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Cambridge Heritage Edition Bible and Prayer Book Purple Calf Split

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Purple Calfsplit cover
2 ribbons and gold gilt
Page size: 4.75″ x 6.875″ x 1.75″
6.75 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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The Heritage Edition commemorates the 350th anniversary of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible-two of the most significant works in the English language. Between them, these two precious texts have infused and shaped our language, with their words and phrases enriching not only the language of prayer but the speech of everyday life.
This unique edition brings the Bible and Prayer Book together by binding them in one volume; the Prayer Book is at the front, followed by the KJV Pitt Minion Reference Edition of the Bible. There are two ribbon markers.

Page size: 4.75 x 6.875 x 1.75  (120 mm x 175 mm x 45 mm)
Number of pages: 1680

exclusive photos of this Bible. (for the black calfsplit)

4 reviews for Cambridge Heritage Edition Bible and Prayer Book Purple Calf Split

  1. William Paul Johnson, Jr. (verified owner)

    The Gospel According to ST. MATTHEW, Chapter 4, Verse 4 [King James Version]; The Revelation of ST. JOHN THE DEVINE, Chapter 22, Verses 18 & 19 [King James Version]:

    The Heritage Edition of THE 1662 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER coupled with the 1769 recension text of the King James Version [KJV] of THE HOLY BIBLE
    from CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY PRESS is an edition of ‘the Holy Scriptures’ that ‘I desperately wanted’ to ‘award’ Five [5] Stars, but in ‘good conscience’ can only ‘award’ One [1] STAR…

    The ‘edition’ is ‘problematic’ in a number of ways…

    First of all, the ‘edition’ in THE HOLY BIBLE section includes only the Old and New Testaments as translated in the KJV…excluding the Apocrypha as translated in the KJV…

    Yet…THE 1662 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER section of the ‘edition’ cites in its ‘Proper and Alternative Tables of Lessons & Lessons Proper for Holy Days Not Included in the Former Tables’ at least (by my count) ‘118 [one hundred eighteen]’ references/passages from a number of texts included in the KJV translation of the Apocrypha! What a ‘huge disappointment’ in what would otherwise be another ‘superbly produced’ edition of the Holy Scriptures from CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS…including the luscious ‘dark black-purple’ calf-split leather cover…including the beautiful typesetting in 6.75/7pt Lexicon No. 1A [Enschede’ FF] by Blue Heron Bookcraft for THE HOLY BIBLE section of the ‘edition’…and also including the ‘equally beautiful’ typesetting in 11.6pt Lexicon No. 1A [Enschede’ FF] by Peter Ducker MISTD for THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER section of the ‘edition’…and also including the exquisite printing and binding done on the wonderful ‘bible paper’ for the ‘edition’ by L.E.G.O. Spa. in Vicenza, [ ] Italy.

    It is what it is…

    But on a more ‘positive note’…let’s hope that perhaps ‘in the future’ an edition coupling the text of THE 1979 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER with the 1977 text of the Revised Standard Version (including translations of the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha from the RSV) of THE HOLY BIBLE will be forthcoming…

    As Our LORD said, ”…with GOD ‘all thing’s are possible.”

    [William Paul Johnson, Jr.]

  2. davidrossifan-0224 (verified owner)

    An excellent Bible, the binding is great, has 2 ribbons which are nice, the paper is thick, no ghosting at all. This is wonderful, it’s awesome to have both the Common prayer and the KJV together.

  3. rpricci (verified owner)

    Prayers keep my mind and being focused on the Lord and lead into a more intense study of the Word.
    All in one book.
    Very convenient. Even though I have other Bibles I seem to carry this around with me. And you can’t beat the Calf Split Leather. I wish we could buy every bible in that leather…

  4. nsmzed (verified owner)

    Has no one made a review of this one yet? Let me break the ice! It’s an interesting shade of purple. It definitely stands out on the shelf in its slipcase. I enjoy having a Cambridge Bible outside of the black / brown options. The Bible portion is just like the Pitt Minion, though it feels like the paper is a little thicker and whiter. Furthermore, if you are a Bible collector, I am sure you will appreciate the commemorative aspect of this edition (400 yrs KJV and 350 yrs for the Common Prayer). I’m honestly surprised they haven’t been scooped up already. Get one now. You know it’s going to be 3x more expensive to buy when you “discover” it later on!

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