Schuyler Leather Bindings

Schuyler binds their Bibles in the finest natural grain leathers that have not been embossed to hide imperfections. (The vast majority of leather Bibles are embossed.) These may include neck wrinkles, natural fat stripes, minor scars and scratches, small natural dark spots, and other natural markings revealing the life of the animal. The descriptions below are intended to capture the general look and feel of the different leathers, but leather colors and textures can vary from batch to batch, and even within bindings. Each cover is truly unique!

It is generally accepted that Goatskin and Calfskin are the best leathers for bookbinding. Many other leathers can be used for bookbinding but normally do not produce the suppleness and durability of these two leathers.

A beautiful and very durable top-quality, tactile, natural grain leather. Strong yet supple, it is a well-loved choice for fine bindings due to its dense weave of fibers. Schuyler’s Goatskin is sourced from India and usually has a tight, pebbly grain with a lot of texture. Goatskin sourced in Europe is too stiff due to the colder climate.

A traditional high-quality leather used in fine bindings. Its surface is generally softer to the touch than Goatskin, but it may be just a bit stiffer straight out of the box. It is long-lasting, and its suppleness increases with use.

Aniline Calfskin, sourced from Italy and used for the Tuscany, Siena, and Saddle Brown Bibles, is a robust, smooth, vegetable tanned leather that reveals the life of the animal in the natural grain with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. This beautiful leather will show marks and stains over time and develop a rich patina with use.

Marbled Mahogany, Marbled Merlot, and Black Pearl Calfskin comes from India and can vary in grain texture from smooth to long or pebbled grain, sometimes with a variety of grain patterns on a single cover. A special surface effect has been created to mimic the unique worn appearance of traditional leathers. This is achieved by unevenly applying a contrasting color to reveal the underlying color, providing a unique marbled effect with beautiful depth and a hint of sheen.

Desert Camel, Chestnut, and Olive Calfskins from Germany are aniline dyed and already have an antique character when new, created by a special treatment which gives the leather an aged look. The skins are selected for their unique natural characteristics, such as neck wrinkles and natural fat stripes. All this gives the leather a distinctive texture with a long and deep grain.

The Prussian Blue Calfskin, sourced from Italy, is a smooth leather that has been lightly abraded to create a velvety finish. These covers will exhibit a small grain and subtle marbling.

Meriva Calfskin, sourced from Italy, has a soft, buttery suppleness and very smooth texture. We use this leather in rich bright colors, such as Crimson Red, Sapphire Blue, and Regalis Purple.

Schuyler is proud to deliver the best leathers sourced worldwide. Natural leather is one of the most expensive parts of the Bible. The industry currently produces many synthetic covers and even natural leathers with “fillers.” Schuyler produces Bibles which are all natural grain, and the aniline versions give the most “organic” flavor now available.