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The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible presents the KJV text as intended by the
1611 Translators, using their surviving notes. The text is presented in
paragraph form with marginal notes. Modern spelling and punctuation are
used for simplicity and ease of use.

This scholarly edition first came out in 2005 in a large format.

Page size: 8.25 x 5.5 x 1.25 (210 mm x 146 mm x 30 mm)

Type size: 8.5

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4 reviews for New Cambridge Paragraph Bible Personal Size Black Calfskin

  1. William Paul Johnson, Jr.

    I also agree with previous review that an edition of The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with the original paragraph/chapter headings of the KJV included/restored to the text would be a big help/improvement to this landmark edition of the KJV. Since it first became available I have purchased three copies of it (one ‘black calfskin leather ISBN 978-0-521-19881-3’…..the other two ‘hardback ISBN 978-0-521-76284-7’). The leather copy I kept for myself; the two hardback copies I gave to friends!!!

    I might also add/suggest that a redletter edition of this Bible with the words of the Lord in red throughout (in addition to his ‘words spoken’ during His earthly ministry) would be exciting for sure.

    Again I think this is an outstanding edition of the KJV currently available, especially if read and studied in conjunction with the ‘equally admirable’ THE HOLY BIBLE…QUATERCENTENARY EDITION…KING JAMES VERSION…1611 TEXT’ facsimile published by Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-955760-8).


  2. Eric Bean

    Love it. Wish it included the KJV chapter summaries at the beginning of each chapter like my thompson chain has and references. This does not take away from what is there, though. I love the simplified punctuation and updating of the spelling into current British usage. It is absolutely a pleasure to read and would highly recommend it. It is hard to find KJV editions that include the apocrypha. An an Orthodox Christian, I revere those books( but not on the same level as the proto canonical books). I am glad that they are there in one volumn with the proto canon. I will keep my eyes open for future high quality KJV bibles with Apocrypha included. This is a wonderful Bible. Cambridge did a great job.

  3. Derek Beyer (verified owner)

    I really like a lot of things about this Bible. First off the size is perfect – very handy do hold for long periods of time. The calfskin leather is soft and subtle and overall impression as with most Cambridge bibles is one of quality construction. My favorite thing about this Bible is the work done by David Norton in reproducing the AV1611 text. I do not have expertise in the background of the AV text, but the end result of the work makes for a very nice rendition of the KJV text itself. The punctuation of text and the spelling of some words have been modernized. So if you don\’t care for \”smiles\” and \”winks\” in your KJV text, you\’ll love this Bible. That combined with the fact that there are no cross references or self-pronouncing text makes this a pleasant reading KJV bible. If you are not a regular reader of the KJV, or just getting into reading the KJV this may be a good choice for you. I can see this translation being useful both to KJV newcomers as well as people who are interested in the more scholarly aspects of the KJV text and its history. I would not consider this just a \”one off\” KJV translation to be thrown in the corner – it is viable for serious study.

    The downside for me at least is the size of the print and bleed through of the paper. I don\’t recall what Cambridge has as the print size listed for this bible, but its \”feels\” like an 8pt to me. Fine for some I suppose, but I personally need a 10pt print or better. The bleed through is not any worse than most bibles (the same as the Clarion) but bleed through combined with the print size is too much for me to handle on a daily basis… but that is mostly personal preference/sensitivity.

  4. MICHAEL MCCOY (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful! The binding and the paper are fantastic. What a beautiful Bible this is. I couldn\’t be happier with my purchase. I\’m sure it will last a lifetime.

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