Cambridge KJV Personal Concord Reference Bible, Black French Morocco

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Black French Morocco Leather cover
1 ribbon and gold gilt
Page size: 4 1/2″ x 6 7/8″
6.5 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Produced in approximately the same format as an old Cambridge favorite, the Cameo Reference Edition, this is actually the highly respected Concord Reference Edition reduced in size: smaller and lighter–yet just as useful a companion.

This edition features red-letter text for the words of Christ. The text is compact yet clear, and the Bible has the same layout and pagination as others in the Concord family–thorough cross-references, pronunciation marks, a glossary, concordance, dictionary, and fifteen maps. It has a ribbon marker, presentation page, and gold page edges.

“The Cambridge Personal Concord Edition is the King James Bible that I have been waiting for. It is not too large, and is nicely bound in genuine French Morocco leather. I would have preferred a calfskin or goatskin bound Bible, but French Morocco allows for affordability. The gold stamping and the quality of the printing, however, is quite good. This is a great Bible for personal study, since it has the glossary, concordance, and several maps. It also has the Cambridge cross-reference system, which is quite helpful. It is also great for use in worship, though many churches no longer use the King James Version. I highly recommend this Bible as a gift or a personal purchase for years of use.”

Features include:

  • Bible paper
  • cross-references
  • concordance
  • Bible dictionary
  • 15 color maps
  • presentation page
  • ribbon marker
  • red-letter text for the words of Christ
  • gilt page edges
  • head and tail bands
  • sewn binding

Page size: 4 1/2 x 6 7/8 inches (115 mm x 174 mm)
Page extent: 1,550 pp.
Spine width: 1 1/4 inches (32 mm)
Typography: 6.5 pt Times Semi-bold 421

6 reviews for Cambridge KJV Personal Concord Reference Bible, Black French Morocco

  1. Randal

    I really enjoy Cambridge Bibles. I bought one of these several years ago off Amazon and love it. Then I got another as a gift. The text is very clear even in less ideal lighting. Would be awesome to see one in goatskin and/or cow hide that includes a yapp like they did with the Concord! One of the few options out there that include the Translators to the Readers.

  2. Lisa Fetter

    This little bible truly feels “personal”.

    Quality, and inexpensive… so far, it has withstood 14 years of daily reading!

  3. MICHAEL WELLS (verified owner)

    Excellent Bible for the money! The French Morocco Leather is totally different from Goat Skin Leather. Much more firm, but will probably loosen over time. The print quality is excellent and there is little to no ghosting. Very well made Bible from Belarus. Again, great buy for the money!

  4. C. Newberry

    A nicely made bible for the price. The cover is proportionately nicer than the text block it covers. The cover is a bit stiff as are the hinges, but not so much as to take away from being a nice reader. For carrying to church and bible study meetings this is a good thing as this bible holds its shape and will not ooze off the pew or car seat and onto the floor like a more fluid binding might. This bible is a two column printing with center column references. It us numbered verse by verse with numbers on the left of each text column. While the ink on the pages varies just a bit from one page to another, it is sufficiently dark to provide a nice contrast despite the thin paper found in this compact format. This bible is basically a scaled down printing of an older larger reference bible format. The font of the main text reads well at this smaller size. Many modern fonts are too fine and the characters in them lack distinguishing shapes. Many will appreciate the way the center column references are placed beside the verses with the bold print numbering alternating to either the left or right sides of the center column to align them with the verses they apply to. I find that the font of the center column references is not well suited for this smaller format despite having been popular in the larger Concord. The print in the center column is less than crisp in areas. I prefer the font used, and the reference system found, in the Cameo which is the same size as this personal sized printing of the Concord. I have other Cambridge bibles of a similar construction that have held up nicely for nearly 40 years, I am replacing one of those with this newer edition. Overall this is one of the best values in a reference bible of this size especially if one has a quality leather cover as a priority, otherwise a nicer text block might be found at this price.

  5. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best Bible you can purchase for $50!!!

    God bless you and keep you,

  6. Donald R. Denison

    I have had this Bible for a few months now. At first I was not impressed because it seemed larger than I expected. After a few weeks of using this Bible my opinion has changed. This format is the perfect size for reading while seated in an easy chair, a recliner, or a pew. The print is sufficiently large and clear, the helps furnished are wonderful, many lists and charts are found in the dictionary, the maps are very nice, the concordance is sufficiently large for almost all study, the paper and printing make this Bible easy to read, but most important, it is easy to handle, and does not require a table, the size and weight are perfect for reading while seated. I like the French Morocco Leather cover as it has softened with use yet has enough body that it protects the pages from damage. This Bible is attractive, comfortable to use, and has all the helps needed for almost any study. Best of all it is on sale for less than $50.00! One could pay a lot more and not get as much value as provided by this Bible

    Don Denison

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