Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Bible, Black Goatskin

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Black Goatskin cover
2 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page Size: 7″ x 4.875″ x 1.125″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Black Goatskin.  Pictures Here.’s Cambridge Cameo Page.

This reissue of a classic Cambridge edition has offered an opportunity for the print image to be enhanced-and is thus sharper than in recent years.

  • India Paper
  • Red Letter
  • Concordance
  • Cross-Reference
  • Pronunciation Marks
  • 15 Color Maps
  • 2 Ribbon Markers
  • Edge Lined
  • Art Gilt Edges
  • Photo of sample page

Page Size: 7″ x 4.875″ x 1.125″ (177 mm x 123 mm x 27 mm)
Typography: 8 pt Petit Medieval Clarendon

19 reviews for Cambridge KJV Cameo Ref. Edition Bible, Black Goatskin

  1. GloryToGod (verified owner)

    Excellent small Bible. It’s so portable, you can carry and read it anywhere. The font is so easy to read and seems a lot larger than it is. The paper and all materials used on this Bible are really high quality. It opens and stays open really nicely.

  2. A Person

    I primarily only use hand-sized reference bibles for study and reading because they have the greatest balance of ease-of-handling and readabiltiy. This size is just perfect for me, as I prefer to hold the bible in my hands rather than set it on a table or a reading stand.

    In addition to the Cambridge Cameo KJV, I have a Schuyler Personal Sized Canterbury, an Allan 7C Brevier Clarendon KJV, and the Cambridge Pitt Minion KJV, all in black goatskin. At this point, I’ve handled them all extensively. For me, the Cameo edges out all of the rest.

    Even though they have what feels like similar thickness/quality of paper, the Cameo wins out over the PSC due to a more eye-friendly ivory paper, greater legibility of font/ink, easier center-column references, inclusion of translator notes, and epistle endnotes. The PSC has far better ribbons than any of the others and the modern typesetting is great, but I am less of a fan of the chapter headings.

    Even though they have many textual and reference similarities, the Cameo wins out over the Allan 7C due to thicker, more durable paper as well as greater legibility due to clearer font and more opaque paper. The Allan does win out in thinness, inclusion of Oxford Cyclopedic Condordance, and the inclusion of 3 ribbons (which should really be standard in all but the smallest bibles), but the paper is just too thin for casual handling.

    Comparing the Cameo to the Pitt Minion is unfair because the latter is designed with greater portability in mind at the expense of readability, so I will refrain.

    If you don’t mind a classic typeface (in contrast to the PSC and PM’s modern settings), which I don’t, I would say the Cambridge Cameo is the most legible of the hand-sized bibles I own. All of the bibles have high-quality leather, though the Pitt Minion is stiffer and the Allan 7C is much softer. The PSQ and Cameo are very similar in grain and feel, though the former does feature a leather liner which is a great touch. Each one has its place in my rotation (and I keep all four in the same drawer so I am familiar with the differences in each) but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be the Cambridge Cameo. Now to justify a purchase of the Allan 27 Brevier Blackface to compare with the Cameo…

  3. Stephen

    If you can invest in only one bible, go for the Cambridge Cameo: a premium quality, time-honored, easy-carry edition. Do not settle for mediocre or “decent” quality bibles; go for the best. The old Cambridge texts preserve the correct edition of the KJV; whereas Oxford texts (e.g. RL Allan) have altered certain words in the pure old version’s text due to Catholic infiltration of the University (Oxford Movement).

    The brick red-lettering of this Cameo edition should be acceptable to those who prefer the classic black letter text.

    Modern computerized texts are inferior to the older, hot metal press text. Fine, bold classic fonts are better for the eyes and the mind. The mind is subconsciously stirred to better appreciate the old-fashioned religion set forth by the scripture.

    Those who claim to not be able to afford this edition either need to get a job or learn to save money.

  4. Jeff (verified owner)

    This Cameo is absolutely the best hand size Bible I have used yet. The bold dark font is beautiful and so readable. The red letter is a perfect bold and consistent brick red. You will not go wrong by purchasing this Bible if you are looking for an outstanding hand size KJV red letter premium Bible.

  5. K. Wade Stover (verified owner)

    You will not find another Bible this size with a darker more readable font. Like every Cambridge it just has a richness about it.

  6. Travis Wake1689 (verified owner)

    This Bible is a must have. Although this is an 8 pt and PSQ is an 8.5 this is PSQ’s biggest rival. This is not lined matched but you can’t tell. Cambridge has super dark font and the red is the best in the business. Don’t keep reading…go buy it.

  7. J. Crenshaw

    This is my 2nd Cambridge Bible that I have purchased recently. My 1st Cambridge was the Turquoise in Blue. I loved it so much that I wanted another ‘smaller’ Cambridge for different reasons. Both are Goatskin and are simply amazing Bibles. The Turquoise is much easier on my eyes to read and it is my main ‘Preaching Bible’ (see my review under ‘Turquoise’). Today, I did my morning devotional reading ‘Thru the Bible’ with both on my lap. Though the Cameo is much smaller font, it is still very readable. For both, it is wonderful to own and use quality Bibles with such a rich history! I highly recommend Cambridge Bibles!

