Allan KJV 7C Brevier Clarendon Navy Blue Goatskin with Cyclopedic Concordance

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Navy Blue Goatskin cover
3 navy blue ribbons with red under gold page edges
Page size: 7″ x 4 3/4″
9 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Bound in navy blue natural grain goatskin leather with full yapp, leather-lined in dark blue with gilt line inside case, double-sprayed red under gold page edges and 3 navy blue ribbons.

The Brevier Clarendon is a vintage Oxford University Press typesetting, printed on 22gsm India paper, and includes our Allan Presentation Page, full 325pp Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance, 16pp Oxford Bible maps and 32pp feint rule Allan notepaper.

Also available in Black and Purple.

Page size: 7 x 4 3/4 inches (180 x 120mm)

Spine width: 1 5/16 in (36mm)

Type size: 9 pt

17 reviews for Allan KJV 7C Brevier Clarendon Navy Blue Goatskin with Cyclopedic Concordance

  1. Bjorn Berge (verified owner)

    The quality and craftsmanship of the Allan KJV 7C Brevier Clarendon Navy Blue Goatskin with Cyclopedic Concordance is exceptional. “The cover is striking to look upon and pleasant to the touch. However, it is important that we recognize that the Holy Bible, consisting of the sixty-six (66) books between the leather covers is proclaiming the inspired words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When we read and study the Bible, His words provide us with the daily “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding” needed to nourish and enlighten our spiritual growth as we continue our daily walk with Him here on earth as believers, until we will spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

  2. Steven Miracle (verified owner)

    Another superb Bible from Allan. Quality through and through with excellent craftsmanship.

  3. Daniel Anaya (verified owner)

    Daniel A.

    I bought the Allan KJV 7C NB Brevier Clarendon, Navy Blue Goatskin. I ordered on Friday evening online. I received it Wednesday. Less than a week. There does not seem to be better service out there on the world wide web than Evangelical Bible. As far as the Bible, once I held it went thru it, I have decided that I will never purchase another brand again. I am a Bible lover, but this Allan takes the cake when it comes to Bible. I do not have a Schuyler, so I cant compare it with one of those. So I may buy one. But right now at this time in my life in my opinion, ALLANS ARE THE BEST.


  4. jackv

    A most handsome handy sized bible. Cambridge has a great book with the Cameo, but Allan has published a close cousin of the same pedigree that is solid from head band to tail band.
    The leather cover and lining comes with a full yapp and pleated corners accented with a gold trim gilt line on the interior. The real marvel of this edition is the clear printed text block. Unlike the text in the Cameo which is very bold and almost borderline blotchy because of the heavy ink, the print of the Brevier Clarendon is crisper and yet dark with good line matching that equals, if not, surpasses the Cameo.
    Of all the personal size bibles readily available this 7C is absolutely top notch. And, yes it has a cyclopedic concordance for those who like that stuff. A very well crafted bible Allan.

  5. Richard

    All I can say is, WOW! Everything about this Bible simply shouts “QUALITY.” The cover is very soft and pliable. Calfskin may be more buttery, but this particular leather is supposed to be more resistant to scratches. The grain is very pleasing. There is no perimeter stitching, but the double, tooled line around the perimeter is a nice touch that adds to the elegance. There is decorative folding on the inside of both covers and the corners are nicely gathered. The back side of the cover is leather lined, however the liner pasted over it (It is edge lined.) Appears to be synthetic or quality card stock. This does not, in my opinion detract from the quality. I just feel as if it is truly a leather liner, than both liners should be leather. The print has an antique appearance. And, although it does appear small, about 9 point or less, it is pleasingly bold and I can read it easily. I am 66 and wear glasses, by the way. I did not mention that this is a full yapp, which is one reason I purchased this particular Bible. The chapters begin with a summary, which I really like. It has a cyclopedic concordance which is interesting. Have never encountered that before. If you are familiar with the Thompson Chain Reference and its cyclopedia and concordance, imagine they were combined into one document. For instance if you look up Paul, you will find the verses referring to him in categories based upon persecution of Christian’s, his conversion, and his journeys, among others. In this case, not only is it a concordance, but it is an excellent resource as a character study. It also lists archaic terms, but it is not exhaustive. I always look up the word “huff” (it means to ham string) and it is not included (As that’s important to me, I ordered a dictionary of archaic terms from Amazon). The cover is a very nice navy blue. The color of the liners and the 3 ribbons match the color of the cover. The paper is thin, but the print appears line matched. It is light and small, perfect for pack or purse and taking to church or Bible study. Between the size and the feel of the leather, it is a delight to hold. With the bold print, it is a pleasure to read. The majesty of the king’s English of the KJV is enhanced by this exquisite quality. I can’t recommend this Bible enough. Thank you Evangelical Bible for such an excellent product and superior survive. I can’t be more pleased.

