Cambridge NASB Clarion Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

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Cambridge NASB Clarion Reference Black Goatskin  click here for exclusive photos.

A Cambridge Clarion Reference Bible presents the text in a single column with the cross-references in the outer margin, giving the page a very well laid out appearance. The font size is a little under 9 point with generous line spacing. It is typeset in Lexicon No. 1, a modern digital font which has many of the characteristics usually associated with traditional Bible typefaces–in particular, a degree of readability more usually associated with much larger type.

The Clarion edition is the only NASB personal size reference Bible with a single-column paragraph format. The Bible has 15 new color maps and a concordance and there are two ribbon place markers. This is a Bible of the very highest quality, printed on India paper with art-gilt edges, Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance
5.125 x 7.0625

  • Black Goatskin Leather
  • 2 Red Ribbon Markers
  • Art Gilt
  • 9 point Lexicon No. 1
  • India Paper
  • Concordance
  • Black Letter
  • 18 cm x 13 cm x 3.5 cm  or  7.2″ x 5.2″ x 1.4″ (textblock)
  • 19 cm x 14 cm x 4.2 cm  or  7.6″ x 5.6″ x 1.7″ (overall)
  • Majority Paragraph Format, Verse-By-Verse in some of the Poetical Books
  • Single Column Format
  • 2028 Pages
  • Cross References in outer Margin
  • Smyth Sewn



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16 reviews for Cambridge NASB Clarion Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

  1. Mike Smith

    I received and read tthe Nas clarion today, it is a great Bible as the ESV edition is. They were able to fix the line backing in REVELATIONS that the ESV edition had for a few pages. Both edition are small and carry easy and very readable. The pages turn easy while thin, great paper. A great Bible worth the wait.

  2. Kevin O’Malley

    I received this Bible from the great folks at EB today. The craftsmanship is spectacular in every way!! The text is well lined up to minimize any ghosting and the book just melts into yourhand. Readability is amazing! Thanks Paul for your help!

  3. Daniel Farr (verified owner)

    Everything about this Bible is exceptional. First, the goatskin cover is absolutely amazing. It is soft, pliable and luxurious. The paper is very high quality with minimal “ghosting”, much better than most of my Bibles. The font size is perfect for my mid-50’s eyes and it is easy to read. I especially love the paragraph format. The size of this Bible is about perfect, it feels just about perfect in my hands. It is only about 1/8 inch thicker than my Allen ESV1, but it looks and feels thicker. I recommend the Clarion without reservation.

  4. Bob Snyder

    The Bible is just the right size for holding in your hand and reading in your recliner. The text is clear and easy on the eyes. The goatskin outer cover is sewn to the goatskin inside cover. I love this Bible. The one I received had two flaws; there was a small irregularity in the natural goatskin on the spine that was glued down and one of the pages was dogeared in the text block so it did not get trimmed. For the price I would not expect flaws at all. The Bible does have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. I did not try to get it exchanged or fixed as these were flaws I could live live with. Here is a more in depth review on my site

  5. Lester Harper (verified owner)

    I ave bought a few bibles from here in the past and I have loved them all but few do I ever write a review about. This is one I have to mention. It is compact but fits like a glove in the hand. I use it daily whether in my office or in the pulpit and have absolutely nothing bad to say except I would have liked a little bit larger size for my own personal taste. There is nothing wrong with the workmanship of this awesome bible

  6. A L Hickman (verified owner)

    Wonderfully made as you would expect from Cambridge. Very readable text size. The verse numbers are bolded in the side columns but not in the text. Worse, they are the same size as the translation note superscripts. After you run a reference it is difficult to find your place in the text again. After 2 days I gave it to my granddaughter. I expect she put it back in the box to save for her granddaughter.

  7. Taylor Sexton (verified owner)

    This is such a wonderful Bible with a wonderful (my favorite) translation. The goatskin leather is really nice. However, there are two problems that Bible of this caliber should never have. I removed one star per problem:

    1) The pages are very thin, yes. I like that because it makes the Bible thinner. However, the pages have a bad problem of curling after staying open for a short time while reading. The may be a problem with the thickness of the paper. Regardless, I think it’s time they come up with a solution.

    2) There was another customer here who experienced a folded page during the manufacturing process that resulted in a very awkwardly-cut page. Well, I figured this was a very uncommon problem. Wrong. It happened to me, as well. Again, a Bible this expensive should never, ever have this problem. No exceptions.

    This Bible would have been a great one to have, but after paying nearly $200 for this Bible, these problems are simply unacceptable. I immediately returned the Bible for a full refund. I expect a little more from companies with the reputations of Cambridge and Jongbloed.

