TBS KJV Windsor Text Bible, Black Calfskin

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Black Calfskin cover
2 ribbons and gold gilt
Page size: 7½”x 5¼”
9.6 pt. font with words of Christ in black
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Sample .pdf of interior

Authorised (King James) Version
Standard text Bible without references
Thickness: 25mm (1″)
Page size: 190 x 133mm (7½”x 5¼”)
Medium print: 9.6 point

Bible Features:
Good clear print
Quality sewn binding
Bible paper
Gift presentation box for luxury editions
Black text throughout
Two marker ribbons
Gilt page edges on luxury editions
Semi-yapp page protection
Decorative head & tail bands

Bible Contents:
Gift presentation page
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Bible word List
Daily Bible reading plan




19 reviews for TBS KJV Windsor Text Bible, Black Calfskin

  1. Michael Hendrix (verified owner)

    I wont add much to what the rest of the reviews have already said, and for me also, the TBS Windsor has become my favorite bible. I’ll explain why . . .

    I had purchased the first Schuler Canterbury KJV Goatskin Deep Purple and found it cumbersome (3lbs) and distracting with the added features in the text. I next tried the Schuyler Treveris KJV Goatskin Deep Purple and was absolutely disappointed . The paper was thinner than the Canterbury and not being a fan of the words of Christ in red, I thought i’d work through it and as I read Matthew, the red letter wasn’t aligned with the black text. Being in the publishing field most of my career, that was unacceptable. I called Evangelical Bible and was told since it’s hand fed into the printer the second time, it sometimes is off. I’ve seen cheap ten dollar bibles get that right, so their reason for me was unacceptable. Buying a premium bible like the Schuyler, I expected a premium $230.00 bible. Lastly with the Treveris, the concordance (compared to the Canterbury) is misaligned and just plain sloppy looking. I wound up giving both the Schuyler bibles to my children and went without till I looked at the Trinitarian Bible Society’s Windsor Text of the Authorized King James Bible. It is nice to hold, the paper is thicker and easier to turn the pages, the text is laid out perfectly and visually uniform and pleasing to the eye. In my 38 years of bible reading, I’ve never picked up a bible that reads as smoothly as the WIndsor Text. All features are placed in the back and easy to reference, leaving the all black bible text clean and uncluttered. The font reads so much better than the two Schuyler’s I had purchased and my only regret is not looking at this one first and saving $350.00 dollars. The Trinitarian Bible Society has won me over and decided I will not purchase any more bibles from another bible publisher!

  2. goto1611 (verified owner)

    Great Bible to carry around just about anywhere. Nice clear font and seems to be well made.

  3. Jeremiah B Shewcraft (verified owner)

    Roughly three years ago, I purchased a zippered format version of this same bible, which turned out to be one of my favorite bibles I have ever purchased. Even tot he point of being preferred above my premium bibles. However, this is not the same. I’m not sure if it has to do with the fact that the previous version was zippered, and this one is not, but I am disappointed.

    First and foremost, the printing is done is Belarus, not the Netherlands. Secondly, for some reason they decided to add maps, which aren’t that great to look at, in fact they are quite poorly executed. They feel more like a obligatory addition with little attention put into them, if anything. Also, I am not sure that I have ever seen such poorly executed corners on a bible in my life. Last, there are scriptures added to the first three cardstock pages of the bible, which is really pointless and tacky. The previous versions were amazing. Just why?

  4. bruce.r.stanley (verified owner)

    I bought this Bible for travel. It is compact enough to pack easily and fit into a small bag, yet it is large enough for a comfortable read. The cover is a sturdy leather, which I feel better protects the print block at the spine compared to my aging Nelson which has a soft lambskin cover. I also appreciate the discrete labeling of the TBS, on the spine only, and black letter print makes it less obviously a Bible with New Testament. This matters for me as I find I am spending more time traveling to and in Israel, and discretion is respectful when training about.
    The print setting is very comfortable, it reads larger than specified. I haven’t much cared for the new digital printing of Bibles, but the TBS layout, font and size changed my mind to how good a digital rendition can be. The layout is clean and modern, yet still has a bit of the feel I get from the older printings, which to me, are honoring. The ivory paper is without glare and comfortable. I also like that the text is not self pronouncing. No references, no notes, no maps. The matter in the back of the Bible is only a little more than 50 pages, so it adds minimally to the thickness of the block. Two black ribbons, appropriately discrete.
    I’m very happy with the TBS. Actually, I’m very impressed with the TBS. Their care and focus on The Word is clear.

