Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Bible with Apocrypha, Black Calfskin

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The Cameo Bible is one of the classic Cambridge editions of the King James Bible, dating from the 1920s. The Bible text was set in an attractive historic typeface, Petit Medieval Clarendon, and is printed large enough to be clear and easy to read while small enough to result in a compact Bible. The Bible has pronunciation marks for difficult words and phrases, full cross-references, a concordance and maps. Unavailable for a while, the Cameo Reference Edition was recently re-issued in response to continued consumer interest, in a new range of binding styles. The Bible comes with a concordance and 15 color maps. The text has pronunciation marks for names and the words of Christ on earth are printed in red. This edition includes the Apocrypha. It is one of the very few current editions of the King James Version so to do. It is printed on India paper art-gilt edges and is bound in black calfskin leather.

  • re-issued by popular demand
  • includes the KJV Apocrypha
  • Type size: 8 pt Petit Medieval Clarendon
  • attractive calfskin leather
  • India Paper
  • Red Letter
  • Concordance
  • Cross-Reference
  • Pronunciation Marks
  • 15 Color Maps
  • 2 Ribbon Markers
  • Art Gilt Edges

    Page size:
    7 x 4.875 x 1.125 (177 mm x 123 mm x 27 mm)

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8 reviews for Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Bible with Apocrypha, Black Calfskin

  1. forthesonofman

    Amazing Bible by Cambridge.
    Its so beautiful to read.

    The only thing i would say is,
    I wish that it was edge lined,
    Or they did goatskin version/edge lined (with apocrypha).
    Nonetheless, the thick calfskin cover is beautiful and suits this bible style perfectly.

    There is something about this bible, layout, font, readability, paper that is just beautiful, and of course, apocrypha. This bible is a must have.
    Be blessed

  2. Robert Robertson

    If this bible had wide margins it would be an 11/10.

    This is the best bible. If the production company reads this, then please reproduce with wde margins you would sell out fast as I would buy lots of them.

  3. Dominic Ashton (verified owner)

    A bit disappointed with this bible. I wanted a KJV with the Apocrypha and therefore my choices were limited. I would have preferred to have bought the Schuyler Treveris but there is no Apocrypha in that.

    The cover is nice enough. The KJV is not my main bible so I went for the calfskin rather than the goat skin. It is of course a little stiff, but that is to be expected. More disappointing was the glued on vinyl on the inner side which did not at all strike me as premium.

    The biggest disappointment is the printing/font. I think it may be done “by design” to give a retro feel, but to me it’s inconsistent, faded in some places, blotchy in others. The pages with red text seem especially bad.

    One the bright side, The paper is very nice and the stitching too. The bible opens flat on any page without any breaking in. The art-gilt is also very pretty.

    For anyone looking for the KJV with Apocrypha I would consider the font issue before choosing to purchase. It’s hard to see from photos. If you can take a look at a friend’s first it might be well advised. For anyone just looking for KJV, I would suggest avoiding this particular Cambridge version.

  4. James (verified owner)

    I love this Bible and use it more than my other KJV Bibles. But I have to point out that the description says it’s edge lined and it is not. It’s a vinyl past down but is still a very nice Bible.

  5. Simon Ramsey

    A stunning little Bible in every way. Perfectly-sized for use as an EDC. Approximately 7″ x 5″ x 1.25″. Fits well in the hand, fits easily in a bag/backpack/etc. The quality is first-rate, worthy of much more than its current price. Calfskin is so smooth, so soft, with that smell that is, for me anyway, wonderful. Print is extremely well done, nice and dark, visible (at 8pt), with some, but not a great deal, of ghosting. Printed by Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands. That in itself speaks of its quality. Red-lettering is something I grew up with, have gotten accustomed to other Bibles not offering, but absolutely love having. So its presence here is thoroughly appreciated. That this also is my beloved KJV (with words, language, and style that is eloquent beyond what I can describe) seems so appropriate for the Word of God and is a delight to read. Finally, that this Bible also contains the Apocrypha is great. It’s just an incredible package, an immense value, all beautifully done. I love this Bible and will carry it with me, leaving my larger Allans, Schuylers, etc. at home. Thank you Cambridge, for such a stunning job well done. Highly recommended. God bless.

  6. Richard Macleery (verified owner)

    Wonderful, wonderful, timeless gem. That is how I would refer to this Bible. The pure KJV Text with the Apocrypha. This is as close today as one might come to the Bible in a personal hand sized Bible as the original Translators could have asked for. Let us not forget, ALL of the church forefathers had the Apocrypha available to them. In fact most Jews before Christ Jesus had the Apocrypha available to them. The Apostles had the Apocrypha available to them. Jesus Christ himself references books other than the Torah in the New Testament. Yet for some reason after 2000 years of Judaism, and for the first 1800 years of Christianity we have removed these valuable books from the Bible as it was written historically. Buy this while you can. I know you can always buy books of Apocrypha, but Bibles? KJV Bibles containing the Apocrypha? Well these are quickly becoming a thing of legend. There are other publishing companies that do offer the addition of the apocrypha, but none that match the artistry and beauty of the Authorized King James Bible with Apocrypha. Buy it. You wont be disappointed. Cambridge has done a fine job with this Bible. I would only add one critique, I would love this bible in a larger clearer font. This exact Text in a Lambskin, Larger, Clearer font would be absolutely a lifetime Bible. This one is fine, but a bit on the small size and my eyes are aging. That being said, it is well worth the purchase. Trust me, the leather on this Bible feels very fine in your hands, the type is clear, nearly zero ghosting, art guilting, lays flat right out of the box, a clam shell gift box, words of Christ in red, European paper, printed by Jongbloed. This is truly a fine Bible. For the price I will be buying a few more just so I will always know it will be available to me.

  7. William Paul Johnson, Jr.

    I agree with previous review: this is real ‘gem’ for a hand-sized edition of the KJV. The texture and color of the paper, the legibility of type-face/font used throughout (center column references, translators’ marginal notes, the biblical text itself), the quality of the leather used for the binding, the art-guilding on the pages, the red letter used for the words the Lord all add up to a first-rate edition of the KJV. If this becomes your ‘initial exposure’ to the KJV with the Apocrypha included, you won’t be disappointed.


  8. sethstreet

    I really wanted a KJV with the apocrypha like the original and this is a great little bible. Paper is more opaque than my TBS Westminster. Red letter is very well done. Leather is not very flexible but I prefer that for smaller bibles.

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