TBS Large Print KJV Westminster Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

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Black Calfskin cover
4 ribbons and gold gilt
Page size: 10.4″ x 7.4″
11.8 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Large Print Westminster Reference Bible in calfskin leather. This Bible contains over two hundred thousand cross references, and also features 8 full-colour maps.

View sample page.

Large clear print (11.8 pt)
Presentation box
Cross references
Black text throughout
Sewn binding
Four marker ribbons
Bible paper
Gilt page edges
Semi-yapp page protection
Decorative head and tail bandsAdditional Contents:
Gift presentation page
The Epistle Dedicatory
List of pronunciation of words and proper names
Word list in margins
Tables of weights and measures
Daily Bible reading plan
Colour maps
Page size: 10.4″ x 7.4″ (265 x 188 mm)
Thickness: 1.3″ (34 mm)

Font size: 11.8 point

Sample of the text (not actual size) 

Sample text image

17 reviews for TBS Large Print KJV Westminster Reference Bible, Black Calfskin

  1. Mark Warner (verified owner)

    My daughter dropped my hardcover Westminster down a flight of stairs and separated the cover from the text, so I used that as an excuse to purchase the Calfskin edition. Premium paper, little bleed through. What makes this Bible so good is that it is large print (I cannot read 8.5 or less fonts) with the 200,000 cross-references. The price for this Bible is good for what you get (4 ribbons, calfskin cover). This Bible, along with my Blue Cambridge Turquoise KJV and my Thomas Nelson Single Column Goatskin are my favorite Bibles. Highly recommended!

  2. Alan Sharpe (verified owner)

    The edition large print is still a value and a prize. I just ordered another (see review above) since I sent mine to folk that cannot afford bibles. The anti-Christ system came after me in 2021 and I was hospitalized 6 times. It took me a year to walk again. Now, however, I warn those like me who are not longer robust – this bible is heavy. I can barely handle it in my lap. But, it is yet a great bargain and a perfect layout for God’s wonderful word! But, I’ll be using mostly a larger magnying glass with a slightly smaller bundle. It is a wonderful edition all -in -all. I also picked up a couple more of Scrivener’s GNT, another bargain!

  3. Errol Cowan (verified owner)

    I am still contemplating if I could carry this bible to church as it has a fairly big footprint. For the price and what is included in this bible, it is the best value I have seen over the years. This bible has a great wealth of study tools at the finger tips and very easy to navigate. The additional information in this bible, other than the word of God, gives a lot of valid contexts and perspectives when reading scripture. For instance, words that are obsolete and hard to understand are highlighted by an asterisk and explained in the reference column. Also, I love the summaries for ever chapter as is allows me to easily find subject matters. I am currently reading through the bible and I find the larger print and semi-bold font to be easy on the eyes. One slight drawback, I prefer bible font to be a bit more muscular if that makes any sense.
    I had a funny moment while ordering this bible or one could call it divine intervention. In December 2022, I downloaded a bible reading plan to start my yearly reading, and did not realize that it was the same reading plan from TBS, until I received the the bible today. My wife and I had a good laugh with this discovery. To boot, the same reading plan is in the back of this bible.
    The shipping by FedEx was very good; I ordered this bible from Ontario, Canada on on Friday January 6th and it was at my door by Tuesday January 10th; it would have arrived earlier, but it took me a little time to pay the duties online.

    I would like to thank TBS for the high quality work they are doing to make the bible available to all, and for simplifying the word of God for all to understand, and receive.

  4. Kevin V (verified owner)

    This is a great Bible for both reading and study, and has become my number one for both purposes. The layout lends itself to an excellent reading experience; there’s ample room for both text and references/notes. And with so many references, I feel very satisfied in both reading and casual study. If I’m really going to dig in, I’ll pull out the NTSK and Bullinger’s Figures of Speech to accompany, but short of that, this Bible stands well on its own.

    It gets 5 stars for design and layout, but having glue squeeze up from the spine in a couple of spots causing the pages to not open all the way leaves its execution wanting a bit. Not so much that I’d send it back, but I can’t give it 5 stars for that reason. It’s certainly a lot of Bible for the price, and a good value in my estimation.

