Allan KJV 52 Longprimer Bible, Purple Meriva Calfskin

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Purple Calfskin cover with Navy Calfskin liner
3 purple ribbons with blue under silver page edges
Page size: 8 3/4″ x 6″
10/11 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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New Purple edition with silver embossing and blue-under-silver page edges.

This beautiful edition of the 52 Longprimer is bound in a soft Purple Meriva natural grain calfskin with a generous semi-yapp cover, leather-lined in navy split calfskin, with silver gilt line round the inside of the case, and features double-sprayed blue-under-silver art gilt page edges and three purple ribbon markers with white head and tail bands.

The 52 Longprimer edition includes our distinctive 8pp Presentation Page and Family Record as well as 32pp of navy feint rule Allan notepaper in addition to the dictionary of proper names, subject index, concordance and 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps.

First printed in 1952, the King James Version Longprimer Bible is a sumptuous, traditional reference setting of the Authorized Version. Developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan, it has for many years been our flagship Bible, renowned the world over for its clarity of type and our beautiful bindings.

Our latest Longprimer printings hark back to a vintage copy of the classic Longprimer, printed in the period 1952-1958 under Charles Batey, then Printer to the University of Oxford, returning to a page image that is much closer to the original intentions of the typesetters. This new-old page image retains the large, clear type of the Longprimer we all know and love, but has a crisper letter form and less of the broken type and ‘spread’ that mark out much-used letterpress typesettings subsequently transferred to film and, only more recently, to digital scans.

Printed on best quality highly opaque 36gsm India Paper * Large, crisp black letter type * 100,000 centre column chain references with dates above * Three navy ribbon markers * Blue under silver page edges * 16 pages of full colour Oxford Bible maps * Concordance, subject index and dictionary of proper names * Exclusively available in Allan’s fine leather bindings.

Page size:  8 3/4 x 6 inches (221 x 150mm)

Spine width: 1 1/2 inch thick (40mm)

Type size: 10/11pt bold print

5 reviews for Allan KJV 52 Longprimer Bible, Purple Meriva Calfskin

  1. Gregory (verified owner)

    I hate to be the odd man out here, but I am just not as in love with this Bible as so many other people seem to be. I bought it because I wanted to compare it to my Cambridge Turquoise, which is comparable in terms of dimensions and font size. However, I much prefer the Turquoise.

    The purple meriva calfskin is beautiful and lovely to the touch. It’s very floppy. The production quality — i.e. the materials — is very high here. The paper, however, wasn’t quite as good as I was expecting given other reviews I’ve seen. Maybe my expectations were too high. It’s kind of a creamier/off-white color and isn’t as silky smooth as I was expecting. The print is excellent — the font size seems to be in that sort of perfect sweet spot of not too large and not too small. What I was not happy with was the fact that there were no italics to indicate supplied words, as well as that some of the margin notes in some places seem more like a revised/critical text criticism of the KJV text. One thing that stood out that got on my nerves was the margin reading for Isaiah 26:4 which in my Turquoise and in my Wide Margin Allan says, “THE rock of ages,” whereas in the Longprimer it says, “A rock of ages.” Maybe a non-issue for many, but for me it just didn’t sit right.

    I will probably end up selling this Bible or giving it away as a gift at some point. Still, I highly recommend it if you want a well-proportioned Bible with nice, readable font.

  2. Sergeant V

    I find the print in this RL Allan 52 Longprimer to be more darker and the font design is bolder than the Milo font found in both the Quentel or Canterbury by Schuyler. The paper is equal to quality with the Schuyler but there seems to be a slight difference in opacity to me where the Allan is more opaque than the Schuyler paper. Actually it feels and looks a lot like the paper you get in the Cambridge turquoise.

    Comparisons aside, this King James Bible has the best leather as its cover. This Meriva calfskin is very different and makes what seem to be another premium bible a tier above most other typical goatskin bibles. Meriva is a smooth leather unlike goatskin and it’s a very floppy leather too. So if you don’t like your bible to droop when you open it then it’s probably not for you. I find it best reading flat on a table or on my lap on the couch. Perhaps preachers and teachers may find its flexible appeal handy when giving a sermon or lecture.

    Longprimer bibles do not come with the translator to the readers as most Cambridge and King James Schuyler bibles but that doesn’t make me not like it any less. The helps in the back more than make up for any discrepancies you think it might have functionally speaking. The maps are one of the best to be found in modern bibles.

