Nelson KJV Reference Bible, Giant Print, Premium Leather, Black

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Black Goatskin cover with Black liner
3 satin ribbons and red under gold art gilt
9.75″ x 6.75″ x 1.4″
12 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The Premier Collection of Thomas Nelson’s KJV Giant Print Center-Column Reference Bible combines fine craftsmanship  with the depth of a complete cross-reference system. Typeset in Thomas Nelson’s KJV Comfort Print® in an extra-large size, you will enjoy a smooth and easy reading experience in a beautiful King James Bible designed to last. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, durable edge-lined binding, premium European Bible paper, beautiful art gilded edges, and three ribbon markers, this special edition is a treasure for a lifetime in God’s Word.

Features include:

  • Premium goatskin leather cover – click here for photos.
  • Smyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibility
  • Art gilding on page edges: red stain under gold
  • Gilt line stamped and perimeter stitching
  • Exclusive Thomas Nelson KJV Comfort Print® typeface
  • Three satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch wide
  • Premium European Bible paper, 36 gsm
  • Black-letter text
  • Presentation page
  • Complete cross-reference system
  • Concordance
  • Generous yapp
  • Easy-to-read 12-point print size
  • Page size: 10.8 x 7.6 x 1.5 in

11 reviews for Nelson KJV Reference Bible, Giant Print, Premium Leather, Black

  1. Jim Vanover (verified owner)

    I booth is Bible over a year ago and was hesitant in carrying it because it was so nice. However this week I picked it up and decided to make it my everyday and go anywhere choice. The quality is amazing and the comfort print really saved my eyes from fatigue as I read a lot everyday. The center column references are really good and the center column dictionary for old English terms is a great help to me in reading the KJV l love. I have no complaints whatsoever. This is the one for me. Thank you Thomas Nelson!

  2. stuke4

    An excellent Bible. No publisher’s guesses at what should be red letter-it is all black text! I do feel there is a lot of extraneous “stuff” in the back, but that seems par for the course. I do wish the publisher would identify where they make spelling “corrections”, for example, Joel 2:24, 3:13 vats/fats. This publisher splits the difference whereas Cambridge et al. do not.
    I have been using this Bible every day for over 2 years now and it is holding up well. In fact, I bought a second one about a year ago and gave it to my brother, who likes it too.
    Overall, this is a great Bible and I would buy it again if I needed another spare!

  3. Steven Miracle (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with this Bible. As far as quality it it right on par with my Schuyler. The goatskin binding is so soft and supple. The lining I could not tell if it was synthetic or genuine leather, but it didn’t take away from the suppleness as in the Thomas Nelson KJV Preaching Bible. The Bible paper I believe is superior to that of Schuyler’s Bible paper as it feels just a little bit thicker. It is easily one of the most easy to read Bibles I have second only to my Allan 62 Long. I couldn’t say the quality is on par with Allan Bibles, but most certainly is with Schuyler. If it was just a little more ornate with the text block, it would surpass Schuyler in every way.

  4. AlexM (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a KJV bible than look no further.

    For the price this bible absolutely surpasses Schuyler, Allan and Cambridge.

    The bible is well made. The comfort print is a delight to read and the 12 point font is great for those who value a larger print.

    All is all I would rather have one of these Bibles and save my money than owning a Schuyler, Allan or Cambridge bible.

  5. live_life0407 (verified owner)

