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Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Blue Goatskin

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Dark blue goatskin cover with leather lining
2 blue ribbons and blue under gold gilt
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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An exclusive.
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The Turquoise Reference Edition of the King James Bible was created in the 1920s and has stood as a superb and well-loved example of classic Cambridge typographic design for over ninety years. The large format allows the text to be presented in a comfortably readable form using a bold, traditional typeface with cross-references. For this edition, the concordance has been freshly typeset, and the Bible includes the Translators’ Preface, their compelling account of the principles underlying the publication of the KJV in 1611.

Features include:

Navy Goatskin with full leather linings
Blue under gold art gilt
Two navy ribbons
Red-letter text
28 gsm Indopaque paper
Translator’s Preface
Pronunciation marks
Italics for inserted words
References and concordance
Family record section and presentation page
Map section
Smyth Sewn

Typography: 10/11 point Antique Old Style No. 3
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″ (234 mm x 152 mm x 32 mm)
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39 reviews for Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Blue Goatskin

  1. Dan Perez (verified owner)

    This is thee only company that has the Turquoise edition in Blue goatskin as far as I can tell, other than Cambridge themselves. I had my eye on this particular edition for 2 weeks after seeing a review on in from a 2yr old youtube video. This Bible will be my lifelong bible for safe keeping, its my home study/personal bible. The leather is so soft and pliable, the blue under gold art-gilding is beautiful! , the pages so easy to flip back and forth with , & the 1920 font at the font size makes for easy reading. I love this Bible love the colors. Cant say enough good things. Highly recommended.

  2. Lee Poskey (verified owner)


    I only have one eye, and my 58 year old eye is getting worse vision over time, and I felt that I couldn’t read my existing Bible for extended periods comfortably.

    So my loving wife bought me this beautiful blue cambridge turquoise Bible, and I’m so thankful to have it! The font is so beautifully bold that it almost vibrates with spectacularly sharp clarity.

    And the quality is second to none.
    What more could anyone want in a Bible?

    Thank you for sharing some of your valuable time with me.
    All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!

  3. Mark Warner (verified owner)

    I waited a year before submitting a review because I wanted to see how it held out after a year of use. I love this Bible! The goatskin is soft to the touch, making you want to handle this Bible. The text is dark and large, making it good for reading in private, while in church, while preaching and teaching, whether the lighting is good or bad. The paper is premium paper, you can tell by the first touch of the page. The red letter in the gospels is among the darkest and most consistent that I have ever seen. The paper is thin, with little show through.

  4. Lee

    I just received by blue Goatskin Turquoise yesterday. What a beautiful bible inside and out! It has such a traditional look and feel to it all around. Clear, sharp, easy to read font and complete with all the original translator notes, which for some reason Schuyler doesn’t include. Cambridge really knocked this one out of the ballpark. I have the Cameo and Concord editions as well but this is just a notch above what are already great bibles. What this doesn’t include that the Concord does is the glossary of word meanings that have changed since 1611. They are readily available elsewhere though.

  5. John Mo

    Readability is second to none. The font is bold and generously spaced out in classic typesetting. Although the paper is relatively thin, it is truly a joy to flip due to its smooth texture. This is more of a table-top Bible due to its size. I also own the blue full yapp KJV Concord as I think the KJV looks best in blue for it brings out the colour of regality and grandeur of the Word of God. To me, while the Concord is the best all-round Bible in terms of referencing aids and portability, the Turquoise is the most readable of all textblocks. These two Bibles are my most treasured.

  6. Barbara Thompson

    This is a finely crafted Bible, except for one thing: the paper. The paper is so thin that I ripped a page right out of the box. Now I can’t return it because it is damaged, and I am left with a Bible that I am afraid to use because it is so delicate. I feel ripped off (pun intended).

  7. Steve L Spencer

    The KJV Cambridge Turquoise in Dark Blue is the finest Bible I have ever seen in my 68 short years! I love everything about it:
    * The quality and craftsmanship is supreme in every way.
    * The font is large and with my poor vision I can read it for hours on end.
    * The paper is the smoothest and highest quality I have ever seen. Period!
    * Quite simply–this is the best Bible I have ever come across in all my years as a pastor and teacher of God’s word. I plan to buy another one (one that will not be highlighted, marked up or written in. I would give this Bible 10 stars if I could. Cambridge, you have produced a classic! Evangelical Bible, thank you for making this Bible possible to own–and it is worth every single penny!

  8. Charlo Almeda

    The KJV Cambridge Turquoise in Dark Blue is a sight to behold! The dark blue goatskin cover is a beautiful color that is soft and supple. The light blue under the gold art gilt is flawless. There is very little ghosting, even with its thinner paper. And the size of text is the right size, that is comfortable to my eyes. Your eyes will not strain when you read the text. Indeed, I understand why some people call this text the “slayer” to the Allan Longprimer text. It has perimeter stitching, the Translators to the Reader preface, center column references, a concordance, it’s a red letter edition, and of course, it has maps! Overall, this Holy Bible is a heirloom that is well worth to buy and can be passed down to your sons or daughters. You will not be disappointed. I thank and commend Schuyler Bible Publishers and, to team up with Cambridge, to resurrect and republish an old classic!

  9. alorren0818

    I really love the bold text. This is great for easy visibility and reading. The blue under gold is a really nice blue. Overall good size and weight. Very little ghosting even with the thinner paper.

