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The ESV Quentel is the best all around classic reference ESV on the market.  With a clear, bold 11 point Milo font, opaque paper, references, extensive Schuyler maps – this Bible is a joy to read! The Typesetting design is from Denmark. The printing and binding is done in the Netherlands by Royal Jongbloed.

ESV Text Edition: 2016
Dark Green Natural Grain Goatskin with Dark Brown Calfskin Liner
11 point Milo font
PDF Sampler of Text
Line Matching
28 GSM
Page size: 6.1″  x 9.13″ x 1.1″ (155 mm x 232 mm x 29 mm)
12 mm margins
9 mm yapp
3 x 1 cm ribbons (Forest Green)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Gold embossing on the Spine
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
Black letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page number in red)
More than 80,000 entry cross references
Presentation page
Extensive Schuyler Bible Maps

Mark Bertrand Review – CLICK HERE.

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42 reviews for Schuyler Quentel ESV, Dark Green Goatskin Bible

  1. Matthew Cunningham (verified owner)

    This Bible is absolutely wonderful quality and so, so soft and already worn in feeling. The goatskin smell is so nice and the text and size of the Bible is perfect. Makes me want to read even more often. Highly recommended, especially if your favorite color is green like me.

  2. Stephen Wilson

    This premium Bible embodies everything about the word “premium.” Not only does the goatskin feel and workmanship add to the enjoyment of Bible reading, it also gives me the sense that I’m holding something of superlative value in my hands. This has definitely become my go to Bible whenever I study and teach. Highly recommend!

  3. Charles Wilson-Doan (verified owner)

    Speaking for the thinner Quintel with 28 GSM paper, here.

    This bible is a work of art. You truly cannot know what you are getting until you put your hands on one. This bible creates an experience that adds to your will to stay in the word. I love this Bible.

  4. Howard Yates

    I love my dark green Quentel. The quality of the work is top shelf. I’m so happy it was made thinner for the 2020 edition. My only suggestion would be to leave out the concordance and either replace it with an equal amount of lined paper or leave it out all together to make the Bible even thinner. The font is so small, I doubt that I will be using it much anyway. I highly recommend it. It is well worth the price.

  5. Lee (verified owner)

    I’ve had mine for a little less than a week now. It is perfect in every way. The binding is flawless and the print quality is better than anything I’ve seen before (except in other Schuyler bibles). This bible even smells nice. It is a joy to read and study from, in fact it is hard to stop! Part of that is the excellent ESV translation and part is just the enjoyment of using this fine bible. This is tryly an heirloom quality bible. With care it is going to last and become more and more a part of your life. Now that the ESV text is permanent I had no problem spending the money, in fact I like this so much I just ordered today the personal size in the same green goatskin for traveling (if that ever becomes a reality again). I also have a Cambridge calfskin ESV which is done by the same binders but much prefer the two column layout of the Schuyler over Cambridge’s single column. I know not everyone wants or needs an heirloom quality bible but I’ve also never known anyone to ever say “I sure wish I would of gotten a cheaper (fill in the blank)”. If you are considering this I would say you won’t be disappointed. My only agony was deciding between the blue and the green. Honestly I think I would have been totally satisfied either way.

  6. alexpm

    I have this bible in Dark Green in the NASB. Awesome! Buy it miss embossed and use WD40 to scratch it off with a tooth pick and cotton. Looks great!

    I also have an ESV in Blue, great Bibles! I hope more NKJV come out soon. God bless

  7. Moses Swedberg (verified owner)

    I bought this for a friend. No complaints. Beautiful exterior, quality materials, and great layout. I already owned the Quentel NASB so I knew what to expect and was not disappointed.

