Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Black Goatskin-BLACK Letter

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Black Goatskin cover
2 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Photos of this Bible

One our highest rated Bibles!
Definitely a 5 star Bible.

This is a truly remarkable Bible. It is one of our favorite Bibles of all. Clear, bold type, abundantly supple leather make this an excellent choice in the Authorized Version.

This Bible offers a wealth of reference material–a glossary, concordance, dictionary of names and phrases, fifteen color maps, and gazetteer. Bold-figure cross-references link passages of the text without cluttering the page.

In addition, a presentation page and family record, India paper, gilt edges, ribbon markers, and a real leather binding make this a very attractive Bible.

Features include:

  • India paper
  • cross-references
  • concordance
  • 15 color maps
  • presentation page
  • two ribbon markers
  • black-letter text
  • art-gilt page edges
  • head and tail bands
  • sewn binding

Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″ (140 mm x 207 mm x 30 mm)
Page extent: 1,532 pp.

Typography: 8 pt Times Semi-bold 421

“Are you weary of purchasing Bibles only to have them fall apart on you due to sloppy construction? Turn to the Smyth-sewn, leather bound quality craftsmanship of a Cambridge Bible and be satisfied for a lifetime. Cambridge Bibles possess a combination that is sadly rare today: beautiful to behold, but rugged enough to last and last. I recommend you consider the goatskin binding with another layer of leather lining for additional strength and durability. I prefer the Concord over other Cambridge KJV editions because it has the perfect blend of legible print size, compact dimensions for carrying, useful center-column references, and text without annoying superscript notations to match the center-column references. If you use the Authorized Version (1769 update), this is the finest available. Cambridge has recently branched out and is publishing beautiful editions of other translations, but none in the Concord format.” Irenaeus

16 reviews for Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Black Goatskin-BLACK Letter

  1. Susan Stevenson

    What a beautiful high quality Bible. I have many Bibles, but this one rates as one of the very finest. I love the beautiful soft goatskin, and the easy to handle size. I also love the red under gold gilding, and the print, which is dark, is a pleasure to read. The pronunciation marks are great for sounding out those hard to pronounce names, and there are so many great maps! This Bible is “loaded” with great info extras, and it is extremely well made. It will not fall apart! It’s worth five stars plus!

  2. pastor4all52

    This KJV is a “classic!” It’s like the perfect Bible–great for reading in your most comfortable chair or bed, and the perfect size and weight for carrying around. There is a reason this KJV has been a best-seller for so many years. I’ve never come across anyone who said they were disappointed with this Bible. It’s very simply “the best!”

  3. Scott Jones

    The Bible is FIVE stars all the way! The Concord is a wonderful print, but a nagging problem I have with certain Cambridge Bibles is with the Bible Dictionary.

    I don’t think most folks read this, but if you do believe the Bible – you will be a bit disappointed. You will find that Isaiah has multiple authors, it presents multiple views on the dating of Daniel, the ending of Mark is questioned, etc.

    That said, there is much very good information in this little dictionary. Most of the book overviews are very good – plus, they are in a separate section which is quite nice.

    I considered taking two stars off, but the Bible text and references are so good I couldn’t do it! Overall this is highly recommended.

  4. rpvajr (verified owner)

    This Bible is indeed a one of a kind Bible… I just received mine today. Everything that has already been said about it below is so accurate. I believe I have found my “the one” Bible. I HIGHLY recommend this Bible!

    Thank you Evangelical Bible for your wonderful service and for providing high quality Bibles! You’re the best!

  5. suzie_dallas (verified owner)

    This bible is perfect! Perfect size to carry, the goat skin is wonderfully soft and the print is great! Love it!

  6. Truck (verified owner)

    I bought this Bible from Evangelical Bible and I really do love it.

    My only issue is since it is a copy of an old Cambridge Concord printing, the print from page to page can be inconsistent. The most striking example is to compare page 417 of the Old Testament to 419 of the Old Testament. Only one page separate them but it is an enormous difference in print quality.

