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TBS Hebrew OT Greek NT Bible, Black Hard Cover

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The Hebrew and Greek Texts underlying the Authorised Version

Page size: 173 x 117 (6¾” x 4¾”)
Thickness: 37mm (1½”)
Two marker ribbons

God inspired His Word to be written in Hebrew and Aramaic in the Old
Testament and Koiné Greek in the New Testament.The Trinitarian Bible
Society is pleased to publish the Bible in these Biblical languages,
providing in one volume the Scriptures in the tradition of those used
during the Reformation.The text of the Old Testament is the
Ginsburg/Bomberg Hebrew Text (Masoretic); the New Testament is the Greek Textus
Receptus of F. H. A. Scrivener. We believe that this edition of the Holy
Bible in the Original Languages will be useful not only to scholars and
students, but to anyone wishing to have a complete edition of the texts
underlying Reformation-era Bibles

Sample .pdf of interior.

2 reviews for TBS Hebrew OT Greek NT Bible, Black Hard Cover

  1. Shawn (verified owner)

    This is a great, portable, original languages Bible. The paper quality is great. Very nice print quality of both the Greek and Hebrew texts by Jongbloed. Not line matched, but easily readable. The Hebrew text looks amazing. There’s no textual notes on the text that reference variant readings, like you would get with UBS or Nestle Aland NT or in BHS OT. But if you just want an excellent printing of the Bible in its original languages, then you’ll want this fine edition by TBS.

  2. Bob

    This Bible was well packaged in a heavy duty clamshell type paper covered cardboard box, with packing foam inside. TBS does an excellent job of packaging their Bibles. I have never received one damaged in the least. This edition is a vinyl covered hardback, with the Hebrew Old Testament starting where the back of the book would be, and the Greek New Testament starting where the front would be. This might seem backwards to you if you are unfamiliar with Hebrew, but you wouldn’t be buying this book if you were… would you? I was very impressed with the apparent quality of this book considering the low cost. Those two things alone make this a great value. Other original language Bibles go for three times this price to start and climb up from there. I assume that the low price can be attributed to the fact that TBS is a ministry not a for profit corporation. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the copyright/publisher information page, and found that this volume was printed and bound by Jongbloed. They are the premier printer and binder of premium Bibles. I don’t think any company in the world does a better job at this point in time. This fact explains the excellent print job. All of the masoretic vowel marks are printed sharply and uniformly, along with all of the 9 pt. Greek and Hebrew text. This makes them supremely legible compared to other lesser print shops work. All of the text is printed in black. The notes at the bottom of the Hebrew section are so small they are difficult to read. The Greek is text only. The pages are a smooth Bible paper, comparable to the paper of the Cambridge Clarion, but perhaps a bit whiter. I found it to be opaque with limited ghosting. The page edges are white. The spine is rounded and smyth sewn. The corners are not rounded. There are two round ribbon markers, that are silver. The head and tail bands match the markers in color. This Bible is close to the same size as the Cambridge Clarion. The specific texts used in this Bible are, the Ginsburg/Bomberg edition of the Hebrew Masoretic Text, and the Textus Receptus of F.H.A. Scrivener for the New Testament. I imagine if you are thinking of purchasing this Bible it is because of the source texts. I am not a KJV onlyist. I don’t agree with their assertions. However, I do understand people who prefer the KJV. Some prefer it because of the source texts, some prefer the way early modern English sounds. While I can appreciate those preferences, I oppose those who make it a matter of salvation. There are groups out there that say, “If you haven’t heard the gospel preached to you in KJV English, then you are not saved.” I don’t believe that is what T.B.S. is about. From what I’ve read on their site, they use the KJV because they believe it has the best source text. I use the NASB primarily, but still enjoy reading from the KJV and 1599 Geneva from time to time.

    Page Size: 6.9″ x 4.6″

    Thickness: 1.5″

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    HEGRB/BK (Black)


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