Schuyler Wide Margin Canterbury KJV, Black Goatskin Bible

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Black Goatskin cover with Red Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons, and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x ~1.7″
9.5 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The best selling Schuyler Canterbury KJV Bible is now available in a Wide Margin format. This Bible will be identical to the current Canterbury KJV Bible, with the following exceptions: 1. Slightly smaller text size: 9.5 instead of 11 point font. 2. Heavier paper – 38 GSM Bible paper. 3. Semi-yapp cover. 4. Last, but not least, wide margins. Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top Margin: 25 mm; Bottom Margin: 31 mm. To see this in a PDF format – click here. Pictures here.


Black Natural Grain Goatskin, Red Calfskin Liner, 3 Red Ribbon Markers
Trim size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x ~1.7″ (173 mm x 238 mm x ~43 mm)
Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top: 25 mm; Bottom: 31 mm
38 GSM Thinopaque Paper (Finland)
Font: 9.5 pt. Milo
Double Column, Verse-by-Verse format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms
Red Letter
Ornamental Drop Caps
Italics for supplied words
Semi Yapp Goatskin Cover
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching
55,000 Cross References, Concordance, Glossary of King James Terms
Lined paper in the back
Art Gilt Edging (red under gold)
Schuyler Bible Maps

17 reviews for Schuyler Wide Margin Canterbury KJV, Black Goatskin Bible

  1. Gary Kelley

    When I ordered the Schuyler Canterbury WM Bible (my first Schuyler) I was a bit unsure if the 9.5 Milo font would be large enough and comfortable to read. That concern was immediately dismissed once I opened the Bible and began reading. The Milo font combined with the overall text layout is very easy on the eyes and makes for comfortable reading. I do believe the publisher should have used a larger font for the concordance as it is too small. This most likely would have increased the number of pages and caused it to be overly thick however the lined writing pages could have been sacrificed in order to compensate. I love the fact that the title page of each book begins on a full page. Indeed, a very nice detail! The drop-caps are a beautiful addition to the layout as well but I believe the publisher should have used the style of drop-caps as used in the Schuyler Quentel version but that’s just an artistic critique, not a big deal. Other than the minor criticisms I’ve listed above the Schuyler Canterbury WM Bible is of superb quality, beautifully crafted and is a formidable tool for the study of God’s Word and truly gives honor and glory to His name!


  2. Donald Tracey

    Just want to add that my review did not show up as a “verified buyer” because, I think, it was a clearance special. There was a minor flaw that was easily fixed with some clear Elmer’s glue. I got a great Bible and saved $30.

  3. bryan Washington

    Absolutely great quality my only complaints are 1 the concordance print is extremely small for such a large bible and 2 the ribbons seem very cheap.

  4. Donald Tracey

    This is a hefty Bible! The goatskin is amazing, it’s the softest and most flexible I have seen yet from Schuyler or any other publisher. The 9.5 point font is not super dark but it is easy to read. Even the sometimes criticized small-font Schuyler concordance is not hard to use (my strong opinion). The Canterbury design is elegant and understated. This Bible also features a .5 inch partial yapp (gotta love the raging debate on what is or is not a full yapp) and raised spine hubs. The art-gilding on the text block is beautiful. If I’d had the chance to hold and examine this Bible before buying it, I would still have happily made the purchase. I bought it for making annotations but it’s too beautiful. While writing in it may not be wrong, I just won’t do it.

    Looking at a recent offering from another publisher, it looks to me like the Canterbury text design is being imitated, but not equaled.

  5. jackv

    This Canterbury wide margin is square. It has a very good weight for its size. It is black. Three red ribbons are attached to it. There are some words in gold on the spine.
    The best part of this Bible is the font. The paper is super cool to. It is worth the $230 you pay because it is built for multiple life times of usage. It looks awesome by itself or next to a toaster or potted plant. I highly, undoubtedly, without any reservations recommend this really rad KJV wide margin Bible.

