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Schuyler Canterbury KJV, Black Goatskin Bible

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Black Goatskin cover with Red Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″
11 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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The highest rated Bible at

Black Natural Grain Goatskin, Red Liner, Ribbons: 3 red ribbons See Pictures Here.
Page size:6.1″ x 9.1″ x 1.1″ (156 mm x 231 mm x 29 mm)

28 GSM Paper
Font: 11 pt. Milo
Double Column, Verse-by-Verse format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms
Ornamental Drop Caps
Italics for supplied words
Words of Christ in Red.
Presentation and Family Record Pages

Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
55,000 Cross References
Glossary of King James Terms
Art Gilt Edging (red under gold)
Gold Foil Spine Stamping
Schuyler Bible Maps


78 reviews for Schuyler Canterbury KJV, Black Goatskin Bible

  1. Lee

    Reviews are for the product, not the great service or ones thoughts on the translation so you won’t get that here. My opinion of the bible is that the quality is absolutely top notch. The print is clear and easy to read. The layout and overall look is fantastic. This WOULD be my favorite KJV bible IF they had included the original translator notes. I would also prefer the references to be center column instead of at the bottom of the page which requires a complete break away from your reading to see the references. The KJV translators felt the notes were important enough to include in the first edition and they are just as important today. Literal readings, alternative readings and the meaning of names-all important and all lost with this bible. Schuyler: put them in and I’ll buy ANOTHER full and compact edition!

  2. Craig Welfare

    This is my first premium Bible and I couldn’t be happier with it. The quality is outstanding and the layout is beautiful. I will treasure this always. Thank you, Schuyler.

  3. dieselrsm

    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your Schuyler Canterbury KJV Bible.
    I ordered two, a regular Canterbury and a Personal size full yapp Canterbury, both black goatskin. I received both yesterday and wow, was I blown away when I opened these up.

    I collect Bibles, from Cambridge, to Thomas Nelson. Mostly goatskin or calfskin, and some leathersoft editions.

    But these Schuylers are on a different level. I cannot put into words how beautiful these Bibles are. They are so beautiful I decided to order another two, this time the Marbled Mahogany Calfskin Canterbury, both regular and personal size. I can’t wait for these Bibles to arrive.

    Also, I checked to see if these KJV Bibles are a Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) Text and sure enough they are. This is a huge plus for your KJV bibles. When I ordered them originally I didn’t know if I was getting an Oxford 1769 text, a Cambridge Concord or a Pure Cambridge Text and when I checked I was extremely happy to discover that these Canterbury KJVs are PCE Bibles.

    Lastly, I am also very happy that your Bibles are NOT printed in China (I am 1/3 Chinese). Please continue to have your Bibles printed and bound in the Netherlands. I am slowly getting rid of all my Chinese printed Bibles and replacing them with Bibles that are not printed there. This very fact that your Bibles are printed in the Netherlands was another drawing point for me to purchase from you.

    Thanks again for creating a beautiful Bible. I look forward to the Mahogany Calfskin.

    God Bless

  4. Mark Rowland

    Beautiful Bible, a perfect detailed work of art and craftsmanship, In the last few years i have really splurged on a lot of really high quality Bible’s. I think its an obsession, but i do enjoy collecting, the feel, the beauty, the smell, the feel of the paper, this bible really is one of the best of the best. Which that being said i really wish Schuyler would go back to using the 36gsm paper. It really is such a nicer feel, pages easy to turn, to be honest the 28gsm paper feels very thin, it actually takes away from what could have just been plain perfect, i guess thats my only negative, but that 28gsm paper takes alot away from this gem.
    I have bought many bibles from evangelist, and they are always superstars, incredibly great people and roll model business

    Keep doing what you do, you make tons happy and thank you

  5. Mark Caldwell

    I received my Schuyler Canterbury KJV today and the Bible is beautiful,well made and the red liner and ribbons really make for a beautiful copy of God’s word. I have purchased a few of the Longprimers in the last year or so,but the Schuyler Canterbury is a much better Bible in my opinion,and I feel have surpassed Allan in quality and craftmanship the last several years. There is not much to add that has not been said by other reviewers,but this Bible is beautiful,well made and a joy to read. Plus,customer service and shipping is always first class! This Bible will not disappoint.

  6. Joshua Marshall

    Simply amazing!