    For background bias on my part, I have purchased many bibles from so with this in mind, I am not as satisfied with this bible as with previous purchases. The text block is wonderful. It is easy to read, clear dark print, pages are fairly line matched and opaque. Not the high quality paper of an Allan, but nice for the price. However, the cover is bothering me tremendously.
    Right from the box the spine has moved around. When I open my bible the board along the spin pushed to the left, so there is a ridge along the left side of the Bible when opening the Bible, and the right side sinks in. Like it was attached a little off. The material around the spin is lose so that I can actually see the separation of the cover and the spin (I can easily split a finger between the text lock and cover). That is not possible with any of my other bibles. With two very clear spots on the leather by the spin on the front and back that look like someone’s fingerprints from picking up the Bible. In those two spots the leather is pressed down like it has been heated.
    I am not sure if this is the quality of all of these Thomas Nelson bibles, or if maybe it is just mine. My comparisons are my Allen NKJV, Cambridge NKJV, Schuyler, and my Omega from Crossways. None of these bibles have any such finger print marks or even any mark on the leather covers or a moving spin that pushes to the side. They all lay flat with the spin securely placed squarely on the text block.
    However, all of this is cosmetic, but when I watched reviews of this bible on YouTube, everyone said the Bible was amazing and such great quality. They loved the cover and felt it was a great bible for the price. But, I would have liked to have known the possible issues.
    All in all, the text block is maybe worth the spin and fingerprint marks that have push down the grain. This is a beautiful layout and the references are easy to read. So it is a great bible for the price for some. Just be aware that the quality is amiss.

  6. Liz R

    This Bible is amazing. I especially love that it has some definitions of some obscure words in the center column along with the references. I am so thankful that this Bible does not have red letter, so very thankful. Red letters ruin Bibles, and I refuse to purchase red letter Bibles.

  7. John David Howe

    I received my Thomas Nelson Giant Print KJV from their new Premiere Collection today and it is hard to believe that a mass production publisher was able to pull off a Bible of this magnitude. The craftsmanship is easily equivalent to R.L. Allan, Cambridge, Church Bible Publishers, etc. This “Comfort Text” 12 pt. is the most readable font that I have ever seen. The print is consistent through out the book block and the red print for subject headings and chapter numbers is very pleasing to the eye. The paper is extremely opaque and exceeds the feel of the Turquoise by Cambridge (which is too thin & fragile in my opinion). The goatskin is the most supple of any Bible in my collection with a full leather liner that is far superior to the synthetic liners used in most Cambridge and Church Bible Publishers editions. My only criticism is that the final touch should have been raised hubs on the spine. This one has to be experienced in person as videos and photos don’t do it justice. Thomas Nelson took their craftsmanship to a different level on this one….and at a much more competitor price. There is definitely a new player in the premium Bible market.

  8. Pastor Aaron Gravett (verified owner)

    This Bible is amazing! Now for the record, my favorite Bible is the Cambridge Turquoise Black Goatskin Leather, but for a fraction of the cost Thomas Nelson has hit it out of the ball park! The Goatskin Leather has amazing grain, durable and supple. The pages are 36 gsm and very opaque. It is exquisitely perimeter stitched and the folds are nicely done. It is also edge lined for years of use. The print – wow – 2K Denmark did amazing with with the KJV comfort print and the 12 pt font is perfect. I received my dad’s Thomas Nelson Reference Bible when he passed away. Now I have a quality made Thomas Nelson Reference Bible that reminds me of him every time I open it. This Bible will be used for many years!

  9. Jonathan Seip (verified owner)

    I received my KJV goatskin comfort print reference Bible a couple of days ago and could not be more pleased. I have had many premium Allan and Schuyler and Cambridge Bibles and Nelson’s is right up there with them, for a fraction of the cost! Very readable print. The goatskin leather is very soft and pliable. The Bible lays flat when open. I still prefer the references the old fashioned way, down the middle. Thus another reason I like this format. The page size is pretty much the regular size. I was afraid the Bible would be a little too big, going by the dimensions listed. I think they are off a bit. I was pleasantly surprised by that. You won’t go wrong with this Bible! Jon Seip

  10. Nicholas D.

    This Bible is amazing! I was on the hunt for a premium KJV Bible without self-pronouncing text, and this Bible did not disappoint! Everything about this Bible is lovely. The only thing I wish it had is red letter, but it really isn’t that big a deal to be honest. Thank you, Thomas Nelson Crew for making such an awesome Bible. Praise the Lord!

  11. Ed Watts (verified owner)

    Received my Bible today. I have bought many Bibles since The Lord saved me in 1978 This is the best Bible I have purchased. Wish it was red letter and indexed but certainly not necessary. I would recommend this Bible to anyone. Thanks for making such a great Bible available.

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