  6. Addison Everett

    I own goatskin widemargins in Cambridge and Allan. As far as I am concerned, the Schuyler WM is not a whit behind in quality and doesn’t have an equal in beauty. Time and use will tell if the integrity of the materials and craftmanship will equal the others in its class. 5 stars all the way.

  7. Taylor Little

    One must contain the natural senses as your “unbox” the Schuyler Canterbury WM. The smell of the leather and the initial sight of the leather and Schuyler logo make every penny, sacrifice, and amount of time waited for WORTH it.

    I love my Bible. It is beautiful. It is extravagant. It is unique. It IS worth the money. When you read from this Bible, you truly feel you are reading from a King’s book, from the King’s English to the heirs of His Kingdom.

    There are much more elaborate reviews above, that I would wholeheartedly agree with from a quality perspective.

    Things I love:
    1) The note sheets at the end.
    2) The overall quality of the typesetting.
    3) The leather, the leather, the leather.
    4) Much more.

    Points to be mindful of:
    1) The print is for study, not for “easy reading”. I would have liked to see it a 10 or 10.5 point font.
    2) The concordance font is too small. I haven’t found myself using it much.
    3) I would have liked to have seen a knowledge article for the best use of notetaking on the paper directly from Schuyler(reason for 4 of 5 stars). I used a .05 micron pen and saw a little more show-through then would have liked. Upon inquiry to their outstanding customer service team, they provided some tips I then implemented.

    Over-all, this Bible is worth the investment. Any of the “points to be mindful of” would NOT keep me from buying this Bible again. They are only to provide insight to your investment.

    Blessings to EB for their Godly dedication in the production of Bibles for God’s people. I cannot wait to make my next purchase!

  8. George Nelson Hollins

    I am very happy to share that todays FedEx delivery of a new WMC in black goatskin, (which cost $409. Canadian) has me in ‘Bible Heaven on Earth’ !
    All of the excellent features combine together, making a perfect KJV Bible.
    Some things i enjoy ; All 66 Books begin on a full page. Red chapter/verse numbers make an easier page of print to read, because of the contrast.
    3 wide ribbons. The page of Text is placed just right; away from the bottom & the inside margins. The cover extends past the block about 5/8″ all the way around the 4 sides , showing a beautiful gold line between the black outer & red inner leathers. Holding the Bible in 1 hand feels at least 1 pound lighter than you might expect. The overall dimensions L x W x T look & feel just right. I can turn a page with 1 finger. The open Book stays flat without the page edges curling up after an hour. A lot of pages of paper after Revelation, make reading the New Testament easy, since these 27 Books are at the back.

  9. Nelson Barry

    The Schuyler Wide Margin Canterbury KJV in Black Goatskin gets a 4 out of 5 from me. It’s terrific and I wish I could assign it a 5 out of 5, but it has at least two significant attributes that could be improved upon. And when compared to other wide margin Bibles in it’s class, such as Allan’s Sovereign Longprimer 63 or even it’s own sister Bible – the original Canterbury, it falls short.

    I will primarily use comparisons to describe the Wide Margin Canterbury (WMC) so my review will probably be the most helpful to those who either already own or are familiar with other goatskin heirloom Bibles – especially if you have the original Canterbury. I admittedly have amassed quite the collection of premium Bibles. I own the entire line of KJV Schuyler’s in Black Goatskin (Canterbury, Personal Size Canterbury, WMC) and have pre-ordered the new Schuyler Treveris. I also own the entire line of KJV Allans in Black Highland Goatskin (Sovereign Longprimer 63, Longprimer 53c, Longprimer Thinline 43) and the Brevier Clarendon in natural black goatskin. Even the Cambridge Clarion and Cambridge Concord. I only mention my collection so that you can assign whatever degree of credibility you deem appropriate to my opinion of the WMC and so you may know what sort of Bibles I’m using for comparison’s sake.

