Cambridge ESV Diadem Reference Bible with Apocrypha Black Calfsplit leather, Red-letter Text

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Black Calfsplit cover
Ribbon markers and gold gilt
8.1 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
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The Diadem Reference Edition enlarges the classic and elegant text design of the Pitt Minion Edition, widely admired for its fine combination of readable text and efficient use of space. The digital typeface retains the elegance of traditional Bible lettering, while offering the clarity of reading provided by modern fonts. The text is arranged in paragraph format and supported by centre-column cross-references, a comprehensive concordance, and 15 colour maps. This ESV Bible is bound in black calf split leather and includes the Apocryphal books which appear together in the centre of the Bible. The Apocrypha comprise books written in the inter-testamental period. Although not accepted into the Hebrew Canon, they survive in the Greek Scriptures. This edition includes the same eighteen books as found in the Revised Standard Version, including Tobit, 1-4 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, Judith, Baruch, and Psalm 151, along with the additions to Esther and Daniel. As in the whole of the ESV Bible, the translation of these books strives for accuracy, providing an essentially literal word-for-word approach to the original texts.

  • ESV Bible with Apocrypha
  • Black calf split leather
  • Enlargement of the widely admired Pitt Minion setting
  • Paragraph format
  • Full concordance, cross-references and 15 colour maps
  • 8.1 pt Lexicon

1 review for Cambridge ESV Diadem Reference Bible with Apocrypha Black Calfsplit leather, Red-letter Text

  1. Jeffrey Turpin (verified owner)

    This Bible uses black calf-split leather, which is not only very sturdy (yes, a bit stiff) but also has a very pebbly grain (and a wonderful smell). The paste-down liner is vinyl and reinforced with binder’s tape everywhere you’d expect. The paper is silky smooth (a Cambridge specialty) and quite opaque. The gold gilt was flawless, however, this edition has no art gilt. There are two smaller-width black ribbons (no 10mm or 3/8″ ribbons here) included as well.

    The layout, font, and content is fantastic. I could see the font size making the eyes tired after a long reading session; but for any session of short to intermediate length, the font’s size is fine. The references in the middle of the two columns and are plenteous in number. The footnotes are in the bottom corners as well as any references that do not fit between the columns. The concordance is large though the font is a bit smaller; nonetheless, this ends up leaving large margins at the top and bottom of all the pages, which would be perfect for notes. Of course, the amazing Cambridge maps are included in the back along with the map index. There’s a chart in the front of the Bible that describes the Kings of the United and Divided Kingdoms, and there are a few maps (printed on Bible paper and in black and white) near the Apocrypha to help with studying those books as well.

    Overall, this Bible fills a need (a Bible with the full Apocrypha) and does so in a high-quality though less-than-premium manner. For the money and quality, there’s hardly a better value currently in the Bible market for a quality English Bible that includes the Apocrypha (appropriately in between the Old and New Testaments).

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