will, like my pitt minion brown goatskin, work itself more supple over time. And while it looks really thick in some pictures it is perfect fit for a hand. I strongly recommend this Bible!

  16. Mark Holloway (verified owner)

    Just received the ESV Brown Clarion today. I like its size, its readability, its binding, its color. Typical well made Cambridge Bible. I wasn’t sure if I would like the size and then I decided to order it and use it as my travelling Bible. It will be much more than that. It will be in my regular rotation, I used it tonight for my readings, no problems. It has the great collection of Cambridge maps with the map index, also has a good concordance which I wasn’t sure I would get because I heard a lot of people talking about a Companions Guide that they put in the KJV, I think, I heard pros and cons so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I have an old faithful concordance, trustworthy and reliable. Its has the art gilt pages, its not leather lined but the brown calfskin looks and feels great. I think I can get used to this single column paragraph text. Opens flat. The Bible isn’t as fat as I thought it would be partly because of the India paper used. Thinner paper but durable, “opaque.” I highly recommend this Bible.

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