    First, the things that are particularly great about this Bible begins with the quality of the semi-yapp. I had my doubts that Schuyler could pull off a good semi-yapp given that Allan is known for yapps while Schuyler hadn’t ever produced a bible with any significant yapp. But it’s actually fantastic. It conforms and lays over the text block instead of just extending beyond it. In a sense, it drapes over the text block in the same sort of way that’s made Allan’s Longprimer Bibles so famous – albeit not quite as dramatically as the Longprimers but well enough to strike an impressive and luxurious look. It’s so well done that you almost wish Schuyler would have been even bolder and went for the full-yapp. However, I would bet that this is apart of the the growing process for a fairly new publisher such as Schuyler – start with the semi-yapp, learn from it, perfect it, master the yapp making techniques and then introduce the full-yapps in future products.

    Another thing that is particularly great about the WMC is the paper. It’s absolutely fantastic and a sight to behold and feel in person. It’s as thick and weighty as what you’d find in the Sovereign Longprimer 63 yet it’s as smooth and silky to the touch as what you’d find in the original Canterbury. And it’s this latter characteristic – the smooth and silky feeling – that makes it feel even better than the Longprimer Sovereign 63 which is commonly criticized for having paper that doesn’t feel as nice as the paper in the original Longprimer 53. The only potential negative that could be said about the paper is a rather personal one dependent on your own preference: the paper color is not pure white and certainly not as white as the color of the Longprimer paper of paper in many of Cambridge’s Bibles – it’s creamy in color. This creamy, off-white color reduces the contrast between the paper and the black font. To some, this may aid in readability by making reading less harsh on the eyes. To others, this may detract from readability by making it harder to focus on the font. To each his/her own.

    The last thing of note that is particularly great about the WMC is the margin size. The margins are huge. Much bigger than the margins of the Sovereign Longprimer 63. If you are a fan of writing in your Bible you’ll certainly be spoiled for space and you could even write with reckless abandon and still have empty space leftover.
    However, here is where the great things about the WMC start to become less impressive and you start to notice some peculiar design decisions that unfortunately detract from the overall quality of what otherwise is a terrific edition of the Bible.

    The most significant flaw of the WMC is the font size. It’s much too small for a Bible this large. Other large Bibles and Wide Margin Bibles in it’s class feature font that is significantly larger than the font of the WMC. The 9.5 font of the WMC may sound large enough but it’s important to remember that font sizes are not standardized – for example 9.5 in arial font is a very different size than 9.5 times-new-roman font. Many people have pointed out in other reviews that the font of the WMC is a bit smaller than the original Canterbury but most are quick to dismiss it as nothing more than a minor annoyance. I beg to reason that the smallness of the font is much more than a minor annoyance and is actually a flaw that is significant enough to prevent this Bible from being used as many would intend it to be used – as their main, stay at home, desk bound Bible. Schuyler obviously decided to make a tradeoff between font size and margin size – which is understandable and reasonable. However, I think they simply went too far. Especially given the fact that they increased the size of the original Canterbury fairly significantly in order to create this Wide Margin Canterbury. If you’re going to make a Bible this large, why also shrink the font so much? The margins are generous, but overly so. I think most people would gladly sacrifice a little bit of the oversized margins if it meant gaining a little bit larger font. The font size in the WMC is a little bit larger than the personal size Canterbury (PSQ) but it’s so close to the font size of the PSQ and other personal size Bibles that it’s almost frustrating. A heavy desk bound Bible with personal sized travel font? Seriously? Fortunately, the font is a little darker/bolder than that of the original Canterbury which aids in readability. This is probably the sole font-related design decision that saves the WMC from being a non-starter for most people. The other thing that aids in readability for the WMC is the fact that margins tend to “set” the font in such a way that it helps you focus on the font. Think of why artists add frames to border their artwork – border frames arrest your vision and draws your pupils into the artist’s work. Thankfully, such is the same effect of any wide margin bordering Scripture. So my advice would be that if you are interested in buying the WMC, be prepared to sacrifice some font size that you’d probably wish you had, in the interest of gaining extra margin space that you probably won’t need.

