Crossway Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament

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Hardback cover
Size: 7.625” x 9.25”
8 pt. font
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About Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament

The Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament is an essential volume for all who study the Old Testament in the original Hebrew. On each page the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) Hebrew text is laid out word-by-word above an English gloss showing the basic meaning and morphology of each word. For reference, the ESV text is presented separately in a column alongside the Hebrew and English gloss. The Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament also features important notes from the BHS critical apparatus related to the textual tradition of the ESV. This is an important resource for pastors, scholars, students, and others who regularly work with the Hebrew Old Testament.

  • Size: 7.625” x 9.25”
  • 8-point type
  • 2,032 pages
  • Critical apparatus
  • Format:  hard cover
  • Weight:  66.3 oz
  • Page Layout:  single column
  • Additional features:  sewn binding
  • Click HERE for a .pdf sample
  • Click HERE for a video showing the interior


2 reviews for Crossway Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament

  1. raph

    This is an excellent interlinear, only marred by small verse numbering indistinguishable from the text. It is hard to find the verses within the page. In other words, it is very inconvenient for quick lookup of verses. If the editors would have used, say, blue color for verse numbering, this book would have been reader friendly. I don’t know why someone at Crossway overlooked this very important detail.

  2. Rowland Parks (verified owner)

    This is a nice interlinear. But it has one major flaw, as I see it. It gives you the Hebrew script with the English below it. But it does not give you the Hebrew pronunciation of the Hebrew script. In other words, you can see what the word looks like in Hebrew, and you can see what it means in English, but it gives no indication as to how to pronounce the word in Hebrew. It would have been more helpful to have the pronunciation of the Hebrew word below the Hebrew script, with the English below that – like is done in Crossway’s excellent English-Greek Interlinear.

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