    I like that the appendix includes a pronunciation guide for names and places. If you’re coming from a Bible that does not self pronounce names and want to get them right, you may find yourself referring to it quite often in the beginning when reading through some of the OT books. But once you start getting them down, you’ll better appreciate the uncluttered format in the body of the text. There are 8 nicely done maps on card stock, but no gazetteer. One thing I would have liked to have seen included in the Bible is the letter, The Translators to the Reader. It can be found online, but I think it serves well when included between the covers.

    I’m not a KJV only guy, enjoying a few faithful translations, and frequently keep an NASB Bible on the table for reference when reading/studying from this one. They go great together. But if I could only have one Bible out for study, it would have to be this one. I find it easy to spend hours at a time in this Bible and only close it because other responsibilities call.

  5. Simon Leung

    The most affordable large print KJV calfskin bible which the binding is Smyth Sewn that has 200,000 references with 11.8 font size and four ribbon markers. This is a great bible to own because the side references are line matched with the text.

  6. Omar Vuflores (verified owner)

    Maybe Gary is sensitive to leather and paper smell. The smell is quite pleasant. A mix of leather and paper smell. Smells like the paper of a book. The leather smells like belt leather. It does smell, but, nothing wrong with the smell to me. Great experience overall. I got the large print. One of my personal favorite bibles so far; great enjoyment using it. Those references are like a bunch of sweet candies (aka: protein, strong meat,…).

  7. Gary (verified owner)

    Do NOT purchase this Bible because it has a very strong chemical smell that is very dangerous. Buyer beware.

  8. JccJr (verified owner)

    I received my Large Print TBS Westminster Bible the other day and am very happy with my purchase and with the Customer Service at EB. I have always used ‘study Bibles’ in my ministry and even in preaching. These days I prefer Bibles that are free of study notes that can ‘cloud’ and be ‘misleading’ in my interpretation of God’s Word. A Reference Bible is a much better tool for understanding the Scripture and the Westminster Text Bible is (in my opinion) the best of the best. Comparing Scripture with Scripture has the most benefit to me personally allowing the Spirit of God to impress on my heart the truths He wants me to grasp.

    This is a Big Bible and I knew that it would be. When you open it on a desk top or in your lap for reading and studying, you have a very large ‘work space’. However, this is precisely what I wanted. The cowhide is very good quality and smells great! The paper is a good quality also having enough opaqueness to write notes along side the text with minimal bleed-through. There’s enough space on most pages between the side column references to jot notes and outlines down. The font is a good size for me too.

    I purchased this Bible for home study but may try to preach from it. I know that when opened, it will cover the biggest part of the Pulpit. I have sent a email to TBS asking them to consider making a version of this Bible with all the references and chapter introductions removed, leaving that space for notes. They responded back within 24 hours and said that I wasn’t the only one who had requested a TBS Notetakers Bible. I hope to see one in the near future! This is a excellent Bible with all the features of a ‘premium Bible’ at a fraction of the cost made by a people who are consumed with one thing: To Glorify God by getting the Bible into the hands of as many people as possible!

  9. alan sharpe (verified owner)

    I have purchased several of the smaller size of this edition. The large print differs somewhat in the peripheral inclusions of notes, etc. However, The print is appropriate for those who prefer a larger font but not giant. I have difficulty reading the references in the smaller version of this bible. However, in the large print edition, the references are also in a larger font. This edition was printed and bound in Belarus. The workmanship is excellent and the print is exceeding good since each page has adequate ink. This edition is larger and heavier. However, it is not ungainly and can be held with both hands without difficulty.
    This bible is a fine package and the price is truly amazing for the quality. The references are said to be primarily John Brown’s and they are quite helpful. I am fond of his grandson’s (John) commentaries on Hebrews and Galatians.

    I would comment that a smaller font is OK for me if it is bold, and the inking good. However, 8pt text often means a much smaller reference font.

    The service from Evangelical Bible is outstanding, as always.