    The second most significant flaw of the WMC is the quality of the leather. Now, it should be said, that this particular flaw probably won’t be a flaw to the majority. Much that can be said about leather binding boils down to individual preference and my concerns here probably will only be shared by those who are particularly picky about their leather book bindings – such as myself. I’ve been admittedly spoiled by the river-grain complexity of Allan’s highland goatskins and the velvety richness of the natural pebble-grain goatskins featured on most of Schuyler’s other goatskins and even the plush suppleness of Cambridge’s goatskins. So I was very disappointed to find that the leather of the Wide Margin Canterbury (WMC) paled in comparison to any of the Bibles I have owned or seen and it didn’t feel like it looked in photos or in video reviews on YouTube. In person, I found the leather to look just as good as the photos online – at least from a distance, but in my hand it felt thin and flimsy. Upon closer examination I found that it looks like and feels like it lacks that much sought after goatskin texture because the grain of the WMC, particularly the pebbles in the grain, are much smaller than that of the pebbles of the original Canterbury and even smaller than the pebbles of the Personal Canterbury. And not only that, but those miniature pebbles have been pressed down and flattened into the thin and flimsy goatskin cover that, while helpful for creating a yapp that conforms to the text bock, doesn’t feel nearly as luscious and thick as the goatskin of the original Canterbury or most any other goatskin Bible you probably own or seen. Now, don’t get me wrong, the leather cover of the WMC is still top quality and worthy of the premium heirloom Bible class of which it belongs to. Other colors of the WMC might even be thicker since different color goatskins tend to have different weight and thickness characteristics. The edge lining is superb. The corner work is neat. The leather inner-liner is just as luxurious and rich as the original Canterbury and the color schemes are second to none. The perimeter stitching is best-in-class and the art gilding is tight. The raised ridges of the spine still best the tooled ridges of the Allan Longprimers. So in no way am I arguing that the goatskin binding of the WMC isn’t premium or worthy of your hard earned dollars. What I am saying is that, compared to the other premium goatskin leathers of Bibles in it’s class, the leather is of noticeably lesser quality. And for those less snobby about leather bindings than I am, you’d at least agree that it’s very different in feel and look. And you’d agree it is not the same leather used in the original Canterbury.

    Other than those two flaws – the relatively lesser quality of the leather and the font being too small – this is a fantastic Bible for all of the reasons the original Canterbury is so fantastic with the added benefits of generous margins, best-in-class paper, an impressive semi-yapp and less self-pronouncing text.

    As long as you understand the tradeoffs Schuyler made with this edition of WMC, you won’t be disappointed! And needless to say, the folks at were best-in-class. My order was shipped and picked up by FedEx literally a few hours after I placed the order – that’s better than Amazon. It arrived in less than 2 days and came with tracking, beautiful packaging and helpful emails. I’ve rarely felt more comfortable making a purchase online. Blessings!

  10. gtslow1702

    This is my first Schuyler, but not my first Premium. I have been using the ESV Heirloom WM exclusively some time now before getting this WM. First thing I noticed was the Schuyler Black goatskin is a flat color whereas the Heirloom (and my other premiums) are Glossy Black. Iam also thankful that Schuyler added a decent Yapp to this one. The cover is very flimsy compared even to a well worn heirloom WM, it’s more comparable to the Omega. This is good because it allows the Yapp to not be stiff and lay down to protect the block. The next thing I noticed was the gilding on the Schuyler was amazing. Getting into using it: the paper on the Schuyler is much thicker than the 28gsm Heirloom, I have always had problems with the Heirloom pages curling after writing on the outside margins. I would have to continue to bend the pages back (of course that’s just the trade-off with thinner paper). There is plenty of room to write and paper takes (micron) ink very well. Love the verse by verse layout. Ribbons are good, just wish they were a little longer (personal preference). Schuyler knocked this one out-of-the park. Extremely happy with my purchase!

  11. Chuck Fry

    Dear Evangelical Bible,
    Thank you for the Schuyler Canterbury Wide Margin KJV Bible. For a long time, I have been searching for a family Bible to use and pass on to the coming generations. This is the perfect Bible! The pages in the front that enable me to record important family history are wonderful.
    The text and layout of the Bible are stunning. It makes reading the Bible so much more easier. Sounds a bit odd to say, but the typesetting really glorifies God and honors the majesty of His Word. This is the sense I get each morning as I read. I cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for this edition of God’s holy Word.
    With all my heart–thank you.