  8. Jack (verified owner)

    The greatest Bible ever made in this size! This reissue of a modern classic sets it leagues apart from other premium Bibles in the personal size class. Cambridge continues to publish quality by using the best materials and design sense for this very handy and well bound edition of the popular King James Version. Within the plush goat skin cover is a highly legible text block set in a very bold and easily readable typeface called Petit Medieval Clarendon. The font has generous leading for each line of every verse to breath and the kerning makes the space of each letter play a key part in your reading experience .
    For anyone looking for their first premium Bible this is a great start! It is highly portable and light weight. Investing in this Bible you will be rewarded with a Bible you can depend on for years to come. Believe me, it is well constructed. Just holding it in your hands and turning the pages you can easily sense the quality put into making it. Because it’s well crafted and being such a handsome personal carry Bible it will be hard to depart with it. Having this I can’t think about any other personal size Bibles.
    The most important thing is that this Cameo edition is extremely legible. Because of the bold font and impeccable line matching of the text block, reading it is pleasant for long periods. However, if you are thinking of a Bible to use for studying by marking it with ink pens and highlighters I suggest using a lower grade Bible that you would not mind departing with later. The India paper of this Bible is of great quality but is not opaque enough to where it will be conducive to a good reading experience even if you use the best highlighters available.
    For all the great basic features you get with this Cameo it comes at a decent price point. Highly recommended. You’ll love this Bible!

  9. Wayne Rexrode

    I now own every Cambridge KJV Bible that can be purchased on right now,and this Cambridge KJV Cameo Reference Bible is by far my favorite of them all.
    The goatskin leather is simply exquisite.The size is perfection. The construction is what every quality Bible lover requires.
    I love the paragraph format, and what really makes this unique, is that it contains references as well.
    Would I recommend this Bible to anyone else?
    In a heartbeat.
    Let the Church live loud KJV Ministries

  10. Jeffrey

    What a wonderful little bible! The Cameo is small and compact, loaded with features, yet the 8 point, classic, Petit Medieval bible font is dark, contrasts well on the high quality India paper, and is very readable with my aging eyes. The goatskin leather is soft, supple, and a pleasure to hold in my hands. The Smythe-sewn binding is extremely strong and flexible. The little bible drapes comfortably over my knee in church, and lays open and flat on a table. Words of Christ are red up to Acts 1:8. This is a deep, rich, red color; not pink or sienna as with most contemporary bibles today. These bibles will last, with reasonable care, for generations. The Cameo has the standard two column text with all of the cross references, like the Concord. Red under gold art-gilded page edges, two red satin page markers, and thumb-indexed. The Cameo has the standard concordance and 15 full color maps. I’m very pleased with this bible!

  11. Ken Avery (verified owner)

    Merry Christmas to me 🙂 this is what my wife gave me for Christmas, it is an excellent Bible for daily reading! This is now my go to daily Bible, the print is dark, the character and line spacing is just right and the 8 pt. font is very readable. Very comfortable in the hand for long reading session, well worth the price!

    God bless you and keep you,

  12. Tony Brown (verified owner)

    This is the first goatskin Cambridge bible I have purchased/owned and I am very impressed! It is very soft but also fairly thick. The text is clear and clean. This is a great size bible for travel, or if you prefer a smaller bible. This definitely will not be my last Cambridge goatskin bible!

  13. Frank Sanchez

    This Bible has the best overall size to text size ratio I have seen thus far. Great hand size Bible, with all the usual Cambridge accompaniment, but equally excellent size text. It helps that the text is bold, which also limits ghosting. When I first received my copy, it was a little stiff, but has since been broken in. All in all another great addition.

  14. D. C. Smith (verified owner)

    I have to say, I love almost everything about this bible! Things liked most: a perfect sized bible, inside leather lined, the print is VERY VERY readable, nice dark lettering, verse by verse is hard to come by in small bibles yet this little dandy has it, dark red lettering of Christ’s words while on earth complements the black lettering very well! Things liked least: Holy Bible is not on the front as depicted on the website, the bright red ribbons are distracting to the eyes and are on the thin side. Also, I wished there were a few lined writing pages in the back. All in all wonderful bible! Very, VERY, happy!

  15. Jeff Clarke (verified owner)

    This is a really nice, handy sized Bible. When I first opened the box and held this Bible, I could feel the great quality! I had never felt a goatskin cover before and, oh my, it is so soft and durable. The art guilding looks so nice and the printing on the pages is very well defined and easy to read. I was very happy with how the words of Christ were a nice deep red that went very well with the rest of the black text.

    Now, onto the disappointing part. Only a few weeks after using this Bible, during church service, the preacher asked us to turn to Exodus 30. I did and was very unhappy when pages started falling out. They were not sewn in at all. I was very disappointed! I called Baker Publishing and they said they would send me a label I can use to ship the Bible back for replacement, but that was over a week ago and I haven’t received anything. It took less time (5 days) to receive the Bible from and I’m in Canada!!

    Besides that, it’s a really nice Bible. I’m looking forward to getting a replacement!

  16. Ron Hancock (verified owner)

    This bible has a wonderful feel, and easy to read. The problem is mine came with red ribbon that is hard on the eyes. Mine also doesn’t say Holy Bible on the outside front cover, but it looks better that way.

  17. John Oulton

    This is an extremely well done edition of the classic cameo. The cover is so soft and supple and simply feels good in your hand. The cameo font is very pleasant and the red letter has been extrememly well executed. For the price point of the this bible by evbible, you can’t beat it.

  18. Robert Richardson

    WOW!!!…… EXCELLENT bible……..very readable…….great binding!!!

  19. John Comito (verified owner)

    I love this new Cameo! It fits perfectly in the hand, has a beautiful bold antique typeface (Clarendon) which is easily read and a delight on the eyes, and the quality of this newly improved printing is unsurpassed in quality. I chose the black goatskin binding, which is very supple and edge lined. The red letter ink for the words of Christ while upon earth is very nicely subdued so it doesn’t jump” off the page like in some older bibles. Thanks for putting the Cameo back in production Cambridge! It’s size”

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