    The take away here is you get a bible on par with any 53 or 63 Longprimer with full yap highland goatskin. Meriva calfskin is a great choice for someone looking for something unique in their bible. It’s only found in the KJV offerings so you won’t get it in any modern translation. I am happy that Allan has something that the other big publishers don’t have and that makes Allan a stand out from everyone else. Get it! It’s worth your hard earned money.

  3. Charlo Almeda (verified owner)

    This Allan KJV 52 Longprimer in Purple Plum color is so far the most elegant Bible I have purchased. The Meriva Calfskin cover is just so soft and supple to touch and hold. The color blue under the silver art-gilded pages complements the rich purple plum cover. The 3 purple silk ribbons are a nice addition to accentuate the beauty of this Bible. With the popular oxford longprimer KJV text block as its content, this Bible projects a regal, majestic, and historical aura, when you begin to read. If you are looking for a religious heirloom to enjoy and pass down to your children and reflecting your spiritual heritage, this specific Purple Plum 52 Longprimer is a worthy choice. You will not regret it. You might even be tempted to buy two, just to immerse yourself in one, and to preserve its untouched and unparalleled beauty in the other.

  4. charlene (verified owner)

    Just received this Bible yesterday and while I have not thoroughly ‘checked it out’ yet, I already love the feel and look of this one. I have two others that would be considered premium, and they do come close in quality, but this one is the best in looks! I can’t wait to start using it as a daily Bible, and study, and I will always love KJV best. The purple used on the cover is quite classy. Also cannot believe how quickly it came for delivery to my place.

  5. Steven Spencer

    I just received this Bible yesterday and I’ve been up all night because I could not put my new Bible down! Ahhh, first review, huh? Where do I begin? It came in a really bice box–as all Allan’s do. It was wrapped nicely and when I opened this Bible, it was in prestine-perfect condition. At first when I stripped away all the packing to see my new Bible for the first time, it looked, really dark, almost black. But my room had really poor lighting. So when I went to a room with good light, man-o-man, the purple jumped out on me! The best word I can use to despcribe it was that it was a beautiful-regal-purple. Simply amazing! The meriva calfskin was buttery-soft, so very smooth to the touch. And this Bible is one that feels great in the hand–Hard to describe it but I would say this is the softest Bible I have ever felt in my life! The perimeter tooling was just perfect all the way around the Bible. The silver stamping on the cover looks stately and regal. I wish that this Bible came with raised ribs, but alas–I guess we can’t have the absolute PERFECT Bible. But the etched ribs look subtle and elegant. Listen, folks. I have lots of premium Bibles–from Cambridge, Schuyler and Allan; but of all the premium Bibles I have had, this one tops them all! No kidding!!!

    Now as to the inside of this baby, the presentation page is simple but has the same regal look as the outside. And there are 4 white pages before the presentation page with plenty of room for writing quotes–I wrote mine using the Pigma Micron 05 in various colors–really nice! paper is printed in the Netherlands on acid-free paper by Royal Jongbloed. And is so soft and smooth to the touch–and the print is very readable and easy on the eyes. I read mine for hours and I could have gone longer–and that’s saying a lot because I have very poor seeing (and blind in one eye). The ribbons (all 3 and silk-sided on both sides) are perfectly long and cut and are a lighter purple than the Bible which makes both the Bible AND the ribbons look all the more beautiful. The color combination is perfect. There are lined paper in the back for writing anything that strikes your fancy. The maps are nice and on white-stock-paper. is quite lengthy as is the Subject-Index which one could use to prepare good lessons and sermons. And having the Proper Names that is so complete is a really nice feature.

    The art-gilding (silver on the outside and blue on the inside) looks just really great! Reading this Bible with the pages open is an aesthetic experience to say the least. O, and by the way, I use the Zebra-Zebrite yellow markers and they do not bleed through whatsoever (very cool)! And I use a gold-yellow Pigma Micron 05 to highlight each word in whatever verse I am underlining. And with this paper at all looks so great! I’ve been trying to think of some kind of negative as pertaining to this Bible, but I simply cannot find one. [And I tend to be suspicious of people who give 5-star reviews and absolutely NO negative]. But be that as it may, if there were anything I would change about this Bible, I simply cannot think of anything I would possibly change. Listen guys (and gals), this Allan KJV Longprimer 52 is as good as it gets. I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy or dissatisfied with this Bible. I absolutely love it and I would bet my botton dollar that so would YOU. GO FOR IT! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

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