  8. Jeffrey Jourdonais (verified owner)

    I purchased this bible recently, to replaced my all time favorite, ASV teacher’s edition bible. It is about the same size as my 1929 edition. Since the NASB is a revision of the ASV, I knew that I would treasure it. First off, the goatskin binding is sumptuous. I could not believe the softness and suppleness of it. It is a joy to hold in one’s hand. A perfect size to carry to church also. The pages are thin, and there is the tiniest amount of ghosting , but not too bad. I also found if I leave it open and come back, the very edges of the pages curl up a bit, but it is a minor annoyance. Overall though, it is a great carry around bible. I leave it in the box, and carry it everywhere I go, and I just love it. I think that the Cambridge name implies high quality and so far I have not been disappointed.

  9. Brandyn James (verified owner)

    I placed an order for this particular bible on June 6, 2017 opting for the FedEx Ground shipping option; it was delivered on June 8, 2017.

    I have owned this edition for four days now and have a growing appreciation for it. The goatskin is supple and flexible; furthermore, I managed to fold the book in half but have decided to refrain in case the binding is not suppose to be as flexible. The point size on the font is more than adequate for my eyes (P.S. I am twenty-two, nearly twenty-three at the time of this review). Seeing as how I am stepping down (in size) from an edition of The International Inductive Study Bible I am very well pleased. It is a bit chunky for my own personal taste in terms of a “take with you everywhere” bible, but nonetheless I am carrying this with me. Presently this is my full-time bible (although my first luxurious edition). The line-backing is exquisite, as is the page thickness. I had no defects (as of yet) and expect that this will be a bible to hand down to a younger believer (chronologically or spiritually), thus my expectations of the quality to longevity ratio are quite high. Until I scrounge up enough money to purchase a Schuyler Quentel NASB as my “stay on the desk” bible I will rely on this edition as my “everything” bible.

    I recommend this edition whole-heartedly.

  10. johndelliott

    Amazing Bible, one of the best single column Bible options available! Cambridge quality is outstanding. This Bible is a great hand sized Bible, and given that it is a single column Bible, with references on the outer margins, it lends itself to long periods of reading.

  11. nsmzed (verified owner)

    This is a very nice Bible. I have not had any problems with page curl, and the leather reminds me a lot of my Cambridge Concord. In other words, it’s really nice! I still love the Schuyler Quentel as my preferred Bible for study, but this one has already taken a niche for reading. Its format just begs to be read. I’ll definitely pursue the Clarion in other translations.

  12. Wesley Russell

    Beautiful Bible. The goatskin cover is supple, the printing is excellent, and the Bible opens flat even when one turns to the Book of Genesis. The single column pages are easier to read than a double column format. I have a Schuyler Personal Size Quentel, which I really like, also. However, the Clarion cost less, and has a concordance. When attending a Bible study, church, or Sunday School, I like to have those tools available.

  13. keeliesgrammy (verified owner)

    Evangelicalbible did an awesome job in getting it to me in record time. I give them 5 Star. Thank you. The 3 stars are for the Bible.


    1. I like the size of this bible. Easy to carry around.

    2. I like the feel of the leather, though it would be nice if the inside liner was leather like the Schyulers are. I’d pay a little more if it were.

    3. I love the clearness of the font. Very readable since it is a smaller print.

    4. Wasn’t sure I’d like the single column layout but I love it. Not too fond of black letter. I didn’t see that when I was looking at details. My bad on that part.


    1. Backcover top corner some of the leather comes up because the stitching is too close to the edge. Not very happy with this at all and I almost want to return it. The cost of the Bible itself should ensure that edges would be sewn correctly.

    2. As everyone has said very cheap ribbons. Size ok but the floppiness is ridiculous and very cheap feeling. The ribbons in the Pitt Minions are better than these. What’s up with that?

    3. I don’t care for the books starting in the middle of the book, they don’t have their own starting page.

    4. Paper is pretty thin. Hasn’t curled up though like some have said it did. I hope not too much bleed through happens when I mark in my bible.

  14. Steven Riley (verified owner)

    First, everything about the workmanship of the Clarion is great.

    I have had the Clarion NASB Black Goatskin one week and write the review with the 60ish crowd in mind.

    After using double column format Bibles for the past twenty plus years, I’m finding it challenging for these older eyes (sporting progressive lenses) to track across the entire single column of the Clarion. I’m adjusting, but it doesn’t come easy. The format of the poetry on the other hand is easy and enjoyable to read

    I’m surprised that to some degree it’s easier reading the Pitt Minion’s smaller font in double column format. Go figure.

  15. Marc (verified owner)

    I’ve had mine for 10 months now, and it has broken in nicely. I’ve read through it 1and 1/2 times now and the cover has gotten a little softer, and it opens nice and flat, even though it was pretty good when new. I have had the page curl issue a few times, but only while at my church… Never anywhere else or at home where I do 99.9% of my reading. I plan to use this for several years as my primary Bible, then buy something with larger print because I am sure my eyes will start needing it before too many more years. But for now, the font size is great, and I love a single column Bible in this size. This is pretty much the NASB that fits me best right now, but I am eyeing the full size NASB Quentel for my next Bible in the future…

  16. William (verified owner)

    This Bible is perfect.

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