Schuyler Personal Size Canterbury KJV, Full Yapp Black Goatskin Bible – PREORDER

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Our best approximation for arrival in our warehouse is early March. 
Full Yapp Black Goatskin cover with Dark Red Calfskin liner
2 red ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 4.7″ x 7.1″ x 1″
8.5 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references
See Description below for details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

Goudy 18pt
Goudy 18pt imprinting sample
Goudy 18pt UPPERCASE (initials only)
Goudy 18pt UPPERCASE (initials only) imprinting sample
News Gothic 14pt
News Gothic 14pt imprinting sample
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News Gothic 14pt UPPERCASE imprinting sample
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Our best approximation for arrival in our warehouse is early March. You will be notified by email the day your Bible ships out of our facility. If you have not received a notification, we are still waiting for the shipment to arrive.

Full Yapp Natural Grain Black Goatskin Cover, Dark Red Calfskin Liner, 2 Red Ribbon Markers. Pictures Here.

 for a sample
Page size: 4.7″ x 7.1″ x 1″ (120 mm x 180 mm x 28 mm)
28 GSM Paper
Font: 8.5 pt.
Double Column, Verse-by-Verse format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms
Ornamental Drop Caps
Words of Christ in Red
Italics for supplied words
Presentation and Family Record Pages
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
55,000 Cross References
Glossary of King James Terms
Lined note paper
Art Gilt Edging (red under gold)
Gold Foil Spine Stamping
Schuyler Bible Maps


15 reviews for Schuyler Personal Size Canterbury KJV, Full Yapp Black Goatskin Bible – PREORDER

  1. Daniel

    The Personal size KJV Canterbury arrived today, and it is magnificent. Binding, paper, and print font are all in the best tradition of any Schuyler. The Bible is highly readable but small enough to carry in my back pack (in a Bible cover). Highly recommended.

  2. Rick

    Simply superb. Just buy it.

    Now, if you want to know why, keep reading. I have a handful of premium bibles but have to say this one is my favorite. So much so that I’ve just preordered its big brother – the Regular-Size Canterbury. I’m guessing I will still prefer the Personal-Size but there are times I just want a bigger bible with a bigger font (I’m getting older). This Personal-Size bible with Full Yapp just melts in the hand. While reading in bed I can easily hold the bible in one hand by curling over the side I’m not reading. The bible is so flexible and built so well that I have no concern doing this. I honestly didn’t think anything out there would unseat my RL Allan’s. I have a Brevier Clarendon that is nearly identical to this one in all dimensions but this bible beats it out in some very important ways – at least to me. The paper is thicker (28gsm vs 22gsm). Yes, you read that right – 22gsm. Much nicer/cleaner text block. The font is easier to read (important to aging eyes). It has red-letter. I didn’t think I missed this when I purchased the Clarendon years ago but now that I have it back, it’s nice. I will say I still prefer RL Allan’s goat skin. But, that doesn’t discount the quality of the Schuyler goat skin in any way. I’m extremely pleased with it. And now that my Allan is on the shelf and I’ve had this one in hand for a month it has become the new normal.

    In the end, if you are looking for your ‘best friend’ KJV that is made to last a lifetime, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Schuyler Personal-Size Canterbury Full Yapp. I am seriously considering buying a second one – just in case. It is that good.

  3. dieselrsm

    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your Schuyler Canterbury KJV Bible.
    I ordered two, a regular Canterbury and a Personal size full yapp Canterbury, both black goatskin. I received both yesterday and wow, was I blown away when I opened these up.

    I collect Bibles, from Cambridge, to Thomas Nelson. Mostly goatskin or calfskin, and some leathersoft editions.

    But these Schuylers are on a different level. I cannot put into words how beautiful these Bibles are. They are so beautiful I decided to order another two, this time the Marbled Mahogany Calfskin Canterbury, both regular and personal size. I can’t wait for these Bibles to arrive.

    Also, I checked to see if these KJV Bibles are a Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) Text and sure enough they are. This is a huge plus for your KJV bibles. When I ordered them originally I didn’t know if I was getting an Oxford 1769 text, a Cambridge Concord or a Pure Cambridge Text and when I checked I was extremely happy to discover that these Canterbury KJVs are PCE Bibles.

    Lastly, I am also very happy that your Bibles are NOT printed in China (I am 1/3 Chinese). Please continue to have your Bibles printed and bound in the Netherlands. I am slowly getting rid of all my Chinese printed Bibles and replacing them with Bibles that are not printed there. This very fact that your Bibles are printed in the Netherlands was another drawing point for me to purchase from you.

    Thanks again for creating a beautiful Bible. I look forward to the Mahogany Calfskin.

