Crossway ESV Pew and Worship Bible, Large Print, Black – Case of 12

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The ESV Pew and Worship Bible, Large Print, Black is ideally suited for church use. It features large, readable type, a durable cover, high-quality Bible paper, and 65 responsive readings, making this Bible a great choice for churches to use in worship services each week.


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The ESV Pew and Worship Bible, Large Print, Black is ideally suited for church use. It features large, readable type, a durable cover, high-quality Bible paper, and 65 responsive readings, making this Bible a great choice for churches to use in worship services each week.

65 responsive readings
Smyth-sewn binding
Words of Christ in Black


Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 1, 280
Trim Size: 6.5 in x 9.25 in
Weight: 38.03 ounces
Published: October 31, 2018
Type Size: 11
Page Layout: Double Column


  1. Ian Fleming (verified owner)

    This is my first bible from, and I am well pleased. I like in the UK, and my order arrived within one week. I can honestly say that this bible is the best that I have ever had. I do have a Cambridge concord reference KJV bible in black goatskin, but I think that Schuyler bibles are even nicer than the Cambridge. Well done all at schuyler and

  2. QAB

    What can I add to all these reviews? My black goatskin Canterbury arrived and it was all that was promised since it was first announced. The cover is supple with excellent color matching on the inside. The paper and printing is of first class quality. The design is EXCELLENT!
    This is no question that this is an heirloom. I have several Schuyler bibles which I know to be of top quality but this is the best. My congratulations on publishing a beautiful framework for the Word.

  3. Intheknighttime

    Looks like everybody here must really love this Bible they wrote a book review on it .
    too long to read LOL.
    So I will make this short and sweet .
    I completely love this Bible, its quality, the goatskin is out-of-this-world, the text block is just fantastic.
    I really can’t say a negative thing about this Bible. It is definitely one of my favorites close behind my Canterbury Dark Purple goatskin, which is by far my favorite, but as I said this classic is right behind it.
    Would I recommend this Bible to anyone?
    In a heartbeat, yes I would.
    And I love my black goatskin but now that I own the Canterbury dark purple if you would order this classic I would get it in the dark purple goatskin.
    And one last thing
    Rocks !

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bible. Print is a little too small and paper is very thin but other than that this Bible is amazing. The cross references and concordance are great and the quality is very good!

  5. Raymundo Valle (verified owner)

    This is my first “premium” bible and I am very happy with the look and feel of the black goatskin leather, I purchased the Firebrick Red Goatskin leather for a dear friend of mine and she also loves it. I must add the most important feature of this Bible to us was the addition of the Epistle Dedicatory/Letters to the Reader; as these are historically accurate/important additions to the Authorized Kings James Version Bible. Thank you ebc for adding them to this classic bible.

  6. Christopher (verified owner)

    Schuyler came with class and a new standard of bible binding with this 2nd generation line. Ive only owned it 30 minutes and off the bat I can tell how great they did with this bible. I own every high end kjv in goatskin that is available including a first generation Schuyler. The way they put this together is exactly how I wish Allan would bind the Longprimer. As classy as a yapp is, Ive grown not to like it. I HIGHLY recomment this bible!

  7. Dallas McKinley

    This review is for the recent printing available around the beginning of 2016. I have another review of the first Westminster I purchased and this newest one has the same wonderful text block which appears perfectly executed. HOWEVER the new covers are just over the top. The hinge is much improved and opens flatter, the lining is softer inside the cover and squishes more in the hand, and the bible closes snug at the hinge. The older printing bulged a little near the spine because of the hinge and way the cover was attached, wonderful as it was. The ribbons are also cut much longer and reduced to three in number which looks great. A true joy to hold and read.

  8. Michael Freeman (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding.

    I’m usually a Cambridge or Oxford textblock reference buyer/reader of KJV. However after purchasing a Cambridge Clarion, I’ve determined that updated typesetting is a good thing, especially for my middle aged eyes, the Clarion impressing me over older archaic typefaces.

    Several days ago, in no small part thanks to J Mark Bertrand’s reviews and Evangelical Bibles consistent good customer service, I have received what I believe to be one of the finest bound bible texts that I have ever seen, bar none. A black Schuyler KJV Westminister.

    The bible I have received is outstanding. The binding is perfect, the leather lining is exquisite. The line matching is spot on, the paper quality is fantastic. The actual feel of the cover is liquid and has a thicker quality than even the Longprimer. The text block matter is a blessing to the KJV enthusiast including the dedication, note to readers, guide to archaic words, the concordance, the guide to pronunciation, and chapter headings, all make this the reference bible I wish I could have started with.

    It is a full size hand held bible along the same dimensions as the Longprimer, thus a good all purpose size from lap to pew to pulpit to study.

    This is a fantastic KJV bible, if your a KJV fan or gifting one, absolutely outstanding bible to consider.

