Nelson NKJV MacArthur Study Bible, 2nd Edition, Premium Goatskin Leather, Brown, Premier Collection

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Brown Goatskin cover with Brown liner
3 satin ribbons and red under gold art gilt
9.75″ x 7″ x 2″
9 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for details.

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Unleashing God’s Truth One Verse at a Time

This special edition of The MacArthur Study Bible showcases the highest levels of Bible craftsmanship. With its supple goatskin leather cover, durable edge-lined binding, premium European Bible paper, stunning art-gilded page edges, and three satin ribbon markers, this is the finest presentation of the most comprehensive study Bible ever created.

About the Book

Over 2 million readers around the world have had their spiritual lives enriched and their understanding of God’s Word expanded by The MacArthur Study Bible. Drawing on more than fifty years of dedicated pastoral and scholarly work, Dr. John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse study notes, book introductions, and articles display an unparalleled commitment to interpretive precision–with the goal of making God known through His Word.

The Premier Collection of the NKJV MacArthur Study Bible 2nd Edition combines fine craftsmanship with Dr. John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse study notes, book introductions, and articles. Enjoy the accurate and beautiful New King James Version typeset in Thomas Nelson’s smooth and readable NKJV Comfort Print®. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, durable edge-lined binding, premium European Bible paper, beautiful art-gilded edges, and three satin ribbon markers, this special edition is a treasure for a lifetime in God’s Word.

Features include: 

  • Fully redesigned second edition with updated study notes and expanded selection of maps and charts
  • Nearly 25,000 verse-by-verse study notes
  • 190 in-text maps, charts, and diagrams that illustrate the meanings, themes, teachings, people, and places of Scripture
  • Outline of Systematic Theology
  • Thomas Nelson’s complete cross-reference system, with over 72,000 references
  • Concordance
  • Bible reading plans
  • Chronological charts for major biblical time periods
  • Overviews of Christ’s Life, Ministry, and Passion Week
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Introductions to each major section of Scripture
  • Index to Key Bible Doctrines
  • Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print® 9-point type size
  • Premium goatskin leather cover
  • Smyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibility
  • Art gilding on page edges: red stain under gold
  • Three satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch wide
  • Premium European Bible paper, 39 gsm
  • Black-letter text

7 reviews for Nelson NKJV MacArthur Study Bible, 2nd Edition, Premium Goatskin Leather, Brown, Premier Collection

  1. Catherine Stewart

    This Bible is a stunning piece of workmanship. This is truly beautiful and one of the best gifts I have ever given my husband.

    I am giving it a rating of three, because of the spine. From across the room you can see MacArthur as my Bible is displayed on our coffee table. How I wish that when you looked across the room you saw Holy Bible and in smaller print MacArthur Study Bible. It is God and His Word that I would love to have exalted versus Macarthur.

    I admire John MacArthur and truthfully am surprised that he allowed this to happen.

    I reviewed the other comments and checked this Bible to be sure there were no typos. Apparently those have been fixed, so congratulations. Hopefully in the future the gross error of exalting MacArthur versus Holy Bible on the spine will also be corrected. I feel certain that it was not ever MacArthur’s intention to display himself above the Holy Bible.

  2. Todd

    -9 point Comfort Print font (with turquoise headings)
    -Premium Brown Goatskin Leather cover
    -Sewn binding with a reinforced seam
    -Perimeter stitching on cover
    -Leather lined inside cover
    -Decorative ribs on spine
    -Premium 39 GSM paper is the best
    -Gold gilt line on the inside of cover
    -Art gilt pages (light red under gold)
    -Three really nice wide satin ribbons

    -Ribbon colors (red-brown-turquoise) may not be everyone’s color preferences
    -Brown Goatskin is the only color/leather option in this Premier edition
    -No index tabs are available in the Premier edition

  3. Celestial Singleton

    The best Bible I have ever purchased. Regarding Brian M typo on Genesis 31:52 on my Bible is correct and is not misspelled. I love this bible and will continue to enjoy reading it.

