Crossway ESV Journaling Study Bible Natural Leather, Brown, Flap with Strap

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Brown Natural Leather cover
Page size: 7.375″ x 8.25″
7.5 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references
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The ESV Journaling Study Bible pairs the content of a robust study Bible with extra-large, 2-inch margins that are perfect for writing observations, prayers, and more as you study God’s Word. Featuring more than 12,000 study notes adapted from the ESV Study Bible, this journaling Bible also includes nearly 900 special facts, 120 Bible character profiles, 10 topical articles, a glossary of key terms, more than 80 maps and illustrations, and 80,000 cross-references. These and many other features make it the most comprehensive and content-rich journaling Bible available today.

  • Perfect for Journaling: 2-inch ruled margins are ideal for taking notes during a sermon, recording prayers and praises, or illustrating alongside Scripture
  • 12,000 Study Notes: Accessible study notes on every page help readers dive deeper into Scripture’s meaning and application
  • Robust Bible Resources: Includes 80,000 cross-references, 80+ maps and illustrations, 10 topical articles, 120 Bible character profiles, and more

Product Details

Format: Cowhide
Type Size: 7.5
Page Layout: Double Column
Page Count: 1,856
Size: 7.375 in x 8.25 in

2 reviews for Crossway ESV Journaling Study Bible Natural Leather, Brown, Flap with Strap

  1. Jennifer A.

    I love this bible. It ticks every box for me for what I needed it for. I have it since the original release, but had so far just used it as a reader. I had saved the note-taking areas for 1 Jan, to start a study with. I am using it to note-take during the 365 Day Heart Dive Chronological Bible Study online. The person who guides the study puts out a video everyday (with the exception of Sabbath). She uses the ESV bible, which happens to be my favorite translation, so I choose this bible to use for the year. The bible allows me to take my own notes in the 2 1/2″ + inch outside margins, as I follow along with the study, while still being able to reference the excellent ESV Study Bible (Student version) notes to clarify points as we go. I still often pause the vids and utilize other resources (to include the full size ESV SB), but having these notes right there in the space where I am taking my own notes really allows for quick reference. It has been the game changer I didn’t know I needed. It’s something I am really growing to appreciate, and is definitely elevating my study and my understanding of the Word. My previous note taking bibles have not had any references/notes, so this is great.

    I have the leather cover with the strap (which I took off), and I love it. It is the soft and floppy leather that Crossway puts on its Interleaved and Single Column Journaling Bibles. The vinyl (?) liner makes the bible very sturdy and tough. I love the leather as it is aging. It is just starting to show a bit of patina, and I love all the marks on the hide as it gets more use. It looks like a bible one might take out on an adventure :).

    The one concern I had at first with this bible was the paper weight. The paper is REALLY thin and tissue paper like and it does curl. I understand Crossway used thin paper in order to fit the entire Student Study bible notes along with generous outside margins along with the entire ESV text into a package that could be carried around (which I feel they met that). However, to my surprise, once I started actually using the bible for it’s intended purpose, and I got used to the paper, it has not been an issue. Yes. There is ghosting on the back side of the page, but I have not experienced any bleed through with the Uniball Signos I use, but I don’t press super hard either. I also use Zebra mildliners in assorted colors and have had no bleed through when I highlight or use them to color in passages. However, I will say, I don’t use the super bold, bright colors-so I would recommend to test for yourself in the back before you use any pen/art supplies on the paper.

    I have many note-taking, journaling bibles with thicker paper, but this one has really won me over. Yep. The font is also small. But at a desk, while actively studying in good light, I haven’t had any issues with my older eyes.

    Hopefully this review will help someone looking for a bible like this. Crossway makes my favorite journaling bibles. They are so tough and the smyth-sewn bindings wear like iron, at least for me. I feel very blessed to have this excellent tool to help me grow my relationship with God. All that is good in me is God, so I certainly want to know Him!

  2. jacobson.sean (verified owner)

    Unique design and great leather cover and lining — poor paper quality —
    I’m impressed overall with Crossway’s ambition with this Bible through combining both study and journaling components while also trying to maintain reasonable carrying size! However, I think this might be trying too hard to be a “jack of all trades” that it ends up being limited in its output. Buyers should note that this is actually the ESV Student Study Bible with extra wide margins added on the exteriors for journaling, so the notes are not going to be as in-depth, and there are fewer articles, maps, charts, etc. The paper is also extremely thin and curls very easily, and the pages are not gilded. And despite an attractive natural leather cover that wraps around, the top and bottom are not protected and already show scuff marks after only a month for use.

    Criticisms aside, this is still a very durable Bible for someone looking to have both study and journaling elements combined into one.

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