New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha Personal Size Black Calfskin

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Black Calfskin cover
Ribbon marker and gold gilt
Page size: 5.25″ x 8.25″
See Description below for more details.

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New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha Personal Size Black Calfskin

The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible presents the KJV text as intended by the 1611 Translators, using their surviving notes. The text is presented in paragraph form with marginal notes. Modern spelling and punctuation are used for simplicity and ease of use.

This scholarly edition first came out in 2005 in a large format, and like the early King James Bibles, included the Apocrypha. It was published to critical acclaim and is now issued in Personal Size editions, either with or without the Apocrypha, to satisfy different preferences.

5.25 x 8.25

8 reviews for New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha Personal Size Black Calfskin

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I just received my copy of this Bible. The printing shows through on the other side and on some pages the lines are not matched with those on the other side. The ribbons were frayed a little at the ends when I first opened the book. There is a bump at the back of the binding at the top where the ribbons are attached, and the back of the binding stands away from the leather cover. I do like the layout of the pages, and the type font is easy to read.

  2. Eric Couture (verified owner)

    I was very excited about this bible. Having the original notes from the KJV translators is of great historical value. But it lacks things I would gladly pay more for: no line matching, the paper is too transparent, the Ribbons are cheap, the leather is stiff, it doesn’t lay flat easily.

    What I do like is the original kjv notes. I love the single column paragraph layout, I like having the apocryphal books as well.

  3. Jarrod Murdock

    The layout of this Bible is very good, and the alterations in format (single column, paragraphs instead of verse-by-verse, removal of itlaics, and the standardized spelling) make this so much more readable than any other KJV I’ve read.

    The calfskin cover seems to be a higher quality than earlier versions. I have an older personal size of this Bible without the Apocrypha, and this later printing is better. It’s durable but not too rigid–just enough to make the thick text block manageable in the hand. And while I was disappointed with the inconsistent gilding on the page edges in the older Bible, this one’s page edges are flawless.

    The only element that leaves a bit to be desired is the paper. As another reviewer said, the paper is not as good as that in more recent Cambridge Bibles; it does feel a little stiff and delicate. There is also unfortunately show-through that is noticeable at times. This Bible doesn’t have “line-matching,” as this was typeset in the years just before that became common.

    Still, this is the most reader-friendly KJV Bible I’ve ever seen. If a 21st-century reader wants to get a KJV Bible to read, it should be this one.

  4. Brittany Murray (verified owner)

    As much as I love Cambridge bibles, this one fell short for me.
    There is substantial show through, enough so that it was slightly challenging to read, and is not quite line matched throughout. The paper doesn’t have the same silky feel as the Cameo or the Topaz, it’s more of a “dry” paper, that feels more akin to the 1662 BCP that Cambridge puts out. This bible does not lay flat well, as the binding is quite rigid but, I am sure with time that it would soften up.

    I really don’t like leaving negative reviews, especially being a standard layman in these matters but, I wanted to say this in case there’s any other Cameo owners that are looking to own a paragraph bible. I would have returned this bible but I reluctantly decided to keep it for my Cambridge collection.

  5. Richard Macleery (verified owner)

    O.k. so this just arrived, and upon initial inspection I find one fine, soft, beautiful Bible. I immediately opened my new treasure and proceeded to FAQ check it against the KJVO websites available to find that this KJV checks out PERFECTLY. All the trappings of a supposed counterfeit have been avoided. I only point this out so that KJVO’ists will know that this is a safe purchase inasmuch as the textual content and message are PURE. Now on to physical characteristics. This bible in my opinion has nearly NO bleed through. (A problem earlier noted by other buyers of past) I have some quite expensive bibles with significant bleed through, this isnt one of those. Based on this FACT! the need for the text to line up on reverse sides seems redundant as it ISNT an issue. I guess if you read your bible with a candle lit behind each page as you read one page at a time in a dark room this may be an issue but to my glasses wearing 51 years old eyes that tire quite quickly, this Bible will not be an issue for me. Now for the font size. There again, although smaller than I usually buy based on my aging eyes it seems to me that Cambridge put thought into picking this font as for its size it is quite easy on the eyes. Very easy to read and nice bold presentation against the fine paper chosen. I obviously can not comment further on the structure of it being a paragraph bible since I havent read it yet, but in the few moments it took me to check the content against the web sites to prove its validity it seems quite easy to read, and proficient at chapter and verse look up. The binding is clearly smyth sewn and very flexible. The covers of the binding are glued from what I can tell, but from a company like Cambridge I dont think this will be an issue. I purchased the version with Apocrypha as I am Catholic. I truly appreciate the ability to enjoy the KJV as it was presented in 1611 in it’s original form (Textually speaking) as a Bible thats intent was unification, not the divisive nature Bibles of today. I will be purchasing a second one of these treasure ASAP, as I can see this becoming a valuable piece of Christian History. As with many new Bibles this one has been met with detractors. I find their claims unfounded, and in many instances fictitious. This Bible for all purposes is a TRUE KJV as Authorized, and should be considered as PURE by the Cambridge Purists. This Bible may have not met sales expectations monetarily speaking, but I guarantee it will hopefully without revision be reprinted in the near future and probably be in great demand. If you are on the fence about purchasing this Bible I hope I was able to clear up any possible issues for you and that you can rest assured, this bible will be a valuable addition to your library, or collection as is my case. This will be Bible #16 for me all of which I consider treasures, but this will sit at the top of my list and be most likely my go to Bible

