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What is a Christian? excels in high quality Bibles.

We carry the best bindings along with the best translations. We provide detailed information about our Bibles. Please Visit our Exclusive Bible Information Page. continues to expand.  Please enter our store for updates.

NEW - Both ESV Schuyler & NKJV Schuyler is the exclusive distributor of the Schuyler Bible (ESV, NKJV, KJV).  We are also the official US Distributor of the R.L. Allan, a distinguished British Bible Publisher. We are among the top distributors of Cambridge Bibles & the Trinitarian Bible Society. has been at the center of the ESV Study Bible ~ which has become the 'gold standard' in Study Bibles.

(above - the Schuyler Classic Reference ESV) - One of our favorite Bibles in print! 
R.L. Allan Bibles are among the best crafted Bibles available. 

R.L. Allan Bibles (above- the new Allan Goatskin ESV Reader's Edition) are bound in small batches where attention to detail and quality are a premium. We are proud to be the official US distributor the R.L. Allan Bible. Many publishers and Bible experts place these Bibles in a class of their own. We stock Allan ESV, KJV, NASB and NIV. Allan publishers use traditional craftsmanship to produce Bibles that one can be proud to own and cherish. These Bibles are designed & crafted to last a lifetime.

The ESV stands in a distinguished tradition of Biblical translation. This papyrus fragment (P 52) is perhaps the most ancient extant portion of the NT. Read a short history of English Bible translation.
(c. AD 110-125) 

William Tyndale (1492-1536), “the Father of the English Bible,” was the most influential person in the history of the English Bible.  Tyndale’s New Testament (1526) serves as the fountainhead of most modern English translations.  By some estimates, 80% of the Authorized (King James) translation is Tyndale’s work.


The NEW Cambridge Clarion Series. (Available in the KJV, ESV, NASB & NKJV)

This is an entirely new setting of the Bible, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the King James Version but intended to become a staple of the Cambridge list for many years to come as a new and distinctive format, across a range of versions-including the ESV. This particular edition is the first new Cambridge KJV reference Bible for over half a century and has been carefully designed for the modern era to meet an increasing demand for a more accessible format and comfortable reading size. 

It is typeset in Lexicon No.1, a digital font designed for easy reading and with many similar characteristics to traditional hot-metal Bible typefaces, thus marrying the best of the old and the new. The print is black-letter throughout and the text is presented in paragraph (rather than traditional chapter and verse) style and in a single-column format. The notes and cross-references have been relocated to the outer margin, leaving the text relatively free and unencumbered.

These Bibles include maps and--instead of a conventional concordance and dictionary--a Reader's Companion which offers the key elements of those features in one place.


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