    God Bless

  4. kimberlyh

    This Bible is absolutely gorgeous! I have never owned a premium Bible until now. Originally, I was waiting for this to be restocked in purple, but I was just too excited to wait! I’m so happy with my new Bible. The leather feels so wonderful in the hands and the paper is so smooth. The shade of red of the lining and the ribbon is stunning. This is going to last a lifetime and will be handed down to my son. I will be ordering another one soon. But I must say, you can’t go wrong with this color scheme though. Its a timeless classic, a must have! I am a Schuyler fan for life!

  5. cleanindian67

    I arrived home today with a completely unexpected package at my door, of course once I saw the shape and color I knew it was my newly acquired Schuyler Personal Size Canterbury in black Goatskin. I was expecting tomorrow, so I was greatly appreciative to find it here a day earlier( you guys & gals rate a 1A rating in customer service). I would have never considered myself a Bible collector but I guess I have to admit it now. I have several KJV’s and none of them compare to the Schuyler Bibles, Allans are nice but just aren’t the same. Yes, I own a R.L. Allan 52 Longprimer but like I said it’s not the same. Maybe someday I’ll get to know all about GSM, and company specific type blocks and sets or whatever they’re called. But what sells these Bibles are the quality of the workmanship that you can see in each one. Although I would love to own one of each translation, I’m a disabled veteran that is attempting a new church plant where I live, so I can’t always get what I want but I know that I’ll receive what I expect with Schuyler Bibles and Evangelical Thank you so much for your outstanding service in helping to preserve the Word of God. In service to Jesus. Rev. E.K. Smith

  6. Roy Camacho

    I bought this King James Holy Bible this year in the Regular sized Red-Letter Schuyler Black Goatskin. This is the best print I’ve ever read to this day. I only trust the KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE. All my sweet exhaustive research I’ve done reveals that this truly is the perfectly preserved word of God in the English language.

    So this specific one here by Schuyler is the most beautiful and the reason why I say that is not because of the cover alone, but because of the pages between the covers. The print is done in what they call the “2K Denmark”, I believe. It’s a font specifically designed for the Text. And what it does, is makes the words smoothly readable without effort or straining. I have no idea how they’ve achieved this, but it works. It’s the only Holy book I have that is the best I can read and it’s like butter for my eyes. It’s as if the letters are hovering above the paper itself. I can smoothly glide my eyes through the text as easy as an eagle gliding over the surface of the ocean. Without any weight of effort.

    With that being said, combine that with the size of this Schuyler and it is quintessential! I’ve decided to buy this Personal size one in Black Goatskin leather as well. Hasn’t arrived yet but when it does I’ll take that one with me to work and beautiful days outside in a park or countryside. But once I get home and I’m going to read, this is the one I’ll enjoy… or both. Like I said, the print is so beautiful it makes it even more enjoyable. Nothing is worse than actually wanting to read the word of God because you actually have a passionate desire to read God’s words and want to be that man in PSALMS 1, to then have to struggle because the text you’re reading is either too small or the print is not pleasant to the eyes. It doesn’t invite you to read. Not because your spiritual level is decreasing but simply because the Bible you have was not manufactured with the same effort and attention to detail as this one is. That’s all.

    The point is, this Schuyler Authorized King James Holy Bible was specifically manufactured with the reader in mind. It was given the utmost attention to detail. And I recommend it to all Christians. It makes reading and studying so much more enjoyable. The cover is smooth and plush to the touch. Lays flat. I love the ornamental drop caps. Tipping the hat to the first produced Authorized King James Bible in 1611. I like the red everywhere and verse numbers. It’s a deep red.
    Read the other reviews above. They all have much to say in addition to what I’ve said. It’s a lot to type into words. It’s worth every penny for this heirloom Bible. God’s Word is without price, but the craftsmanship found in the covers outside of that Word is what you are investing in, down to the font, ink, print, layout.
    Who can begin to estimate how many people have been impacted by its words over the past four centuries?
    The King James Holy Bible continues to change lives. Over 400 years after its publication, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people still turn to it every day as their preferred version of Scripture. For great reason. In its words, they find strength. They find purpose. They find inspiration and encouragement. They find hard truths and soothing assurances.

    Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. (PSALM 119:11)

    The cadence, rhythm, and flow of the King James Holy Bible has helped facilitate that “hiding” process in countless hearts. Its memorable phrasing has a timeless appeal.

    The literary pedigree of the King James Holy Bible is so impressive that it was rumored that William Shakespeare had a hand in its creation. This is false. However, Shakespeare was alive and well in England while the King James Bible was being translated. But he was neither a scholar nor a translator. The common ground between his works and the Authorized Version is that they are literary masterpieces.

