TBS KJV Windsor Text Bible with Metrical Psalms, Black Calfskin

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TBS Windsor Text Black Calfskin with Metrical Psalms

A medium-size Bible without references, with Metrical Psalms. Calfskin leather. Distinctive clear text with good line spacing for optimum clarity and readability.

Gift presentation box
Stitched decorative binding
Good clear print
Black text throughout
Quality sewn binding
Two marker ribbons
Bible paper
Gilt page edges
Semi-yapp page protection
Decorative head & tail bands

Additional Contents:
Gift presentation page
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Bible word list
Daily Bible reading plan
Metrical Psalms

Page Size: 7.5″ x 5.2″
Thickness: 1″
Print Size: 9.6 point

.pdf sample of the text

4 reviews for TBS KJV Windsor Text Bible with Metrical Psalms, Black Calfskin

  1. June Stritsman (verified owner)

    Received my long awaited TBS KJV with the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter today. It took 13 days because of it’s interesting route, that I followed tracking it. I agree with what the others have said about it. I will only add that I have found it very difficult to find a Bible with the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter in it, after having purchased it in a Cambridge Bible about 20 years ago. After that time it became very difficult to find it again. I thank the Lord for helping me find it; for TBS being willing to keep it in print together the Scripture and 1650 translation of the Psalter. Interestingly, the Netherlands is to be thanked for again coming to the aide of the Kirk of Scotland, and her children seeing it was printed and bound there, and for evangelical and their patient staff for expediting it and answering questions as well as offering it at so reasonable a price. It was half the price of the Cambridge Bible I bought 20 years ago. The essentials were all there only lacking what was non essential. I was able to purchase two and have one lovely and precious proof of former attainments to bless another with (Phil 3:14-16), as well as replacing my long used and misplaced bible. I am so thankful to God and am trusting he will bless all His helpers in the preservation of history from generation to generation.

  2. Theo (verified owner)

    Ordered this beautiful bible from outside the USA through FEDEX international shipping. 49.99 dollars at the time of ordering (03/25/2019). Arrived in exactly 5 days. The Bible is printed in the Netherlands by JongBloed. Confirmed it through email after ordering. Excellent customer support by Leigh Ann. She answered my questions about the bible through email very quickly. The packaging was perfect and the bible was undamaged when I received it. The printing and paper is very high quality. The leather cover is tough and stiff but I like it because it will withstand daily use. It is already breaking in pretty good after 2 days of use. The font is clear but I feel like it is smaller than the stated size of 9.6 ‘Print Size’. The font is more like a 7.5 font. I got a 50 dollar additional import custom duty slapped on the order bringing the total price of the bible upto 100 dollars but still worth it in my opinion. Very satisfied with my purchase so far.

  3. smith938 (verified owner)

    I’m mixed on this Bible. I’ve bought Schuyler, Cambridge, and Allan (along with some other Bibles with imitation, genuine, bonded leather). This one says cowhide but it’s not stamped inside the Bible saying what it is. It’s very stiff and ‘crackled’ I was afraid when I first opened it it would break apart! But I used it a bit before heading to night shift (not a lot of time to examine) and it’s a GREAT size – overall perfect for carrying and I can read it fine and I think the more I use it the looser it will become. I bought this one for the metrical psalms. I’m still figuring out HOW to use them as it doesn’t give a meter (maybe they’re all the same? Amazing Grace’s tune seemed to work for the first at least!) but I love that feature and for the size this Bible adds the metrical psalms and some other ‘goodies’ and still a great overall size. It’s also a pretty Bible and I think one that will last. The metrical Psalms are in the back section (‘regular’ Psalms where they belong!)

    As another reviewer says the cover isn’t supple – that’s the word I was looking for. nothing at all like the Allans or even the Schuyler calfskin (which I thought was a bit stiff!) but I plan to keep using this Bible and think it will loosen up and be great for carrying around.

    for the price it’s DEFINITELY great! no complaints there at all. (I still wish Schuyler would print it in their Caxton size with a goatskin cover – and include the metrical Psalms in the back!)

  4. J. Campbell (verified owner)

    I rated this Bible at 5 stars for its value for the price and its quality format, printing, and features. For a $42 Bible ($36 without the Metrical Psalms), this is an excellent edition in every way. It is printed and bound in the Netherlands by Jongblood, and it shows. (Some ~$200 Bibles can’t claim that.) The paper is a pale creamy color and the type is easy to read, with generous spacing between the lines of print. It has very little ghosting, and the pages I checked appear to be line matched. The Bible lies open nicely. I also love that it has a UK publisher and includes the Metrical Psalms dating from 1650 in Scotland, along with “Translators to the Readers” and some helpful additional material, but no maps). Just a unique edition in KJV! I also love its smaller 8″ x 5.5″ x 1″ overall footprint, my favorite size of Bible. It comes in a nice slipcase.

    If it had cost $100 (it didn’t!), I would have rated it at 4 stars, because the calfskin cover is not as soft or supple as some calfskin, but it’s nice enough. It has an attractive grain and is reasonably flexible with a firmer feel to it. It’s better than most “genuine” leathers, and lies nicely in the hand without being too rigid. Unless you’re expecting extreme suppleness, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the cover, and everything else is superb. This is a rare little gem of a Bible at an awesome price!

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