  10. Marc Romero (verified owner)

    Today I received my new TBS (Large Print) Westminster Reference Bible. Mere words cannot describe how nicely bound and printed this bible is, I understand this bible was printed and bound in Belarus by Printcorp/World Wide Printing because Royal Jongbloed doesn’t have the equipment to print and bind large print bibles. Printcorp did an excellent job printing and binding this bible. This is a well made bible. The print quality is clean, crisp and dark. The line matching on the text is well executed with minimal show through, the meriva calfskin leather is soft and supple and feels good in the hand. I am well pleased with this bible as I am with all the TBS bibles I own, they are my go to bible publisher for the Authorised King James version. I highly recommend the TBS (Large Print) Westminster Reference Bible and

  11. Gregg Brown

    First let me say, I have too many bibles and that my bible search is over. I did a detailed comparison between six of my best KJV bibles: Allan Longprimer 62, Thomas Nelson Signature Giant Print, Thomas Nelson Preaching Bible, Cambridge Presentation Goatskin, Schuyler Canterbury Goatskin, and the Westminster Large Print. I fully expected the Allan 62 come in first place. After ranking 24 criteria and rating each bible to each criterion, the rankings were: (1) Westminster Large Print; (2) Nelson Signature Giant Print; (3) Nelson Preaching Bible; (4) Schuyler Canterbury; (5) Cambridge Presentation; and (6) Allan 62. I was shocked. The stuff that matter more to me (price, translation notes, references, readability, chapter headings, and italics for added words) excelled in the Westminster. For less than ½ the price of the Allan, the Westminster for me was the clear winner. As for the construction, paper quality, and leather quality, the Allan and Schuyler excel but the Nelson Signature is just as good at a much lower price point.
    You can purchase a bible with better construction and helps, but I have not found a better reference bible that has excellent readability. Five stars!

  12. James McMahan (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this Bible. I got the hardback version from TBS, and can say the print is outstanding. It’s not too big, but definitely not too small. The reference features make this a good study Bible. I like the layout and the print probably better than any other KJV I have ever had. After using the Bible, I wish I had splurged on the calfskin because it’s that good.

    Curiously, this is the first KJV I’ve ever owned which has the original marginal notes. I’ve heard preachers refer to these notes, but have never had a Bible with them before.

  13. Kayla (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the quality of this bible. This was my first premium bible purchase. I was impressed with the way the paper felt and the thickness of the meriva calfskin. You are able to highlight and write on the paper with no bleed through. Even with the references you have plenty of room to write notes, although it’s not listed in my opinion there is even a slight yap with the cover. It lays out perfectly and is such a good read in even dim lighting. I even tote this bible around to church, although it was difficult to find a Bible cover to fit a bible as large as this I was able to look online at some cases that carry Dakes large print bible. A bible is your most prized treasure and you spend so much money on other things why not invest in a quality bible that can last you years! What you get at this price is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for it to come out in the compact size!

  14. Dwight walker


  15. Mark T Arnold

    This is a Beautiful Bible. The Quality/Print/Leather/Page Thickness/are Outstanding. TBS will Ship Super Fast. I Ordered Online and 1/1/19 and Received it 3 Days Later. My Thanks to TBS and the KJV Store.

  16. Ronnie (verified owner)

    Truly love this bible. The large print is awesome, I own the regular size which I love but the print is smaller than I prefer as my eyesight is not what it use tp be. It is well crafted bible which is lined match. My bible shipped on Thursday and arrived in Texas on Saturday.

  17. Manny (verified owner)

    This Bible is simply awesome in large print. It’s the most readable print I know of and I have many others to compare. TBS made a great choice in making the Westminster Reference Bible in large print. The calfskin leather cover is thick and of obvious quality. The paper is just about perfect and the type is perfect for long periods of comfortable reading. The 200,000 reference are a tremendous bonus. I love the set up with 2 columns and the references on the outside. If TBS would ever make this Bible without the references it would be my perfect note taking Bible. I hope they make that one too but this is just an excellent quality large print Bible.

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