  12. CJ Barrier

    If there were a 10 star rating, it would still not do this Bible justice. I have personally had Bibles professionally rebound and customized to my exact specs- what I would consider to be the most beautiful; yet, this Bible is more magnificent than any Bible I have ever seen. The most elegant cover, pages, design, gilding, ribbons, and head and tail bands, all paired with the most elegant King James text. What a steal! Whether for preaching, teaching, studying, or devotional time, there does not exist on the market a more practical and crisp text/reference-only Bible.

  13. CJ Barrier

    If there were a 10 star rating, it would still not do this Bible justice. I have personally had Bibles professionally rebound and customized to my exact specs- what I would consider to be the most beautiful; yet, this Bible is more magnificent than any Bible I have ever seen. The most elegant cover, pages, design, gilding, ribbons, and head and tail bands, all paired with the most elegant King James text. What a steal! Whether for preaching, teaching, studying, or devotional time, there does not exist on the market a more practical and crisp text/reference-only Bible.

  14. Bill

    I got mine, and again, I’m having the very same problem I’ve had from every single Bible I’ve ordered from you (a dozen or so.) I always mark my Bibles quite a lot, but this Bible, like all the others, are too beautiful to desecrate with even one mark. I am just so glad that there is a source of beautiful, wonderfully crafted Bibles that you make available. What a joy to hold and read from one that feels to my hands as beautiful as what my eyes behold! This newest one is as wonderful as any that I have, and that is saying quite a bit!

  15. metrocamera

    This is easily a 5 star Bible, worth every cent and I love the fact that there is no ‘self pronouncing’ text markers. The text is sharp and the margin is among the best I’ve seen. The cover is fantastic as is the lining. Bible’s are to be read and this is where this Bible excels, very comfortable on the eyes and the paper is of the highest quality. I’m not usually a red letter fan but Schuyler has definitely hit a home run here. All round 5 star rating, no negatives .

  16. J. Gonzalez

    Just received my long awaited wide margin Canterbury in the black goatskin today. It is breath-takingly beautiful, surpassing all of my expectations. I am so grateful to God and to everyone involved in printing, hand-crafting, and marketing such a singularly special Bible, now uniquely mine for many years to come.

  17. Noah

    This has been a long time coming! Back in March of 2018 I bought my first Schuyler Bible, a forest green Calfskin Canterbury. It was beautiful, I loved everything about it except for what I considered “excessive” self pronouncing text. (I have never been a fan) I called EV Bible and made my recommendation to take away that “feature” and use the awesome layout/font as a wide margin edition. I said specifically that I thought it would dwarf the Cambridge Concord and Allan Clarendon WMs. Fast forward to fall of ‘18 and I received notification that Schuyler had indeed made plans to put out a wide margin Canterbury. I wasn’t all that excited because I already owned a Concord WM with less self pronouncing text than the Canterbury and I used an OOP Oxford Clarendon WM as my “do everything” Bible. (Preach, teach and personal study). Then low and behold EV Bible made the announcement that the Canterbury WM would be WITHOUT self pronouncing text markers! That was the game changer for me! My 40+ year old eyes were changing and the 8 pt Oxford text was getting rough from the pulpit, a 9.5 pt Milo would be just the fix to continue to use a wide margin Bible for all my needs. I instantly lost an average of 2 hours per night in sleep due to anticipation!
    EV Bible has been and continues to be an absolute blessing! Karen, Melissa and Beth have been so patient in dealing with all my questions and concerns! They love their job, their ministry and dealing with delivering God’s Holy word to believers and it is apparent in their collective professionalism, patience, knowledge and care. I cannot recommend EV Bible enough!
    That being said, this Bible is everything that I had hoped for! Great paper that is right on par with my Oxford’s paper with regard to ghosting/bleed through with Pigma Micron 005 pens, super crisp beautiful print, and supple goatskin cover. The craftsmanship is nothing less than premium quality! Thank you very much Evangelical Bible! Keep up the stellar standard you all have set for yourselves!


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