Schuyler has embarked on a new Bible design for the NASB’s 2020 update. The Schuyler “Stridon” typesetting is a single column, versified (each verse starts a new line) reference Bible. It can now be preordered. We expect to have stock in April. We will post pictures of this new design when we are a little closer to publication. We are currently projecting an early 2022 publication date – though publication timetables are inherently difficult to forecast. Please join the Stridon newsletter to keep in the loop regarding this new Bible project. Schuyler will continue to publish the NASB 95 Quentel for the foreseeable future.

  • 10 point font (similar to the Treveris font)
  • Single Column & Versified (each verse starts a new line)
  • 1″ Outer Margins for note taking.
  • References & Concordance
  • Edge-lined Goatskin
  • Art-Gilt Edging
  • Bible Paper

“Stridon” is located near modern Ljubljana, Slovenia and was the birth place of Jerome (AD 347-420). Jerome translated the Bible into Latin. This translation became known as the “Vulgate” or “common version.” It was the the dominant translation of the Bible in the West for about 1,000 years (AD 400-1530). “Jerome, a man most learned, and skilled in all three languages, who translated these same Scriptures into the Latin speech, not from the Greek, but from the Hebrew.” Augustine of Hippo.

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