  9. Dallas McKinley (verified owner)

    This is a superb Bible. I have many premium Bibles including top tier KJVs like the Allan Longprimer Highland Goatskin and Cambridge Concord Goatskin. This Bible is my VERY FAVORITE. Each time I read it I’m drawn in and experience a wonderful time in the Word. The text layout is reminiscent of a Thompson Chain but has the crispest text you can find… and totally consistent throughout. The references can not be surpassed and the paper is top quality with a thickness that balances carry and opacity. The size is similar to a Longprimer but slightly thicker and it is built to last. Like the Schuyler ESV reference w/ confessions, a yellow Zebrite highlighter does not show through on the back of the page but writing does a bit. After a few days use it lays flat Genesis to Revelation, even with the overbuilt hinge. Just an outstanding Bible if you like the layout.

  10. Sandra M Lewis

    I have had this Bible in the brown marble for over 1 year but I wanted to share what a great Bible this is regardless of the various colors available. This Bible and the service at EVB deserves higher than 5 stars but 5 is as high as they go! I absolutely love this Bible.

    The coloring is beautiful with the subtle marbled effect. After a year of constant use, the cover is still like new. I love the stitching around the perimeter as this keeps the cover in shape and together. The binding on the spine is holding up great and has become flexible while still holding together like a tank for longevity and use for years to come. There is no loosening, splitting or separation of the binding even after 1 year’s constant use. The size of the Bible is perfect for carrying around without feeling like you have a brick in your bag. The leather is thick and, even though it has loosened up a bit after constant use, it is flexible but still stiff enough that you don’t have your pages falling over toward the floor while standing in church reading from the Scriptures. For me, these limp fine leathers are very unruly to use while standing trying to read the Scriptures as the pages fall to toward the floor and you have to either cock your head in a goofy position to read or you have to fidget with the book so you can see what you are reading. I usually end up with these “fine” limpy books rolling and falling out of my hands into the pew in front of me causing a commotion during the readings. Not so with this Bible. It is thick and stiff enough to hold open flat to read while standing but yet is flexible for the lap while sitting.

    Paper quality is the best. It is a cream color which is easy on my eyes since there is no reflection from the lighting while reading. I only use colored pencils and Pentel fine lead and mechanical pencils for writing in my Bibles and the paper is great for pencil. I have on occasion had to erase mistakes while writing notes and the paper and printed ink holds up fine and strong even after erasing colored pencil marks. There is minimal ghosting from the print on the other side of the page.

    But the bells & whistles on the inside of this Bible is what makes this Bible the best of all the Bibles out there. For me, this is the most pleasurable Bible to read. Not just due to the layout with references on the outside and inside of the page and the great line matching and clear font. But also due to the fact that most of the archaic words and meanings are listed within the side references. This saves me from having to stop reading, go fetch a dictionary and then try to write a short definition somewhere on the page for future readings, thus, making scribbles and clutter on the text. The definitions are written clearly on the page and you can keep on reading without stopping. But what I love the most are the cross references by John Brown of Haddington. These references do not just refer you to another place where a particular “word” is mentioned again like today’s references do but he refers you to the various places where the particular “doctrine” is explained. This is Scripture interpreting Scripture. This type of referencing has greatly helped my spiritual understanding on many doctrines and has strengthened my faith in God’s Word without the use of any other resource at my side. I am using God’s Word to define what He means on any subject instead of what another man’s opinion may be on that subject thus risking errors in interpretations. I also appreciate the chapter summaries before each and every chapter. They help to explain and prepare me for what is to come for the next chapter I am about to read. I also appreciate the several page Biblical measurements chart in the back. Measurements of time, weights, and money has proven very helpful to me many times while reading, thus, enlightening me to the culture of that period in history. All these resources for clarification within one book and still using the archaic KJV writings and no other resource during my readings!

    Before I bought this Bible I was a strong advocate for the NASB. But I love the writings of the Puritans of the past which is why I bought this Bible – to experience John Brown’s references. Since I have bought this Bible I have changed to using this particular KJV Bible as my only Bible. It is a complete study Bible without having someone’s study notes at the bottom cluttering up the page interfering with God’s holy Word. The explanations are right there on the page whether you need a word definition or explanation of a doctrine by using the cross references. I have on occasion tried to go back to using my NASB because it is a more contemporary translation but I always kept this KJV opened at the side just for the references. So, instead of trying to read 2 Bibles at the same time, I have found that I only need to use this Bible in spite of the old English due to the handy archaic word definitions….it is all I truly need because it is complete on its own. I can leave my quiet times completely fed from God’s Word without needing to have all these other books on my desk for explanations of either the old English or doctrines.

    You will not be disappointed if you purchased this Bible. It is well worth the investment. You WILL be blessed by God’s Word through using this Bible. I know I have and will continue to be. Thank you EVB for making this Bible available to those of us thirsty for God’s Word.

  11. Wayne Dodd (verified owner)

    Awesome portable great leather. Not a large print- but not as small as a Cambridge wide margin. Perfect for my needs- very much like the beginning of the Thompson Chain reference bible without the subject headings. Love it!

  12. william ziegler (verified owner)

    Has the (TBS) Trinity Bible Society text. Has a lot of cross references, more than any other Bible I know of. The text block didn’t rock my world but was sufficient. Had 18 pages of bloviation to the reader. Guess that is a KJV thing. The maps were a little cheesy and different than any I had ever seen before. Of course the cover had no Holy Bible on the front, thank God, to distract from the excellent Schuyler cover. Still overall an excellent buy for the money.

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