  4. Brian M.

    I received this Bible as a Christmas gift from my wife and it’s among the ‘Top 3’ Bibles that I own. The leather is wonderful and the comfort print and color scheme of the text block is the best I’ve seen. It’s a real joy to read from and I can heartily recommend this to others on the fence. I gave this Bible a 4 out of 5 and actually considered giving it a 3 out of 5 because of some careless mistakes I found in the editing. For example, there’s a typo found in Genesis 31:52 where “witness” is misspelled “witvvness”. Though not severe it’s rather unfortunate. I also noticed a typo in the study notes (forgot to note where) and there is a formatting mistake for the study note pertaining to 1 Cor 1:1. It actually begin at the end of Romans 16. This wouldn’t be so obvious if there weren’t a couple pages of introduction separating the text of Romans 16 (p. 1572) and 1 Corinthians 1 (p. 1576).

    One of my pet peeves in any book is catching mistakes that should have been noticed by the editors and the fact this is a Bible is even more regrettable. Nonetheless, this is a really beautiful Study Bible and if you can live with the occasional editing oversight I recommend purchasing one for yourself.

  5. Bob Beaver (verified owner)

    This Bible is absolutely fantastic! I have bought many high-end Bibles in the past few years (Schuyler, Allan, Cambridge,) but this one beats them all! Here’s why:
    * It came boxed in an just beautiful box. I took off the top lid and this bible came wrapped in some beautiful black paper. I don’t usually notice (or care) about such things, but all I can tell you is this–unpacking this bible was an aesthetic experience (and I am not joking)!!!

    * The brown goatskin leather is the most beautiful I have ever seen, period! It also feels really great. The raised hubs on the spine (all 4 of them) makes this bible look so classy. I mean this thing just screams–“CLASS!”

    * The paper? man, what can I say. It feels so smooth. I mean, I don’t usually even notice that kind of stuff, but I sure did on this one, The art-gilt edges (red under gold) is so great. The gold is SO bright that it can serve as a mirror, that’s how beautiful it is. I do wish that they would have made the red a bit darker but it looks fine.

    * The “comfort print” is so sharp, so clearly defined such as I have rarely seen. Its a good size font, quite dark and so easy to read. The font is great. The line-match is not only on the bible text, but even the notes are line-matched–who ever heard of such a thing? The chapter headings (in a teal-like color) is soft on the eyes and just looks very nice (and helpful as well).

    * And finally this: I thought I would keep this as only a stay-at-home bible, but so wonderful is this bible that I going to carry this bible to church). It IS, however, hefty and heavy–but hey!, its good exercise just to carry it around.

    In conclusion, I could not be happier with my purchase (betcha you couldn’t tell). And with the smythe sewn plus the reinforced stitching on the inside pages means this bible is going to last a life-time and when I go to be with the Lord The MacArthur Study Bible” is going to be my legacy bible that I hope will be passed down for at least 2-3 generations. Thank you,, for making this Thomas Nelson masterpiece available and at a bargain price for such a high-end bible as this. Way to go, guys!

  6. Joe P (verified owner)

    This bible is gorgeous! Everything is beautiful from the luxurious leather cover, to the beautiful paper and the text block to the thoroughness of jam packed notes and articles. One problem, the sloppiness of the way the ribbons were attached to the book block. Twisted and partially glued to the top of the block. Just don’t understand how this could get by quality control when your putting out a Premium, premier bible such as this. Oh well, overall the nicest bible I’ve ever owned.

  7. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I am so happy with this bible. I have two other MacArthur study bibles and found the study notes so hard to read because the print was so light along with the smaller print used for them. This bible’s comfort print includes those notes and makes it more pleasurable to read them even with the smaller print. The goatskin cover is awesome, the three ribbons beautiful, and the turquoise color used throughout to highlight chapter headings, etc. makes for a very nice reading experience.

    And I want you to know, Evangelical, that I appreciate your wonderful service. Thank you for being there.

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