  8. Adam Brice (verified owner)

    As a pastor, I’ve wanted to own a Quentel ESV Bible for a couple years now, but just haven’t had the funds available to make the purchase. But a generous Christmas gift from my congregation and the demise of yet another cheaper Bible meant I was finally able to purchase this Dark Green Quentel ESV. I rarely feel this way about products I purchase, but this Bible has exceeded my expectations in every way. It is a real pleasure just to hold it and read it. The font type and size, the weight of the paper, the page layout, and the way it lays open perfectly make it fantastic for use as both a personal and pulpit Bible. And as others have said, the dark green calfskin and the red/gold page edges make it a truly beautiful Bible. It’s always a delight to enjoy the skill and the craftmanship of those who are truly dedicated to their particular art, whatever that may be. The people who made this Bible obviously are passionate about what they do. This Bible would make a fantastic ordination gift for a pastor, or graduation gift for a seminary student. It would be a wonderful gift to be enjoyed for years to come for anyone who loves the Bible.

  9. dlynch4474 (verified owner)

    Great products and great service.
    God bless,
    Thank you

  10. David Stancil (verified owner)

    Before getting this dark green ESV, I already had the Schuyler NIV Quentel and PSQ. Both of them are wonderful, but this Bible is exquisite. The dark green ESV Quentel is worthy of all the superlatives attributed to it in reviews here and across the web.

  11. Scott

    You never really know how cheaply most Bibles are made until you hold one of these. The color of the leather is unique and has character. This Bible feels like it could last decades of regular use.

  12. alorren0818 (verified owner)

    Part of my first order with and I’m very impressed with the fast shipping. I love the dark green it’s a really great color. I really like the 11 point font it makes it very easy to read and will work great with preaching. Probably won’t use this to carry around. I’ll just use it for preaching and teaching and private reading. It has a very nice concordance and the 3 ribbons are a nice touch as well.

  13. Jim Craig

    I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the Bible. It’s not big at all. As a young Christian I made a decision to read Bibles with larger fonts knowing that over the course of time a lot of time would be spent reading Bibles. This Bible is thinner than most that I’ve owned with approximately the same font size. Very readable. On a side note, my first ESV. Very excited.

  14. Daniel

    I love this Bible! I have been using it now for the last year, and it has been a real treat to wake up and use it for my daily Bible reading. It looks like this is the first of many years to come!

  15. George (verified owner)

    Beautiful bible but mine crackles when you open it. I tried to have it replaced but evangelicalbible would charge me shipping both ways. I decided to keep it in the end and live with the defect but I can’t say I’m happy with what’s supposed to be a premium Bible distributor.

  16. winn_rob (verified owner)

    I have been disappointed in the past with other supposedly high quality Bibles. Most show some binding failure almost immediately. I can say with certainly the Bible is in a completely differently class. It is simply wonderful. My expectations have been exceeded. There is something special about it it is a joy to hold and to read and the size is perfect for me. Thank you for taking the noble privilege of printing God’s word so seriously. You have earned a customer for life.

  17. Jarrett (verified owner)

    I have had this Bible for 18 months now and I appreciate the high quality of this particular Bible. Easy to read text and great looks make this a wonderful Bible that I plan to use for the rest of my days!

  18. Amoth Hayes (verified owner)

    This Bible is PERFECT in every way….font is excellent, paper and binding are flawless, and the cover inside and out is just WOW….you will not be disappointed…it should last years as a daily reader…..I just love it!!!

  19. gilimeod (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this Bible. It is best Bible I have ever owned – no close second place. Came in 3 days too. The font size is great for my older eyes without looking like a ‘large print edition’. The manila paper color is beautiful – amazing. The notes are small, but I can still read them. I do prefer the center column notes, but I knew these were at the bottom, so its a compromise I was willing to make. The lines are so precise that you don’t see any bleed from the previous page except in poems where the line sizes vary. The paper is thick enough to not feel delicate and likely to tear, but still feels elegant. The cover and binding are very beautiful, although the block was not quite as old-school hand binding-like as I had hoped. This Bible you want to hold while you read, not set it on the desk. I am afraid to take it out into public yet; hate to get it scratched!

  20. ann mcmahon (verified owner)

    I have owned this Quentel in the past in it’s different paper renditions. The 38 gsm and the 36 gsm. I can say that the 36 gsm is very bit as opaque as the previous 38 gsm and with the 36, a thinner Quentel. The text is clean and clear due to the beautiful Milo font and the text setting is superb. A must Bible for anyone who enjoys the ESV

  21. Jerry (verified owner)

    I ordered my green Schuyler ESV Quentel Friday and received it the following Monday, all by standard shipping. The Bible is beautiful to behold and to hold. The line matching and 11 point Milo font make it a joy to read. I have large hands and thus have no problem with the size or weight of the Bible. The goatskin is fragrant and supple. This Bible is well worth the money, as it will surely last many years. Thank you Evangelical Bible!