  6. Garry Casados

    I recently purchased an imperfect Allan Brevier Clarendon Black Goatskin Bible that is everything but imperfect. The size, workmanship, and easy readability make this bible a perfect addition to my Black 53 Longprimer. I am very pleased with the overall quality of this bible and will definitely order again from By the way the imperfection was a few pages whose corners were missed by the cutter, something I can very easily live…

  7. premiumkingjamesbiblereviews

    Update….. here is the working link

  8. premiumkingjamesbiblereviews

    This is THE perfect hand size bible money can buy. Everything thing about it is premium quality. The look and feel of this bible rivals the Longprimer 62. The aroma of quality leather greets you as you open the box. Art gilting, gold stamping, amazing concordance, notepaper and 3 quality ribbon markers. As a gentle nod to the AV of 1611 the beginning of each chapter has a list of headings to compliment the page headings, guiding you through Gods word. Copious center column references too! This is my new take everywhere bible. For a visual review please follow the link below

    The BEST Hand Size Bible Ever Made

  9. davidfosorio4911 (verified owner)

    HI my names is David , from Clermont, FL. just recieved my 7C NB and I have to tell you, I feel like a child opening my brand new gift. It just so happens that this gift is the best gift in the world , It’s the word of God. And this bible is going to last me forever. this is the most reliable website I’ve ever used for buying a premium bible. everything is done with perfection, and for the price it shows that they care about the consumer. evangelical has a 5 star rating from me!! LOVE YOU GUYS ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL:)

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    I bought the Black Clarendon a month or so ago and it’s as nice as my Longprimer. I always like the full Yapp. Allan’s have always been my favorite that I have the goatskin crudens concordance matching. I’m a pastor and teach our church to own the best Bible they can afford.

  11. Jc (verified owner)

    I’ve had this bible for a few months now and I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. The Brevier Clarendon the R.L. Allan 7c it everything you’d want in a premium KJV hand sized bible. My parents and brother all wanted to purchase one as soon as they saw mine and do not regret it! I love absolutely everything about this bible besides the paper gsm, it’s still very usable and doesn’t bother me too much at all, but I could change one thing I’d prefer thicker paper even if it meant for a thicker bible comparable to a Cambridge Cameo.

  12. srangaraj101 (verified owner)

    Good bible, very good quality. Goatskin not as supple as Cambridge, but still very good quality and would recommend to others. Taking off one star because in one corner of lining some extra glue seeped out and dried up on the lining. Not much, I was able to rub it off and it feels just fine now. But over $100, I don’t expect a small imperfection like excess glue in a corner.

  13. Chase Parker (verified owner)

    literally the rolls Royce of Bibles, I’m buying the Allan 5 WM as a companion bible to this. If you have the money, BUY THIS BIBLE, you wont be disappointed.

  14. Gary Gatch (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful little Bible. It us easy to hold and is very legible for its size. The cover is very nice for a midland goatskin. The navy blue has a very good look with the red pages.

  15. Wayne Rexrode (verified owner)

    Elegance at its finest.

  16. Brian

    I have owned this Bible since June and it has quickly become my favorite RL Allan KJV. It is the perfect size in my opinion and I really love the thicker goatskin leather. The paper is also much improved over previous RL Allan KJVs that I’ve owned. The only improvement I could think of is better ribbons, but for the price point this is so worth the money! The blue is really wonderful as well and very classy. I do believe this is the best KJV on the market at this price.

  17. ann mcmahon

    This and it’s red counterpart are very nice Bibles bound in Jongbloed goatskin with calf split liner!
    Great paper, thick and well bound cover that makes this “non highland goatskin” BC a great one to carry in a back pack etc since it isn’t too soft of a cover.
    Very well made. The print is nice and dark, making it bold that even for a small font, easy to read. It does lack the lined paper that is found in the highland goatskin version, and there are other subtle differences like no Oxford shield on the first page, along with the ribbons are not Beresford’s usual quality- they are thinner but nice never the less.
    This accounts for a less expensive BC . All in all this is a great little study Bible with the wonderful Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance. Great buy!

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