    Alexander Geddes, a Roman Catholic and translation scholar, summarized it best in 1792 when he wrote of the Authorized King James Holy Bible:
    “If accuracy, fidelity, and the strictest
    attention to the letter of the text, be supposed to constitute the qualities of an excellent version, this of all versions, must, in general, be accounted the most excellent. Every sentence, every word, every syllable, and every letter and point, seems to have been weighed with the nicest exactitude; and expressed, either in the text, or margin, with the greatest precision.”
    To God be the glory!

    The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
    The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
    The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  7. dbjg975

    This Bible is unparalleled perfection.
    Everything about this Bible is top of the line and absolutely gorgeous.

  8. scorpiochic1978

    Great bible loved it so much we bought a second one. Great quality and beautiful work from inside to out. Customer service is outstanding, great people that know how to take care of their customers.

  9. John

    Amazing!!!!!! This is the last bible I will ever purchase!!! I will give it to my son and he will give it to his son and so on and so forth. The only reason I purchased this Bible was for the binding alone. Oh how I have received more than what I bargained for!!! If you are thinking of purchasing this Bible, do not second guess yourself. It is worth every single cent!!! KJV is so classic and pure but the Schuyler Personal Size Canterbury KJV Black Goatskin Bible goes far beyond the standard! Good job Schuyler (pronounced skyler) keep up the great, hard work!

  10. Surrender It All

    The Schuyler KJV Personal Canterbury is a work of art! Such a blessing to hold the Word of God in a personal and enjoyable manner. I look forward to reading it every chance I can get. Thank you Evangelical Bible & thank Schuyler for making such an AWEsome Bible! I’ll be a customer till the Lord returns for His people, or takes me into His presence. God bless!

  11. Paul E.

    Not too much to add to these reviews. Having owned the full-sized Canterbury as well, I was a little concerned that the font might be too small (8.5), but it’s perfect.
    This is a stunning Bible, and I feel that it’s perfectly sized. I love that the Psalms are Single Column. This is a perfect preaching Bible–I can’t wait to use it this Sunday.
    I highly recommend the Schuyler Canterbury KJV in any color. My Black Goatskin has a beautiful red leather liner, and 2 red ribbons.

  12. Nelson Hollins

    Page 868 has the lovely ornamental first letter ‘P’ , covering 4 lines. And it is nice that these 150 drawings throughout the Psalms are placed slightly above the 1st line.
    Page 870 shows the ornamental covering 5 lines, & these are level with the 1st line.
    My Review of the Personal Canterbury Bible in Green Calfskin, shows some other features of these most excellent best Bibles available today !
    To keep this Bible like new , it is kept in the Schuyler box ; & then the box inside a wooden Bible cedar chest. No dust allowed you see !
    Somehow Schuyler has far surpassed, all Allan & Cambridge & everybody else who tries to build KJV Bibles !

  13. Frederick Littlefield

    I already have the Full-size Schuyler Canterbury Bible in Black Goatskin. It is a wonderful bible easy to read and quality built. When I heard that a personal-sized bible was in the making I immediately ordered one thinking that it would be good but not as good as the full sized Canterbury. This personal-sized Canterbury Bible is perfect. It has the same quality and feel, but lighter and smaller than the full sized Bible. I love this Bible. It is easier and more practical to carry around. The only problem is because of its size the font is smaller and not as easy on the eyes to read. This is not a problem if your eyes are in good shape. This Bible deserves an A+, 5 out of 5 stars., Thanks Schuyler and Evangelical Bible.
    I have bought 5 of these Canterbury Bibles and given them to people I Love. I have never been disappointed in any of them. When people say why pay so much for a Bible? I say why would you pay so much for an iPhone? If it is important you will pay good money for something that will last a lifetime and the Bible is no exception. It is truly an investment in Salvation.

  14. conrad carter

    I received my personal sized KJV Canterbury and am very happy with how this volume presents itself. The more perfect a Volume becomes the greater the tendency to pick at the tiny things but the only ‘thing’ I have is that the marginal notes have been left out. I wish that were not the case, for as one looks at a fire seeing the tiny flames separate then disappear so too for me have been the helpfulness of these notes.
    Onward, we’ll see how it holds up over the next year.
    Many thanks to Schuyler for bringing this Bible forward. I would definitely buy it again.

