Cambridge ESV Diadem Reference Bible with Apocrypha Black Calfskin leather, Red-letter Text

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Black Calfskin cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
8.1 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The Diadem Reference Edition enlarges the classic and elegant text design of the Pitt Minion Edition, widely admired for its fine combination of readable text and efficient use of space. The digital typeface retains the elegance of traditional Bible lettering, while offering the clarity of reading provided by modern fonts. The text is arranged in paragraph format and supported by centre-column cross-references, a comprehensive concordance, and 15 colour maps. This ESV Bible is bound in black calfskin leather and includes the Apocryphal books which appear together in the centre of the Bible. The Apocrypha comprise books written in the inter-testamental period. Although not accepted into the Hebrew Canon, they survive in the Greek Scriptures. This edition includes the same eighteen books as found in the Revised Standard Version, including Tobit, 1-4 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, Judith, Baruch, and Psalm 151, along with the additions to Esther and Daniel. As in the whole of the ESV Bible, the translation of these books strives for accuracy, providing an essentially literal word-for-word approach to the original texts.

  • ESV Bible with Apocrypha
  • Black calfskin leather
  • Enlargement of the widely admired Pitt Minion setting
  • Paragraph format
  • Full concordance, cross-references and 15 colour maps
  • 8.1 pt Lexicon

2 reviews for Cambridge ESV Diadem Reference Bible with Apocrypha Black Calfskin leather, Red-letter Text

  1. jrk55 (verified owner)

    Part of my problem is that I’m old and remember the old Cambridge Bibles. This Bible is beautifully bound and we Roman Catholics don’t have that many choices in high-quality ones. I really like my Schuyler RSV, it’s easier to read and less distracting without that center column, and the pages are more opaque than this thinner paper. But–the maps are stunning along with the gazetteer. Lovely leather, of course. I still miss the old Bible paper as on my Cambridge NT I’ve carried for 40+ years. But that’s gone…

  2. James Edwards

    I love this Bible! It feels amazing in my hands, you can really feel the quality.

    I searched high and low to find a red letter version of the ESV and I had almost given up when I stumbled upon this one. The fact that it had the apocrypha in it was a bonus and made it unique enough for me to overlook the double column text as I prefer a single column text (just my preference).

    I’ve had it for about 10 weeks now and I’m about to get in to the poetry. It’s breaking in nicely and is the perfect size. I love my study bible, but this it perfect for taking to church or travel.

    The only negative thing I can come up with is the price. Overall I guess it’s worth it for such a unique combination of features wrapped up in a beautiful cover.

    The service was amazing! I didn’t pay for the expedited shipping, but somehow it made it from Richmond VA to Wichita Falls TX in less than 24 hours at Christmas time!

    Thank you for a great experience

    God bless

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