  22. Frank L Parker

    I won’t add to all the five star praise but to say that if anyone wants to know what they have gotten, if you already have a Quentel, or if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, go to the information tab above, open and go to general information and read about what goes into publishing such an incomparable edition. At the bottom are additional links on typesetting and printing and binding. You will be absolutely giddy about the bargain this Bible is.

  23. Michael L (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bible, The second goatskin Bible I had bought so far. Can’t say enough good about the Bible, so I will skip that part. I took away a star because I do prefer the single column over double, like the Single column ESV heirloom that I recently bought. Also a noticeable Imperfections with my Bible, where a front sections of the pages sticks out much further then the rest off them. But all around, fantastic. Thanks Schyuler!

  24. Pauline (verified owner)

    Is it ok to say I adore this bible? I bought a purple Schuyler NLT single column but I must say this bible is just a joy. The green against the brown, the double column (yes after the hype of single column), the feel of the paper, the text. Did I mention the different shades of gold ribbon? Oh and the maps. Yeah the maps are good.

    There are quibbles: the concordance needs good eyesight; it’s a tad too large for my small hands and hence won’t be travelling with me in any of my handbags and the stitching isn’t perfect (they run out of thread and it looks untidy. This is a problem I noticed on my Caxton too.) But I don’t care. Ha!

  25. Caleb Pipes (verified owner)

    Oh my. I am by no means an expert on premium Bibles, but all I have to say is that I am incredibly glad I purchased the ESV Quentel. The Dark Green color is beautiful and the feel of the goatskin is supple and unlike any other Bible I have ever held. As a Pastor, I’d like to reassure you that this Bible, though large, is easy to preach from and the 11 pt font really makes this a joy to read aloud. The cross references at the bottom of the page helps the eye stay on the text and the red accents are a nice touch. I can’t recommend this Bible enough.

  26. ann (verified owner)

    I first purchased a green ESV Q when they first came out. The ESV block as a Quentel is excellent . Love the colors of brown liner and green exterior, along with different hues of gold in the three ribbons. Quality is superb inside and out. A must for ESV fans!

  27. Travis Wake (verified owner)

    This Bible is amazing! If you are looking for a high quality Bible then go one step above Allan and buy a Schuyler! Amazing!

  28. Matthew (verified owner)

    This Bible not only has a premium leather binding, but it has a premium text block too. One thing I’ll point out about the cover is that it definitely has a noticeable yapp to it which made me very pleased as I am switching from using my Allan NCR to this. As for the insides, the print is very large and is extremely readable, especially because the paper is very opaque and line matching is utilized. I really appreciate the size of this Bible considering my first Quentel was a first edition NASB Quentel, which was a really thick Bible on 45gsm paper. And while still a large sized Bible, the ESV Quentel is definitely a major improvement and I can certainly take it with me on the go to church and Bible studies. I would highly recommend this to someone who does not mind a large sized Bible, who wants a premium leather Bible that will last a lifetime, and someone who wants a very readable large print Bible in the double column paragraph setting.

  29. James Barlow

    This is a wonderful edition of the ESV. The text itself is very readable, the notes and especially the concordance are not so easily read. However, be aware that it is the size of an NIV Study Bible. It is a full sized Bible. I am used to a thin line, and returned this to purchase a ESV large print thin line Bible.

  30. Kenny Rock (verified owner)

    This Bible is a delight to read, hold and, of course, gaze upon.

