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Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Calfskin, Full Yapp

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Full Yapp Black Calfskin cover with leather liner
3 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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The Turquoise Reference Edition of the King James Bible was created in the 1920s and has stood as a superb and well-loved example of classic Cambridge typographic design for over ninety years. The large format allows the text to be presented in a comfortably readable form using a bold, traditional typeface with cross-references. For this edition, the concordance has been freshly typeset, and the Bible includes the Translators’ Preface, their compelling account of the principles underlying the publication of the KJV in 1611. This edition is bound in calfskin and is edge-lined for added suppleness. It also features a full yapp, whereby the covers are extended to further protect the gilded page edges. This feature, together with the raised spine hubs are traditional bookbinding techniques.

Features include:

Black Calfskin with full leather linings New pics here.
Raised Spine Hubs
Art gilt
Three ribbons
Red-letter text
28 gsm Indopaque paper
Translator’s Preface
Pronunciation marks
Italics for inserted words
References and concordance
Family record section and presentation page
Map section
Smyth Sewn

Typography: 10/11 point Antique Old Style No. 3
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″ (234 mm x 152 mm x 32 mm)
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4 reviews for Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Calfskin, Full Yapp

  1. Scott Hart

    In a word – wow! This Bible exceeded my every expectation. The cover is as soft as a baby’s bottom. And now I have experienced “full yapp.”

    The text, though, is what makes it stand out. It is so readable. Old school wins with this with the font and actually typeset versus digital. The paper is a joy as it’s not bright but a gentle near-cream hue. So gentle on the eyes.

    This is my Bible. Schuyler is going back in the box.

  2. K Hugh Acton

    I love this Bible. I was unsure of the calfskin (I had intended on ordering the blue goatskin, but the third ribbon and the full yapp convinced me to go with this one), but I love it. I don’t collect premium Bibles, though I’m no stranger to them, but this is worthy of being Cambridge’s flagship Bible. The print is that great bold, rounded print from the early 20th century—when book printing was a true art. It is clear and inviting. While I don’t love red letter usually, I think this is perfect. It is nice and dark and not overly used.
    It is true that there are no gilt lines on the inside of the yapp, but, in my opinion, it is more elegant without them.
    The footprint is not too large either (even if it is on the larger side of carry around Bibles). British paper tends to be higher and less wide and I think that is perfect for this Bible.
    And the paper is amazing, very opaque. I feels as luxurious as the cover.
    I do wish I could’ve got it in a different color (or maybe black with blue art gilt and/or ribbons), but the black with the red and gold accents is classic and beautiful.

  3. Ray Williams

    I was very excited about the fact that Cambridge was going to make their Turquoise in a Full Yapp like Allan’s Longprimer 53. The Allan has a true a Full Yapp, however this Cambridge is very close to but not quite a Full Yapp. The Turquoise calfskin is very soft and smooth with very little texture, but it may develop more of texture in time. I was sad to see leather lining did not have two or even one art gilt line like the the Allan’s, but this is not a deal breaker. I love the raise spine hubs, text block, italics for inserted words, the bold larger 11 pt font are all features that I prefer over the Allan Longprimer. The ribbons, head & tail bands and binding are all fantastic. If you could take the Allan Longprimer goatskin cover and place this Cambridge inside you it would have the prefect bible.

  4. pastor23

    The black calfskin “full” yapp Cambridge Turquoise is a beautiful edition of the classic Cambridge textblock. The black calfskin is similar to the brown mahogany calfskin of recent editions. However, unlike the brown there is no real texture on the leather of mine and the yapp is not “full” (the ends do not touch). It is soft and supple (not stiff like the pastedown calfskins). It is more akin to the Meriva calfskin of the Allan Longprimers-52, 62 (only not as thick).

    I personally prefer the Goatskin Turquoise or if it was available in the brown mahogany I would prefer that also. It is a beautiful rendition of the Turquoise with all the normal benefits of vibrant text and paper opacity. The red letter is beautiful. It doesn’t disappoint, but wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice.

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