  15. redwards

    Absolutely gorgeous! This is my fourth Schuyler Bible purchase, and the first one in the Personal Size. (I previously purchased two (2) ESV Quentels (one in Imperial Blue goatskin for myself, and one in Dark Brown for my wife), and a NKJV Quentel in Firebrick Red goatskin. I’ve reviewed the first two; I’ll review the third one shortly.) Even though I primarily now use the ESV, the KJV offers an elegance that’s not to be found anywhere else. In effect, even its non-poetic passages come across as “elevated prose”, and for me, there are just times when I want to get away by myself and read the Biblical text in a loftier form of English. For me, it just elevates my worship experience.
    So early on, I knew I wanted a get a KJV version, (the earlier purchased NKJV gives me a comparative text to the ESV), and I loved what I saw in the Canterbury. The big question for me was whether or not to go ahead and go with the regular-sized KJV Canterbury, or wait until the Personal-Sized ones came out. In essence, both are pretty similar. The chief differences reside with the size, and the fact that the Personal-Sized version does not contain a concordance. That said, the Personal-Sized one IS a red letter edition. Aside from a slightly smaller font size (8.5 point in the Personal-Sized version vs. 11 point in the regular-sized version) and slightly thinner paper (28 GSM in the Personal vs. 36 GSM in the Regular), they’re essentially identical – down to the same pagination. SO, after further deliberation, and realizing that my primary use of this Bible would be to go out into a quiet, peaceful place in the country to read, meditate, pray, and just worship (vs. reading/semi-studying), I opted to go with the Personal-Sized Canterbury. I’d already made a decision on the choice of color. I love blue (my favorite color), and I knew the Canterbury would be beautiful in the Imperial Blue color with the dark red accents. But I already have an Imperial Blue ESV. So I quickly settled on the Black goatskin, and I’m glad that I did. The dark red liner, ribbons, red accents, red-under-gold gilt, and red letter text for the words of Christ make this an absolutely stunning, beautiful Bible!! Aesthetically, I couldn’t be more pleased. Size-wise, the Personal-Sized version is perfect for carrying/reading for contemplative worship: not too small; not too big. I was a little concerned about the font size. (The ESV Study Bible I use has 9 point font for the text, and is usable, but I’d probably prefer larger, and I’ve grown very fond of the 11 point font in the regular-sized Quentels.) But my apprehension has been assuaged; the 8.5 font is VERY legible due to the crisp, clear printing and the Milo type font, so that concern has been put to rest. How about the paper? Well, it is (to me anyway) noticeably thinner, but not in a bad way. Others have commented that it feels “silk-like”, and I would readily agree. There’s definitely a different feel when turning the pages of this Bible. IT IS THIN, but it also feels strong, and not easily susceptible to tearing. The print is crisp and clear, and the red accents used throughout along makes for an absolutely beautiful text block. The ornamental drop caps are intricate and bring a sense of elegance to the text, and the use of red letter for the words of Christ is not (to me anyway) overly intrusive. In fact, I like this feature. The red is more of a “cranberry red” (vs. a bright red), so it’s neither garish, nor hard on the eyes. There is a slight degree of ghosting, but the line-matching helps to minimize this, and I’ve got no problems with it. I like the fact that Schuyler has included the Epistle Dedicatory and Translator to the Readers, as well as a glossary of King James terms. These are both interesting, and the latter should prove to be quite helpful on occasion for deciphering the meaning of those more obscure words. How about the omission of the concordance? Well, yes, it would have been nice to have it – especially considering the fact that the Canterbury KJV version of the concordance includes some somewhat biographical features for entries associated with Biblical personages. But, that said, the common complaint of all Schuyler concordances is that they use too small of a font, so I would think this problem would be even more exacerbated if they tried to scale down the regular-sized concordance to a Personal-Sized one. So, factoring that in, I’m not really distressed that this version doesn’t have one. (After all, I’ve got one for each of my other regular-sized Quentels.) The map set is the same as what’s found in the regular-sized versions, only scaled down to fit the Personal-Size format. The quality of construction is superb. From what I can tell, mine looks to be flawless. The red-under-gold gilt is much more pronounced than earlier versions (or what I’ve seen with my regular-sized Dark Brown ESV and Firebrick Red NKJV – both of which have more of a salmon-colored red under the gold), and I’ve confirmed with Evangelical Bible this is because Schuyler has intentionally intensified the “redness” of the red-under-gold gilt by spraying it twice. This is a welcome improvement as it helps to make this Bible – as well as it’s regular-size counterpart – “pop” in this area. In short, this Bible is simply stunning in appearance, feel, readability, and quality.
    In summary, it has exceeded my expectations on all counts, and I have nothing negative to say about it. It is absolutely magnificent! Even the “new Bible smell” exudes perfection!
    If you are thinking about purchasing a quality KJV version of the Bible, you can’t go wrong with the Schuyler KJV Canterbury. The biggest question for you will likely be the same as it was for me: Regular-size or Personal-Size? And that’s one you’ll have to answer depending upon how you envision using this Bible. But truthfully, I don’t believe you can go wrong either way; this is simply an outstanding Bible, and one that should easily last for a lifetime, and that would make an excellent heirloom to pass along to children or grandchildren.

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