    I would say however that even at it’s worst print quality on page 417, it is still the best printing I’ve ever seen in a Bible. I just wish Cambridge would have paid more attention to the copy they used as their facsimile source, and found a better source if necessary. Still, it’s the best Bible I’ve ever owned. As Spurgeon said, the KJV shall not be bested until Christ returns and I’m not sure the Concord will be bested either.

    My favorite feature, and one I don’t find in any other reference Bible, is that there are no marks in the text (except self-pronunciation marks for proper names). Those superscript letters and numbers can be distracting.

  7. Travis Wake (verified owner)

    This Bible is the original comfort print. This is a must buy for anyone that loves the KJV. There is no more of an Authentic feel of a historic Bible than Cambridge

  8. Rich Ricci

    Excellent! Easy on the eyes. Awesome to hold. Soft leather. Super soft lining. And red art gilt under gold.
    My favorite reading Bible and I’m now using it for note taking.

  9. Christopher (verified owner)

    I need to edit my last review. I received my goatskin Longprimer from ebay

  10. Christopher (verified owner)

    I wish I could give this bible 5 stars, but I regrettably cannot. The type is very readable and the bible does fit well in your hand. However, like a few bibles I own, the leather lining goes too far into the text block making this bible difficult to keep open in the O.T. I have owned a previous broken in version of this before. It was able to open better, but with the thin paper, and unforgiving binding, I have to give three stars. I have a first version Schuyler KJV, a recent order as of tonight for a 2nd version, Longprimer goatskin with a buttero on the way, calf and goatskin clarion, and a Longprimer 63(which is the only one I got outside of evangelicalbible.) Out of all these, the Concord falls last. Its a good reader but with hassles.

  11. Tony Walker

    This bible from cambridge is a fine example of a nice portable bible with large print. it is a tad bigger than the cameo but offers much more by way of reference material. the best part is the bible dictionary which includes quite a bit of reference material that is a great resource without making it too thick.
    if you are able to, go with the goatskin if you are torn between this and the calfskin version. not only is the leather nicer but the construction (edge lined and perimeter stitched) is worth the price difference.
    it is the same layout as the concord wide margin so if you already have one of those this would be a great companion since you would already be familiar with the locations of books and verses in your muscle memory.
    if you’d like to see a video of this bible check out my video at

  12. Earl Peterson (verified owner)

    I searched long and hard to find a bible to replace the one that I’ve been reading for over thirty years. This met every criteria. The added bonus of goatskin makes this a magnificent piece of work to hold, and the text and reference format make it a joy to read. For KJV lovers; sell all that you have and purchase this edition of the Holy Scriptures.

  13. Robert Richardson

    Excellent!!!……The cambridge and Allan goatskins are superior to anything out there!!

  14. Bryan Sherwood (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bible. I can’t say enough good things about this Bible. It’s an absolute pleasure to hold and read from. The leather is excellent and melts in your hands. The paper is very nice and seems of a higher quality than the paper in my Allan ESV Classic. If you enjoy the KJV, you’ll love this Bible.

  15. Jimmy Lang

    Goatskin leather binding is excellent. I have yet to be unimpressed with any goatskin binding, I am amazed I was ever satisfied with french morocco. When desiring a Bible for carrying that has good legibility this certainly should be at the top of your list. A good all around package for a Bible. It is also nice to see the translators to the reader in just about every Cambridge that is printed.

  16. Joel Siegel

    Bought this hoping for that not-too-big, not-too-small Bible that is easy to read, well-crafted, and looks great, too. Well? This is it! Yes, the goatskin cover is lovely and the binding solid, but the legibility is absolutely superb for a Bible that you can hold open in one hand (after all, I bought this to read it, not just to look at it). They even kept all reference markings out of the text and in the center column. I’m thrilled with this easy-to-read but personal size Bible, and heartily agree with’s high recommendation!

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