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Schuyler Wide Margin Quentel ESV, Desert Camel Calfskin

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Desert Camel Calfskin cover with Wine Calfskin liner
3 burgundy ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x 1.7″
9.5 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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Here are pictures. The best selling Schuyler ESV Quentel Bible is now available in a Wide Margin format. This Bible is identical to the current Schuyler Quentel ESV with the following exceptions: 1. Slightly smaller text size: 9.5 instead of 11 point font. 2. Heavier paper – 40 GSM Bible paper. 3. Semi-yapp cover. 4. 32 pages of lined note paper. 5. Last, but not least, wide margins. Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top Margin: 25-30 mm; Bottom Margin: 31-36 mm. This format will extend to the Schuyler Quentel series, and is already available in the Schuyler Canterbury KJV and and Schuyler Quentel NASB.

ESV Text Edition: 2016
Desert Camel Calfskin with full leather linings (wine)
Page Size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x 1.7″ (173 mm x 238 mm x 42 mm)
Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top Margin: 25 mm; Bottom Margin: 31 mm.
9.5 pt. Milo font – text sampler.
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
40 GSM Paper (Finland)
Smyth Sewn
Double Column, Paragraph format
Black Letter Text
3 x 1 cm Ribbons: Burgundy
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
Gold embossing on the Spine.
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
More than 80,000 entry cross references
Presentation pages
Extensive Schuyler Bible Maps

3 reviews for Schuyler Wide Margin Quentel ESV, Desert Camel Calfskin

  1. Dawn (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased quite a few Schuyler bibles over the years, in varying styles, and sizes and cover options. The Desert Camel is hands down my favorite cover option of all bibles I’ve ever purchased. As another reviewer stated, it comes out of the box with a pre loved, broken in feeling. Soft and pliable. It’s beautiful, has a marbled, crackly kind of look which gives it lots of character. It has a textured feel to it, also. It can appear darker or lighter, depending on the lighting you are in. It almost has a three dimensional kind of look to it. In my experience, it is the most unique leather I’ve ever had on a bible. I absolutely love it!

    (A lot of ppl seem to be curious if it is the same as the Tuscany leather since they are both Analine calfskin. In my opinion, they are not same at all – and in fact I’d almost say they are opposites. The Tuscany leather is thicker and smooth to the touch and scuffs etc easier. And has a stronger smell to it. Also it will patina. I don’t think the Desert Camel will patina because of the treatment they’ve put on it to give it that crackled effect. The DC feels thinner, softer and more pliable to me, with a textured feel and it’s scent is fainter than other leathers I’ve had. It would be a good choice for someone with a sensitive sense of smell)

    As for the inside, I love this paper. It’s whiter and thicker with a smaller font than the regular Q, but the font is nice and bold against the whiter paper and kind of makes up for it a little. There is tons of room to write as well as lined paper in the back. (The lined paper feels slightly thicker than the paper the text is on, imo).

    This bible can be appreciated even if you don’t intend to write in it, because it really centers the Word so it’s front and center, not in the gutter or margins. It has a clean, uncluttered feel.

    The concordance in the back is in a pretty small, light font, and harder for me to read, but I just use my glasses. I’m sure with a bible that’s already pretty large, they had to make adjustments in places so that it’s not too unwieldy. It’s not a problem for me, but thought I’d mention it for those who this might matter.

    The only “complaint” I have, if I was forced to find one is that it’s not available in a no yapp option. Yes I am one of those weirdos who don’t love the yapp, lol.

  2. Brandon Vaara (verified owner)

    I always wanted a wide margin Bible but struggle with writing and marking in books. After a few years of adding and removing them from the cart finally broke down and ordered one. The desert camel calfskin was too tough to resist. It is such a nice leather. Thick aniline calfskin that appears to be treated with a dye to create the look of a book that has some age and use to it. It reminds me of high quality leather bag that had been broken in from years of traveling throughout the world. But you get it right out of the box. The cover matches well with the burgundy ribbons and liner. What’s best about this book is the paper and margins. The paper Is excellent with next to no show through. I bit the bullet and wrote a note with a pigma micron pen. Haven’t stopped marking up the book since. It truly is an experience making some markings after spending time reflecting on the text. Recommend watching some videos on YouTube regarding systems for utilizing wide margins. I have been using brackets around verses as opposed to underlining and also use same color for bracket as notes for a passage. Also using the smaller micron pen and writing small to leave room for notes in future. The text itself appears between a 9 and 10 pt. This would make for a perfect medium size bible if Schuyler ever decided to make one, perhaps with dimensions similar to the Cambridge Diadem. If you’re like me and have a hard time writing in Bibles take the leap. It is an experience that is worth the time and buy in.

  3. Dakota (verified owner)

    This Bible is AMAZING!!! The text and layout are awesome, the margins give plenty of space. There’s even tons of lined pages at the back of the Bible for notes! The cover quality is superb. The desert camel cover is my favorite so far!

    I’ll definitely be sticking with Schuyler!

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