  5. Paul

    Update…..posted wrong link. Sorry. Click below for actual video. Thank you and God bless.

  6. Paul

    This is the bible Cambridge Should have made!
    TBS and Royal Jongbloed of actually outdone Cambridge. This blows the Cambridge Emerald out of the water and is closer to the Concord. $48!! You cannot beat the quality for the price.

  7. shumwayshack (verified owner)

    The paper is gorgeous! Nice and heavy, smooth and creamy. Some of the nicest paper I’ve ever seen from Jongbloed. The print is dark, bold and very easy to read. The leather is stiff at first but breaks in very similar to Cambridge calf split leather. It’s the perfect size to carry anywhere and is the best bang for your buck. Very sturdy. Trinitarian Bible society Bibles are a hidden treasure. I couldn’t be happier.

  8. Truck (verified owner)

    It opens flat out of the box. It is exceptionally easy to read for the size. There is nothing to distract from the word – no reference marks, no footnotes, no red letters. Just the word of God with a helpful dictionary in the back. The paper is excellent with no ghosting that I can see. From what I can tell it’s the same paper, font, and design as the Westminster – just without the references, chapter summaries, and side margin word definitions. The word definitions are in the back instead of directly in the book. Excellent companion to the Westminster, and probably the best ~$35 Bible you can buy today.

  9. Jeff Richard Young

    I like my TBS Windsor Text KJV very much! Here are the features I appreciate:
    -It is nice, but not fancy; good quality, but now showy
    -The font/paper combination is so good that it “reads bigger” than the font size
    -There is no cross emblem, and the TBS emblem is very small and subtle
    -Added headings are out of the way at the top of the page, and do not interrupt the actual text. (Not having added headings at all would suit me even better.)
    -There are no references or notes, leaving a very clean page of bible text.
    Because of the readable print, compact overall size, and low price, this is becoming my most-used bible.

  10. justiningram1985 (verified owner)

    The bible feels and looks very well made but, I don’t think it’s a genuine calfskin. The price is great.

  11. Lee Poskey

    I love this bible.
    I wrote about it in a review

  12. Jorge (verified owner)

    The TBS Windsor has become my favorite bible. I have in the last few year bought many bibles in search of “the one”. In the TBS family alone I have bought their Family Large Print Bible, the Westminster Reference Bible, the Classic Reference bible and the Windsor in both the regular and zippered editions. I have bought many from other makers too. Too many really.
    The Windsor has become my favorite bible to read from, study from, travel with teach and preach from. So much so that I decided to add the Zippered edition of the Windsor to my collection so that I could travel with it. The two black ribbons are nothing to brag about. They’re very simple. So much so that I took out the two that were installed in it and put in two very beautiful red ones.
    The leather at first was not something I fell in love with right away. The board I assume that is in the lining is hard and so the leather is stiff. I didn’t like it at first but I have come accustom to it. At first I wanted it to feel like a soft cowhide or goatskin. Something super soft but not here. In fact the calfskin in all the TBS bibles are stiff. The paper is creamy in color and very high quality with no bleed through even when I mark on the page and the font is easy to read. Very pleasant to the eyes for reading and teaching from. The size is perfect for travel but I have since bought the Zippered edition for travel. The only thing I did not like about the Zippered edition were the two ribbons that were installed in it. Every time I was not careful or someone who wanted to see and touch it would zip it closed the ribbons would get caught up in it and so I was constantly having to un-jam the zipper. I simply ended up cutting the ribbons from the band. I don’t mishandle my bibles one bit but I do use them a lot. So cutting them wasn’t any big deal for me.
    As for the additions to the bible such as the word list and so on I do not use them one bit. There are no maps nor any concordance or dictionary in it. The words of Christ are in black but I would love for them to make a red letter edition (I’m sure they hear this a lot). I have been using KJV for 20+ years so I’m used to the black print only. I do use the 2 year reading plan found in the back of the bible. I used to use PROFESSOR GRANT HORNER’S BIBLE READING SYSTEM but now I just use the reading plan in the Windsor bible. I read both readings from each year in one sitting to read it all in 1 year. While I have many bibles the Windsor is the only bible I reach for. If font size matters to you go for the Large Print Edition, I would’ve made that my every day bible but because I have grown to love the font style in the Windsor so much that I can’t bring myself to make the Large Print “the one”. The Windsor to me is the best.

