Schuyler Treveris KJV

Schuyler has chosen a new design to complement its flagship Quentel reference series. The new design comes as Schuyler Bible Publishers continues to expand its influence in the premium Bible world. Here is a PDF sampler of the layout. The Treveris is unique in that it seeks to give the Bible reader a format that is free of human commentary, i.e. without subheadings, references, etc., but at the same time remains practical for Bible study. To that end we have designed a format where the text itself is free from callers, subheadings, and numbers, but verse and chapter designations are available in the margins, with subheadings in the header. The Treveris is also unique in the King James translation to have poetic sections and quotations ‘set off’ in a block verse- by-verse format. Pictures here.