  7. R.Wheeler


    Best “feeling ” leather bible I have felt, really soft
    Binding is top notch, I like the red inner cover
    Paper feels great and easy to turn
    Drop caps and beautiful


    not a fan of cross references at bottom of page, prefer center column cross reference
    Paper is a little bright for me, hard on my eyes after a while
    Typeset is a little plain and boring

    Overall I love this Bible and it’s probably my current favorite premium Bible, I highly recommend you buy it…you won’t be disappointed

  8. Andrew Walters

    This Bible is wonderful. I like everything about it. It’s layout and format is an absolute pleasure to look at and read. I researched a lot before buying it and after opening the box to look at and hold it-I have to say, internet pictures and videos hardly do it justice. It’s just amazing. I would recommend this Bible to anyone looking for what I would consider one of, if not the, best Bibles you can buy.
    Again I appreciate so much Evangelical for being a distributor of this Bible.

  9. Darrin

    Wow, simply just wow, my wife and I love our new Schuyler Canterbury KJV Goatskin Bible’s we just received. We know that these will be our forever bibles, easy to read the print, great paper quality, and even feels great to the touch. We are 110% percent satisfied with the overall quality of our new SWORDS and your teams service.

  10. Anthony Keylon

    Great Bible. This is the 3rd Bible I have purchased from Evangelical Bible. This Bible is perfect. Just as this website. Great as always.

  11. Noah

    I owned a couple of Canterbury Bibles. I bought my first one when they were introduced (green calfskin) and it was awesome but I could not get past the overuse (IMO) of the self pronouncing text. Then the red letter version came out without the self pronouncing text and instantly became my preaching Bible. I have always preferred black letter text to red letter and began to search for a black letter “do everything” Bible this year and sold my imperial blue Canterbury. It did not take long before I regretted the super readable format and font style that my eyes have adapted to and feel completely natural reading from. I ordered another, this time in classic black goatskin. I received it yesterday and instantly felt at home reading from the Bible with that awesome, familiar format that I have preached more messages from and have spent more time in than any other one Bible since the Lord Jesus Christ graciously and mercifully saved me in 6/2013. My search is over, the Canterbury is my Bible. The craftsmanship and build quality is second to none and the people at Schuyler love God’s word, helping His people and are always available to answer questions and give an encouraging word. May God continue to bless everyone at Evangelical Bible!

  12. alorren0818

    Another great transaction with, order on Sunday and had it on Wednesday. I got this one for my pastor and he really seems to like it. I looked through before giving it to him just to make sure everything was good and I really like the text layout on the Canterbury. It’s just so easy to see the text. It’s very easy to see and still has the classic feel of the KJV. Now I have to get one for myself.

  13. douglas sowter

    I just received this Bible what a magnificent piece of work can’t wait for the Imperial Blue to be available

  14. Robert Millison

    Absolutely beautiful Bible with an awesome text block. I’m giving 3 stars because it’s frustrating to have such great large print text combined with an unusable small print concordance. If the concordance was a larger font, this would be my main Bible.

  15. Michael J Markey

    I love the Canterbury in red letter goatskin full yapp. I’ve been reading in it for a few months now. At first I wasn’t too fond of the cover leather it felt somewhat slippery with the matt finish. Butwith use the matt finish has taken on a patina and is loosing its slipperyness.
    I am very happy to read without the selfpronouncing text. For some reason self pronouncing text stops me dead in my tracks when I read. On the downside I would like the type to be a little bolder, old eyes need all the help possible.
    I have the same complaint about the concordance as most people TYPE IS TOO SMALL.
    But in general this is a great bible, mine is in black goatskin, full yapp and it has replaced my Cambridge Turquoise as my all time favorite bible.

  16. dbjg975

    This Bible is unparalleled perfection.
    Everything about this Bible is top of the line and absolutely gorgeous.

  17. Douglas Vander Brink

    I bought this over the newer version with red letter text and no self-pronoucing words. I wanted this version because to me the paper is the most important aspect, the newer version has thinner paper. This is absolutely a gorgeous Bible. Probably the best I own.

  18. Pastor Aaron L. Gravett

    I have the first printing Canterbury and this one as well in the full yapp and the regular yapp. I’ll keep this review for the red letter, black goatskin leather, regular yapp. Wow is the word that comes to mind! From the feel and smell of the goatskin leather, to the craftsmanship, to the premium materials – this Bible is a must-have. The changes from the first printing Canterbury to this one are very welcomed. They corrected some typos, took out the self-pronouncing marks, and added red letter all the way through Revelation. The red letter is very consistent and a dark brick red – just the way I like it. The other change is the paper weight went from 36 gsm to 28 gsm. It has slight more see through than the 36 gsm, but the paper from France is very opaque with the titanium in it making it very nice. Also the paper is whiter making the black and red ink seem darker and easier to read. The trade off is well worth it, namely the Bible is now thinner and not as heavy – making it more manageable! The only thing I would like to see is the concordance to have a larger font. The Bible is stunning and will last the rest of your life and you will be able to pass it down as a legacy. It is so nice though, you will want to get a backup copy just to have two! It’s a beautiful Bible!

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