Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit

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Black Calfsplit cover
2 ribbons and gold gilt
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The Turquoise Reference Edition of the King James Bible was created in the 1920s and has stood as a superb and well-loved example of classic Cambridge typographic design for over ninety years. The large format allows the text to be presented in a comfortably readable form using a bold, traditional typeface with cross-references. For this edition, the concordance has been freshly typeset, and the Bible includes the Translators’ Preface, their compelling account of the principles underlying the publication of the KJV in 1611.

Features include:

Gold gilt page edges
Red-letter text
28 gsm Indopaque paper
2 ribbon markers
Translator’s Preface
Pronunciation marks
Italics for inserted words
References and concordance
Family record section and presentation page
Map section
Smyth Sewn

Typography: 10/11 point Antique Old Style No. 3
Page size: 9.2″ x 6″ x 1.3″ (234 mm x 152 mm x 32 mm)
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10 reviews for Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    There is no comparison when it comes to the opaque paper of a 1960’s Cambridge bible to today’s editions. However, this particular edition is still very nice and readable for the money.

  2. Ronald Chastine

    I was hesitate to order the split calfskin since I like goatskin so much & most of my bibles are floppy fun. So it was after phone calls to EVB that I decided if I didn’t like it I could return it. I wanted this to replace my old turquoise Cambridge that is worn out. But I didn’t wish to pay for goatskin since I have quite a few. Others have given long reviews so I will simply say it is a lovely handful with a firm but soft leather that will get more pliable with use. I love the red letter ( old one was black) and the translator note to the reader. I definitely made the right choice. A quality bible. Only complaint: my old version has better wider ribbons. But? So it is.

  3. douglas (verified owner)

    will have one delivered weds I can hardly wait…

  4. douglas (verified owner)

    patiently waiting for mine to be delivered on weds I can hardly wait..

  5. jeff graham (verified owner)

    Jeff Graham April 29 2021
    I love this Bible, the craftsmanship is excellent! this Bible is well worth the price. The type set is very easy on the eyes.

  6. Jim delgatty (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful Bible. It’s strength for me is the dark ink for my tired eyes. It is pricey but you get what you pay for. I am just enjoying reading it. Thank you for good service, evangelical Bible

  7. Russell Smith (verified owner)

    My Turquoise Bible in black calfspilt arrived today and I could not be happier with all aspects of it! I find it’s quality to be at the same level as Allen and very close to Schuyler. My sincere thanks to Karen and Melissa for their kindness

  8. Philip (verified owner)

    I have to add my approval of the first two reviewers of this Bible. I have several goatskin Bibles and love the feel and quality of goat skin. However, I had been searching for this exact version of the King James for many years, since my most used Bible is a 22-year old Cambridge Turquoise KJV Reference Bible. (BTW, I still have my sales receipt of that Bible. It retailed for $112.70 back in 1998) Of all the KJV Bibles I own, the print, font, red-letter clarity and size of this Bible has proven superior over the years. Of course all of my printed marginal notes are in this Bible as well. Unfortunately, after so many years, it had begun to fall apart. When reintroduced this version in goat skin, I bought one for myself, with the intention of transferring my notes. (What a task!) I wanted to share this version of the KJV with all my children, and when the calfskin version came out, I bought one to check it out. As has been mentioned in other review this is a Bible of high quality construction and materials, with all the advantages of the original. I cannot recommend it more highly. The ease of reading, the center column references, the concordance, dictionary and maps are all top shelf. You will not be disappointed.

  9. samuel.vance (verified owner)

    I bought this bible for my wife and had her name engraved in it. I liked hers better than my cambridge cameo as it is larger and bigger print. I would try to swap but the best solution is to buy it and put my name on it. This is in my opinion the nicest bible I have ever read.

  10. Jeffrey J Jourdonais (verified owner)

    I have been mostly buying goatskin bibles the last few years , but this calf split bound Cambridge Turquoise is one of the finest bindings I’ve ever held in my hand. It is soft, supple and beautiful. Being smythe sewn, it lays flat from the first page of Genesis to the last page of the maps. The European paper is exquisite, there is no ghosting that I can see, and printed by Royal Jongbloed, it has all the trappings of a truly premium bible. The font is really nice, Antique No 3, I believe they call it. It is bold and large and the red letter portion is some of the finest red letter print I’ve ever seen in a bible. If you’ve been sitting on the fence on this one, I highly recommend this bible. It is virtually a work of art.

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