  13. Bob Snyder

    The Trinitarian Bible Society’s, “Windsor Text Bible” in Black Calfskin, is the New Quintessential Compact Text Bible for King James Fans. I have done some reviews on TBS Bibles in the past. They have all been very well built, and beautifully printed workhorses. I wouldn’t call them luxury Bibles like R.L. Allans, or Schuylers. Nor do they carry the extravagant expense of those Bibles. Some people feel convicted to not spend that amount of money on a Bible. They would rather put the money to better use. Of course these devout and practical people wouldn’t waste money on a shoddily manufactured product of suspect quality and durability either. Now, why throw away money on something that will fall apart? Why print the word of God on the cheapest materials, in the lowest of fashion? So, being the devout and practical people they are, they opt for a TBS Bible.
    I was curious about the history of this edition. The quality, legibility, portability, and price inspired me to ask questions. So I e-mailed my contact with TBS with my questions about this edition. She forwarded them to another person who had the answers. This is a direct quote from her reply, “The Windsor was first published in September 2007. It was designed to be a replacement for the Emerald Bible: the print image of the Emerald was becoming rather problematic – a common problem with reprinting older Bibles. But rather than simply reproducing the Emerald, we wanted to have a clear, sharp, more modern font, one that would last through years to come. The Windsor is now often used by churches as a pew Bible (as was the Emerald).” I was very pleased to receive this information to include in my review.
    As some of you who collect Bibles know, there are several Bibles that are printed from an old typeset. The old typesets were done before modern digital printing, back when typesetting was done manually. The methods used didn’t produce the quality we are able to get today with digital font and modern precision printing. From steadfast practicality TBS produced a modern typeset of the 1611 AV KJV, printed it on high quality paper, bound it in a fine sewn binding, covered it in durable calfskin, and priced it for the common man.
    The size and construction of this edition makes it tactilely comfortable to hold. I found that I wanted to carry this Bible around with me. I wasn’t afraid of scratching, tearing, dropping, spindling, or mutilating it. It begs to tag along with you, and it can handle it without being babied.
    The Windsor arrived gratis for the purpose of review. It was very well packaged, and protected for shipping. It was in a cardboard box with packing peanuts, and cushioning. I appreciate this attention to detail, in the packaging of the Bible, to ensure that it arrives undamaged. Many publishers, even higher end ones, don’t give this kind of protection to God’s word. The Bible comes in a slipcase as retail packaging. Retain it for storing your Bible, if you order one of these. The calfskin is a bit shiny, and hard. It is more so, than the Cambridge calfsplit leather, but not near as hard, or shiny as a pigskin leather cover. The spine is hot stamped in gold with, “Holy Bible” at the top and the TBS logo at the bottom. There are decorative head and tail bands and gold gilt page edges.
    Upon opening the Bible, you’ll notice that the inner cover is lined with a black vinyl material. The corners are done quite well. The text block binding is smyth sewn and is case bound. There is a presentation page, and a publication page which shows that this Bible was printed and bound by Jongbloed in the Netherlands. Jongbloed is one of, if not the best print houses in the world when it comes to Bibles. You also have, Translators to the Reader, and The Epistle Dedicatory.
    This TBS Bible should be the archetype for all compact text Bibles. It is easy to read. The font is 9.6 pt. in size. There are not any cross references to take up space. The font is printed clearly, and in sharp contrast, on opaque Bible paper. Ample line spacing adds to the legibility as well. This is a black text edition. The text is in a double column, verse format. There is little room in the margins for notes. However, there is some room at the bottom of each page for limited note taking. Chapter numbers are printed larger, and bold. Page numbers are on the bottom corners. There are two black, ribbon markers for keeping your places in the Old and New Testament during your daily reading. In my opinion a minimum of two ribbons is a necessity for all Bibles. At the end there is a, List of pronunciation of words and proper names, Bible word list and a Daily Bible reading plan. With all the quality, features, and price of this Bible you can’t go wrong. The Windsor Text Bible from TBS will set the standard for years to come.

