Cambridge ESV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit Leather

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Black Calfsplit cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
Page size: 5⅛” x 7-1/8″
8.75 font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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2016 ESV Text

Page size: 5⅛” x 7-1/8″ (131 mm x 180 mm)

2,080 pages

Cambridge has created an entirely new setting of the English Standard Version that will be a delight to read and to handle. Cambridge Clarion Reference Editions present the text in a single column and place the cross references in the outer margin. The font size is just under 9 point with generous line spacing. They are typeset in Lexicon No.1, a modern digital font that has a degree of readability associated with much larger type. The Bibles have 15 color maps and a concordance. These are Bibles of the highest quality, printed on India paper and Smyth-sewn for flexibility and endurance. They are offered in a range of superior binding styles: calf split leather, top-grain calfskin, and edge-lined goatskin.

8 reviews for Cambridge ESV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit Leather

  1. JD Summers (verified owner)

    There is a lot I love about this bible; the format is outstanding and the cover is great. But after reading all the NT and about 80% of the OT I have been repeatedly frustrated by regular instances of misaligned line-matching. In these sections the print is very difficult to read because of bad ghosting. The lines in some places are not just slightly off, but almost alternating. If it was one or two spots (as I hoped early on) I would just deal with it, but it’s a consistent problem. I’m not sure just my copy has this problem or if it’s an issue in all the ESV calf-splits, but I was disappointed after spending that much money for my first high quality bible.

  2. Mark Chase

    I’ve been preaching & teaching from an ESV Bible for 2 years and the font on this one is just perfect even though I’m almost seventy. I love the size and the single-column pages. I found the paper too thin to attempt highlighting so I don’t. The calfskin leather is really nice and the Bible lays flat in one hand so don’t be concerned that it may be too stiff. It’s just right. I love this Bible!

  3. Nathanael Crawford

    -As others have mentioned, the single-column layout of this Bible is excellent, very readable, and not cluttered. Personally, this is my favorite thing about the Clarion. After using it for almost a year, I have a hard time going back a double-column format.
    -The Calfsplit leather is durable, yet not overly stiff.
    -This Bible is a great size for carrying around and bringing to church but doesn’t sacrifice font size for Bible size.

    -After about two months of owning this Bible, the binding on the spine started to become unglued. I expected better from a Cambridge Bible. Maybe it was just the specific Bible I got, but this Bible does not seem like it is going to last as long as I had hoped, even though I have taken good care of it.
    -The pages are a little thinner than I would like, causing slight ghosting in places and curling pages in others.

    Overall, I love this Bible. When it comes time to buying another one, I might just be buying the Calfskin or Goatskin edition.

  4. Chad Burks (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the layout of this bible. The font size looks much larger than the stated 8.75. This is probably due the the generous spacing between lines, and the boldness of the type. It feels like it’s at least a 10 pt. font to me. The calf-split is superb. The texture is wonderful on it.

    My only complaint is in certain sections the pages do curl, but it’s not that bad. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ll probably order another Clarion in the NKJV translation also.

  5. Jeremy Lyerla (verified owner)

    Great bible! Only drawback is that the pages are so thin that they curl. The pages need to be a little heavier.

  6. Robert Anderson (verified owner)

    I decided to go with the ESV Clarion Reference Bible Black Calfsplit Leather because i like the Clarion page lay out just for reading (not everyone would).The “page lay out” is why I ordered this Bible. I have several nice R L Allen Bibles, so I decided to go with the Calfsplit leather. I wanted a good Bible, yet durable, that I could carry with me, leave in car, take to the coffee shop and us everyday to read just for enjoyment. R. Anderson 1/2013

  7. ERIC LUTHI (verified owner)

    The calfsplit leather is quite nice. It is sturdy and I expect it to be durable from the feel of it. Because of the comments by other buyers about ghosting and curling, I decided to go with the less expensive cover just in case these “problems” were too annoying for regular use. I can assure you they are not. The ghostling is typical for thin paper like this and the curling, while not desirable, only occurs in a few areas of the text. And while goatskin is quite nice (I have another Bible in goatskin) I am glad I got the calfsplit. For practical use I prefer this leather. All in all this is really a very nice Bible.

  8. Walter Taylor

    Given the choice of covers for the ESV Clarion, some individuals may be tempted to pass over the calfsplit cover only to choose between the calfskin or the goatskin. But this would be a mistake. While the calfsplit does not have the red under gold pages, the cover is in no way inferior to the other choices, only different. Some may well find the goatskin too limp, especially when holding the Clarion in one hand. The calfskin gives a bit more support. However, the calfsplit cover feels very good in the hand, and allows the Clarion to be held in one hand without any “drooping.” However, the calfsplit sits as flat on a table as the other editions. Fo the money, the calfsplit could well be the best buy between the three.

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