  6. James E

    I’ve had this Bible for a number of years. Mine is the black calfskin bound by LEGO. I see the one star review and I am posting this because I couldn’t disagree more. My experience is more in agreement with the 5 star review above. The paper is opaque and there is very little ghosting. Print is dark, binding is tight and supple. Lays flat and the cover is indeed soft and ‘liquid’ as Mark Bertrand sometimes says. If it is still the LEGO (Italy) binding I highly recommend this Bible.

  7. mikeisho (verified owner)

    I bought this bible one week ago, The quality is very poor , I am not happy with this bible compare to other bibles quality I bought from here , such as Thomas Nelson is really good quality.

  8. William Paul Johnson, Jr.

    I am genuinely ‘honored’ to ‘technically’ being the first person to review THE NEW CAMBRIDGE PARAGRAPH BIBLE WITH APOCRYPHA personal size black calfskin edition [ISBN 978-0-521-19881-3] for this website. I’m confident I won’t be the last to ‘shower’ kudos on this ‘landmark Bible’ expressing GOD’s Holy Word.

    For starters: The binding is simply wonderful. The leather is ‘supple and luxuriant’ to the touch… ‘rose petals’…..or perhaps more accurately ‘smooth as the bottom of a new-born baby’.

    And the ‘aroma’ of the leather is so fragrant… that of the ‘finest leathers’ used in making new pairs of ‘dress shoes’! Not only will you love ‘holding’ this Bible, but I suspect you will enjoy ‘smelling’ it too. (The ‘slipcase’ supplied with it is an ‘added plus’. I just ‘love’ carrying this Bible knowing that the ‘slipcase’ greatly ‘reduces’ the risk of damaging the binding on this beautiful book when I do take it with me to church or bible study.)

    But most importantly though is the ‘outstandingly-scholarly’ achievement of editor David Norton in bringing the ‘glorious text’ of the KJV into the 21st century.

    Talk about ‘spot-on’: Prose is printed as prose. Poetry is printed as poetry. Spelling and punctuation is ‘totally’ in line with modern standards for the English language!
    Bring ‘on’ the Rapture!!!

    And let’s not lose sight of the fact that this Bible is one of those ‘rare’ editions of the KJV that includes the KJV translation of the Old Testament books called ‘by some’ apocryphal. (With ‘due respect’ to those ‘puritanical’ Protestants still alive ‘out there’…..speak for your selves…..we are no longer ‘living’ in the 17th century…..thank goodness.)

    Where else in the ‘Old Testament-Old Covenant’ Scriptures will ‘we’ find the prophesying of the ‘coming’ of Our Lord in language so ‘direct and clear cut’ as in the KJV translation of the Second Book of Esdras (see 2 Esdras: 7:26-29). [Note: ‘Esdras’ is the Greek language variant spelling for the Old Testament prophet called ‘Ezra’.]

    Just including the ‘restored’ text of this one book alone to the ‘KJV canon’ will invite a ‘plethora’ of new interpretations and commentary on the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation for certain. I can ‘hardly wait’.

    I’m no prophet myself, BUT… my estimation this ‘new’ edition of the KJV guarantees that the Books called Apocrypha will no longer be ‘hidden’.

    It’s about time…..mankind shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word which proceeds out of God’s mouth. The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with Apocrypha is a ‘fantastic’ testimony to this wonderful and mystical truth!!!

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