  14. Nicholas Sommers (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding value! The Jongbloed paper and printing is really nice and comparable to a much, much more expensive bible. I absolutely love the font and text layout. It is very simple and easy on the eyes. This is a very well made bible that I expect will last many years. I will certainly be purchasing more TBS bibles in the future.

  15. Cynthia Hahn (verified owner)

    This is a very nice bible at this price point for a commercially produced item. It is printed and bound in the Netherlands by Jongbloed. The paper is superb and the printed text is absolutely sharp and uniform throughout the entire bible. It has no trace of gutter cockling or paper wrinkling near the spine anywhere. Ghosting or bleed through is light. Appears that line matching was well executed. The text block is outstanding in the aforementioned aspects. From my examination of the text characters and paragraph/question marks, it bears a remarkable, if not exact resemblance to Linotype’s Minion font. Have not seen where the font type was stated?

    The cover is attached to the text block by the cheaper paste off method, typical of the economical class of bibles. How well this will prove durable in this application remains to be seen, as with any. Cover is somewhat stiff, but don’t consider this to be a detriment to reading or holding the bible. Good choice for a basic style bible if the font type is to your satisfaction. Have purchased 4 additional bibles and a cursory examination showed nothing atypical from this first one.

  16. Jack Duncan (verified owner)

    This is a great bible for the money! The quality is comparable with bibles that are much more expensive. The text is very readable and I find it is easier to read than some of the large print bibles I have. The cover is more stiff than goatskin but my bible’s cover did soften up quickly with use and lays flat when open. I really appreciate the extra blank pages in the front and back of the bible. These bibles would make great gifts-great quality/affordable price.

  17. Kathleen Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve only had my new tbs windsor bible for a couple days. It seems like it is a very sturdy bible, the font is very easy to read, it’s smyth sewn, and does lay flat. The only problem I have is the cover. The box says that it is calfskin leather but it is very, very stiff. I’m hoping the reviews I’ve read are correct and that it will become softer with use. That aside, it seems like a pretty good bible, especially for the price.

  18. Richard Hetke

    For what you pay–$29.00! this is a five-star Bible. The cover is soft-to the touch, although because it is not leather-lined, it is not as flexible as an Allan’s bible, but very nice nonetheless and will break in well and soften with use. Printed by Jongbloed in the Netherlands, you can expect excellent paper and print quality and this Bible delivers. It is an elegant print-setting, not bold, but very readable. It lays flat from the box and reminds me of the Pitt Minion in now well it lays. Not too big, not too small, it is on the thinner side and would make an excellent travel-Bible. I know this for a fact because I’ve had practice with the Cambridge Standard (formerly the Emerald”) Text Bible of which the Windsor is identical in size and lay-out. The Cambridge Standard Text printed in Belarus has the elegance of a sledge-hammer although it is very functional and tough as a tank. The Windsor is the Cambridge Standard Text’s high-class city cousin and the best word again to describe it is “”elegance.”” If you’re in the market for a Cambridge bible whether it be the Standard text Concord or Cameo do consider Trinitarian Bible Society’s offerings–half the price at very comparable if not better quality.”””

  19. Robert Richardson

    A very good Bible, for the price…….opens flat/stays flat…….cover is somewhat stiff but not as stiff as the TBS Family Bible……several folded-over pages in EXODUS……readability is average…..two ribbons…….I’ve decided to use this Bible as my carry-to-work briefcase Bible.

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