esv personal size quentel and cambridge clarion

We wanted to give you some facts on 2 of our most popular personal size ESV’s.
Use this information to choose which one best suits your preference.  We also have pictures showing these 2 Bibles side by side. The Personal Size Quentel is a double column reference Bible (references in the footer).  The Clarion is a single column paragraph format Bible with references in the margins.

 Quentel Personal SizeClarion
Weight1lb 6oz1lb 12oz
Dimensons5.3" x 7.9"5.7" x 7.5
Thickness (includes cover)1.2"1.6"
Open book length11.4"12.6"
Paper28 gsm28 gsm
Leather LinedYesNo
Edge LinedYesYes
Font Size8.58.75
TypesettingDouble ColumnSingle Column Paragraph
Black LetterYesYes
ESV Text20162016