    I have owned a nice Crossway Bible and an Allan SCR-1. Additionally, I have handled and gifted a number of Cambridge Bibles. But of the many premier Bibles I have come across, the Schuyler Quentel, in my opinion, outdoes them all. You’ve likely heard that the ESV Quentel has a considerable amount of heft and a stiff hinge. If you’re hesitant for those reasons, allow me to put them to rest. The hinge, as you may have heard, is designed to add strength and stability to this full-size Bible. It’s necessary and is not nearly as inflexible as some critics make it out to be. My Allan had a very similar footprint to the ESV Quentel and the critique I commonly offered up was it “fell apart” when reading it on my lap; the hinge didn’t match the size of the Bible. To be frank, if you don’t read your Bible at a desk/table (I rarely do), you probably won’t notice the “stiffness”, even if you’re reading near Genesis and/or Revelation. And don’t let the description full-size scare you. If you’ve ever handled or owned a standard NIV Study Bible, Ryrie Study Bible, Allan SCR-1 or Lockman NASB Single Column, the ESV Quentel is the same size. Personally, those Bibles didn’t strike me as cumbersome. To put your mind at rest, go to a Christian Book Store (or the equivalent) or Barnes & Noble and handle a standard NIV Study Bible. If you’re like me, the size is a nonissue.

    Once you’re able to get over those “issues”, you’ll find that they were never issues to begin with. This Bible is beautiful, supple and a delight to read. The font and layout are my favorite thus far, and I’m a former single column advocate.

    Get this Bible, you won’t be disappointed. The materials and forethought that went into it reflect the reverence one should have for God’s Word. And write your name in it. Come on, act like your going to keep it, my fellow premier Bible nerds! This is God’s Word. Stop profiteering from it on eBay.

    Well done, Schuyler. You now have a dedicated customer.

  31. Sylvia Turner (verified owner)

    This Bible is simply beautiful: lovely clear, easy to read text, good quality paper, gorgeous leather, and superb craftsmanship in every respect. The golden coloured ribbons complement the green so well. It is comfortable to hold, despite being quite thick. I am really thrilled with it!

  32. Mark Santostefano (verified owner)

    I was fortunate enough to get this just before they were sold out. I noticed after I ordered, when I went to look on the website again, it had to be pre-ordered. This is the most beautiful Bible I have ever owned. I have been a pastor for almost 30 years now and I’ve had some nice Bibles. I wanted to get a preaching Bible that would last for the remainder of my season here. I must say that I am so pleased with this Bible. The leather is simply amazing, the color is rich, there is such attention to detail, and the font size is perfect to use for preaching. The binding Ben’s outward when I open the Bible, it lays nice and flat on the pulpit, and it’s simply just feels great to hold. It certainly was expensive but the investment is worth it since this is the main tool of my calling. I’m so glad for Evangelical Bibles– it is a fantastic website and they are great people to deal with.

  33. Jose Plascencia (verified owner)

    Well!, what can I say that has not been said yet. Great Bible, perhaps the best in the market! Best quality from top to bottom (Cover, paper, binding, font, embossing, ribbons). This particular color is gorgeous and very unique! This Bible will not disappoint you at all! Go for it!

  34. Jeffrey Mellema (verified owner)

    The green is quite beautiful, and contrasts well with various shades of gold. This is from the conclusion of my blog review: “With the ESVQ, the design gets out of the way and lets you see the text more clearly than any other Bible I’ve yet seen, which is just what a design should do. How does it accomplish this? Line matching, large and readable font, opaque and thick paper, understated use of red color, and smart layout. Combine that with a fine cover and durable binding and you may just have the best ESV on the market to date. Bravo, Schuyler.” See my full review here:

  35. Brian Maggard (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say I have had my Bible for about a week and have come to love it very much. I have used it already for study and teaching, it stays open, the font is so easy to read, very bright white with crisp clear lettering and it feels familiar when I pick it up. The green cover is just the right green, not loud or boring, just right. Is the Schuyler expensive? I remember my father had a Bible he purchased new in 1950. He said he paid one hundred dollars for it (a National Bible press KJV. I believe, and the leather is still not as soft as this one.) You will not regret buying this Bible. thanks

  36. Lewis Doyle (verified owner)

    Contemporarily styled yet elegantly timeless. I couldn’t resist buying this Schuyler ESV in Dark Green after reading Mark Bertrand’s brilliantly accurate review. This Bible excels in all the right areas: leather, ribbons, paper, typography and of course that wonderful smell. If reading a Bible was air travel, this would be first class. I absolutely love it and wholeheartedly recommend this. The Green is a spectactular edition and worthy of being in your collection. Well done Schuyler.