  10. Kurt

    Thanks for the great customer service. Always helpful. The bible is nice. I think Cambridge needs to be more competitive in the marketplace today. Some advice: three ribbon markers, start every book on a new page, kjv requires a dictionary, keep the dedication pages small (nobody really wants births, deaths, and the rest). Glad you used perimeter stitching and using raised hubs. Bible owners have more choices now and we expect the very best for all the money you’re asking for. Ribbon markers should have no glue sticking around, the text print should be uniform and not washed out in places, and ultimately you need to check ever high priced bible you sell. You’re asking for hundreds of dollars after all and making a profit. Thanks again.


    This Bible is Amazing! The cover is very flexible and soft. The Bible is the perfect mix between being floppy but at the same time can be held and read with one hand. The text is very bold and the blue under gold art gilt really helps the text stand out. I like that this has a leather liner instead of the cheaper vinyl liners in other Cambridge Bibles. The paper seems a little thin for a Bible of this quality but from what I’ve read it is a higher quality paper then others of the same thickness. Also would have been nice with 3 ribbons instead of 2. Overall this Bible is a joy to read and is a work of art. I believe this Bible is one of the best of both worlds for study or for reading that has ever been made.

  12. Stephen

    A truly beautiful Bible that is so easy to use. The goatskin is exquisite, the typeface bold, clear and perfectly sized. The page is uncluttered – it’s a joy to read.

    My one issue is the gilt edging. The inside back cover is lightly powdered with gilt, and I can see flecks on the outside cover too. It also appears to have been applied inconsistently. In places it’s streaked. Not saying this is a reason not to buy, as there’s not a huge amount, but it’s noticeable and disconcerting given the price. My Allan ESV hasn’t done this in the 9 years I’ve had it. I’ve not had this Bible for even a year.

    It is beautiful and a keeper, but the gilt flaking is a tad disappointing.

  13. Evan L Spevak

    Although I’ve owned many bibles over the years, I have a preference for the KJV Turquoise as it is set up with the traditional center column references which I’ve grown accustomed to. Add in the Antique Bold No. 3 font and the Red Letter and this is becoming my favorite version. The text is bold and crisp and I haven’t found any errors. I had this one personalized with my name in gold (just as it’s listed in the review). Thanks to Melissa and the staff at!

  14. Jeremiah

    A beautiful bible, in terms of text and general design. However, a severely off centered spine stamping, exposed glue near the ribbon markers and a couple of crinkled pages, make the $205.00 price tag unreasonable. I couldn’t imagine having paid the original price for this.

  15. Mark

    WOW!! This Bible is the best Premium Bible I have ever owned. I have had a few so this statement does not come uneducated. This is by no means a knock on Allan, Schuyler or any of the other Premium Bibles. There all quality. But this is the Cadillac of them all. I bought the Blue and am glad it is not anywhere as bright as in the picture above. It’s a much darker Blue. Very nice color. The type is so so clear and crisp. It’s a 10 font and bold. So it reads more like a 10.5. In all honesty, Cambridge got it right with the spacing of words and line upon line. Lots of room between both so the words are not crammed together. They have room to breath and it’s a joy on my older eyes. With that said it really reads more like a 11.5 font. The red in the words of Christ are the best red I have ever seen. No ghosting. The Bible itself is not to heavy. And the cover although it’s Goat skin is not to limp. Personally I don’t like a Bible that has a cover that’s to limp. It’s like trying to hold water in your hand. This has nice flexibility and can be held in your hand. What a joy!! 6 stars all around. This is an investment, but if your looking for that lifetime Bible this is the one…No matter what color you choose. It’s worth every penny. You won’t be sorry.

  16. Cat

    The Cambridge Turquoise in the blue goatskin is my first premium bible purchase. I like this bible very much, but the black print seems faded in certain books and the red letter is the same way. Make sure you look through each page before it’s too late to return so you don’t end up like me.

  17. Josh Shupe

    Just. Wow. This bible is amazing! I already had the black one, and decided to get the blue one as well, and I’m so glad I did! Nice, large, crisp font. Great text block, and the leather!! Thank you, evangelical bible!!!

  18. xtianolson

    Very disappointed in the uneven quality of the print in this price range. Acts and Romans in particular are washed out and faded while much of the Old Testament is nice and bold. The red letter ink is noticeably uneven as well. Nice binding and cover, but so frustrating to have the varying degrees of print quality throughout. For this price?

  19. Jeanne Regan

    The Cambridge Turquoise in blue goatskin is one stunning bible–and now, it’s mine! I had been searching for a beautifully crafted, premium bible to see me into my later years and, I must tell you, this is THE one. From the aesthetically pleasing cover, a strong yet pliable goatskin in a lovely shade of blue, to the crisp, bold “turquoise-style” type-setting (Antique Old Style No. 3, to be precise)–this bible will see me through. The gold art gilt, revealing blue under gold when the bible is open, is so elegant. It is an absolute joy to read and flip through. An easy-to-read concordance, even with my aging eyes, and the maps (15) and map index section is on sturdy card stock and are pleasantly vivid…nicely done. I have decided that I will not be marking this one up–the Turquoise is strictly a reader for me. I was debating whether to purchase the same bible in brown (a beautiful brown, by the way), but I ultimately chose the blue as I did not own a blue bible. I am also pleased with the smyth-sewn binding and overall quality of Cambridge; therefore, I know this will last for years and years to come. Thank you for your offerings and excellent customer service.

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