  37. Brian R. (verified owner)

    My favorite bible. Schuyler got everything right imo. The green is elegant, the brown lining looks fantastic, and the different shades of gold ribbons are attractive. I own a lot of bibles. This one is my favorite. The paper is so much thicker than other bibles I own. The hinge has loosened and my bible now lays flat. The leather feels so soft. This bible isn’t that big or hard to carry. Thank you Schuyler for an elegantly well made bible. You really hit it out of the park with this bible. Green cover, brown liner, gold foil, red art gilt and the three different shades of gold ribbons (they’re evenly spaced BTW) is the most beautiful bible I’ve ever seen!

  38. RENEE HOBSON (verified owner)

    I love my green Schuyler ESV Quentel … stunning! Beauty & function all rolled into one Bible. I love the font style & size, paper & the line matching is truly a wonderful feature.The green goatskin is soft & gorgeous. I have recently purchased & returned 4 high end Bible’s (including the Cambridge Pitt Minion, Cambridge Wide-Margin & the R.L. Allan New Classic Readers) but the 5th one is a charm. I wanted a Bible that will last me for many years & this will no doubt do the job. The service at EB is quick & professional! Thank you! Blessings …

  39. Rosemarie Cato

    I have had my bible for 24 hours now…and I am thrilled with it! Feels good, smells good and when you open it up, it’s easy to read. The print for the text is easy to read but also so are the the notes and scripture references. I love to use those references and I love the line spacing and size of print. Also, I prefer verse by verse format, and even though this is paragraph format, the verse numbers seem to be bold enough to stand out. There is a simple presentation page and some blank pages in front and back which I like. The paper is nice, a lot heftier than I’ve had before, but, just to warn you, this makes the bible a little heavier in weight. It is a beautiful, well made bible. Love it!

  40. Matt Morales (verified owner)

    Schuyler deserves a Michelin Star for their work on the ESV Quentel. It is exciting to see a Bible Publisher press towards raising the level of their craft. This bible may be priced higher than other bibles in the same class, but Schuyler could easily charge more and I would pay it because it supports a group of artisans that are raising the bar on what constitutes a beautifully designed bible.

  41. paul stevenson (verified owner)

    Very happy owner of a blue NASB and now green ESV. A real step up from NASB. Bigger lettering on spine, simple presentation page, slight wider and taller, and a little thinner. Also red print on the references. This Bible just fits the hand better; is a little more floppy. The new 38 gsm paper is nearly as good if not equal to the earlier 45 gsm in opacity. As an owner of many premiums and rebinds this will be my final ESV. Just love it. Schuyler continues to make an impact with their Quentel line. It will be interesting to see upgrades with the upcoming NKJV (how about larger type size in concordance?).

  42. Dustin Jernigan

    I have been wanting a nice bible for almost a year now, and I can’t believe I finally have one! The Schuyler ESV Quentel is everything I could want in a Bible. Here are the reasons I chose this Bible and would recommend it more than any other bible:

    1.) the footnotes are at the bottom, which allows the poetic sections to look more natural in a 2-column format because they’re fairly wide (unlike the Allan Classic Reference, which has such narrow columns that a lot of poetry leaves a single word by itself on a line)
    2.) the leather is beautiful and the perimeter stitching is subtle (and helps preserve the leather)
    3.) the amount of “yapp” is just right
    4.) the paper is awesomely thick
    5.) the green is just beautiful, and the brown inner lining creates an awesome amount of color (black letters, off-white paper, red dye on the ends of the pages, brown interior lining, gold art gilding, green leather)
    6.) The dark green bible has ribbons that are each a different shade of gold. Super cool and subtle!

    Lastly, the only real concern I had in getting a Schuyler was the dreaded “hinge” that holds the book block together. So far, it hasn’t bothered me one bit and although it doesn’t lie completely flat like an Allan bible, it certainly lays open without any worry, even at Genesis 1.

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