Cambridge ESV Topaz Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

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Black Goatskin cover with leather lining
2 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6″ x 9″ x 1-1/4″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Produced in a larger format and designed to suit both private study and public reading, the new Cambridge Topaz edition is a two-colour reference Bible of the highest quality. The Topaz features a brand new design and, as a new Cambridge family, will be made available in multiple translations over time.

The sleek and contemporary design of the Topaz is carefully printed on the finest India-style paper and complemented with traditional binding techniques. Chapter and Verse numbers are printed in red to aid navigation.

Features include:

Black Goatskin with leather edge lined binding – exclusive pictures here.
Textblock: approximately 6″ x 9″ x 1-1/4″
Smyth Sewn
Double column
Verse by Verse
Line matched
Modern, digital typeface
10 pt. font
Cross References in the outer margins
Translation notes at the bottom of the page
Red Letter for the words of Christ
28 GSM Indopaque paper
Art Gilt for both Goatskin and Calfskin editions
2 high quality ribbons
Presentation and Family Records Pages

17 reviews for Cambridge ESV Topaz Reference Bible, Black Goatskin

  1. Andrew Herman

    I think this may be the best “all-around” Bible on the market today. The font is pleasing, and quite readable and large, which is particularly impressive considering the fact that this Bible maintains a small enough profile to be an everyday carry. The verse by verse layout is done in such a way that it is easy to navigate quickly, but also does not interfere with the flow of the text for longer reading sessions. The references are easy to use. The paper and cover both feel of the highest quality, and the paper takes ink well (I write in mine a lot with pigma microns).

    I’ve been using mine for everything for about 4 months now and it has held up splendidly. Can’t recommend this Bible highly enough.

  2. Paul Nielsen (verified owner)

    I recently purchased an ESV Topaz, thinking that I’d love the VbV layout for preaching. I did not. I decided to put the Topaz on the shelf, consider the money spent a loss, and return to my trusty schuler Quentel. Here’s why: (1) the font in the Quentel is slightly thinner and I find it more readable. It’s not just the slightly larger 1 point, it’s the font itself. (2) the Topaz has the page header info (e.g. Matthew 2) indented. I found that annoying when flipping to a chapter quickly. The Topaz is nice, I just liked my Quentel more. Even with the paragraph layout, I find the Quentel easier to preach from.

  3. Tyna Woods (verified owner)

    I am incredibly pleased and surprised with this Bible. I loved my Schuyler Green Goatskin Quentel except I desperately wanted one additional feature–The Words of Christ in Red! I waffled about purchasing this Bible for a long time! I actually think I might like this one better than the Quentel! Let me tell you why: The family record, although missing the beautiful scroll work on the Quentel, is a nicer layout for me personally. The verse numbers in red are outstanding!! The red words of Christ is a beautiful red. I find it to be just perfect! Love “Holy Bible” stamped on the front! In my opinion my only wish would be for at least one more ribbon marker and for this Bible to be available in beautiful colors like the Schuyler’s are. Thank you Evangelical Bible! (Also kudos, once again (3 x) for your incredibly quick and good shipping).

  4. Gordon (verified owner)

    Don’t know how I missed this one when it came out but I am very satisfied with it and Evangelical Bible customer service too. Beautiful goatskin, edge lined, smith sewn binding, verse by verse, readable font. It has it all. Even better ribbons but still just three. I prefer four but that’s just me. Christ’s words in red are a plus for me. Not sure why several are not in favor of red letter bibles. I have other Cambridge bibles as well as a few Schuyler, Allan and others. This might be my favorite.
    Thank you EV!

  5. gleasonparker

    I only buy Cambridge premium bibles. Mostly for readability. Dark and bold fonts about 10 at least usually. I am considering Schuyler now that I found this page. Also Allan.

  6. drewmoorehead (verified owner)

    The best Bible that I own that I can compare this to is the ESV 80th Anniversary Omega Thinline from 2018. It is similar in size and shape, being every so slightly thicker.

    What’s beautiful about this Bible is it’s understated elegance. The goatskin cover, while a little stiff (at least at first), is magnificent. Having raised hubs on a Cambridge is somewhat rare but highly appreciated. In a perfect world, the words “Holy Bible” wouldn’t appear on the front and the words of Christ would be in black, but this Bible is so nice inside and out, I’m willing to put those personal preferences aside.

    Speaking of the inside, it’s fantastic. The paper is thin, but in a good way. It still retains a great deal of opaqueness regardless. The layout is where this Bible truly shines. As a pastor/preacher, I LOVE the VBV layout! The way the have colored the verse numbers in red (black when it’s the words of Christ) makes it so easy to find a verse at a glance. The font style and size is perfect for public reading (as well as private). The layout of the cross references also works really well for being non-intrusive and often leaves room for personal notes in the outer margins.

    If you’re a preacher, this Bible was made for you. If you’re not, this Bible is still strongly worth considering.

  7. Truck (verified owner)

    Very nicely made and designed Bible. Extraordinarily readable. You are drawn in to read it. The design of the references and notes gives ample room for a note here or there if you are one to note. In particular, there is enough room to add your own cross references where appropriate. Or a short note at the end of a verse, etc. It is not marketed as a wide margin Bible but on most pages there is a lot of room left over after the references stop.

    Downsides – large page size due to the typeface, a workable tradeoff in my view to get such a readable font and a reasonable page count (it’s barely thicker than a thinline Bible and yet packs such a readable font, a full study suite, etc). Red letter – would much, much, rather prefer black letter simply because in my study room the lighting causes red letters to nearly disappear. Cambridge red letter is the best I’ve used but still would have preferred this Bible in black letter. But I live with those tradeoffs. This Bible is the best I have used on the balance – readable translation, readable type, paper that can take a mark without a problem, no ghosting, good size, durable.

    I do not think goatskin is worth the price premium even though I bought mine in goatskin. It is nice there is no doubt but I think it is mostly vanity. Any Cambridge cover will last a long time (as evidenced by the many old Cambridge Bibles that fill used book stores and eBay that have held up splendidly). Had I to do it over again, I would have bought the calf split with no qualms.

    I do not have strong preferences with regards to translation – I use and love the KJV, ESV, NKJV, and at times others – but am quickly becoming “Cambridge Only” when it comes to publishers I prefer to buy Bibles from. All of their Bible layouts I’ve used are fantastic. They are expensive but you always pay more for quality.

  8. Christine Boyle (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful bible and definitely my favorite. Everything about this bible is outstanding (leather, paper, binding, text, and design). Love the verse by verse printing. I look forward to using this bible for my women’s bible study. Thanks and God Bless.

  9. Rodney Spencer

    As close to “the one” as I’ve ever gotten. The only issue I have is the red letter. Other than that, this is the best Bible I own! Well worth the price.

  10. douglas sowter (verified owner)

    absolutely the most amazing Bible I have ever had…will purchase another one soon

  11. James (verified owner)

    This Topaz is the nicest ESV Bible I have had the opportunity to hold. The deep grain goatskin leather binding has plenty of flexibility and is floppy enough to stay open but has just enough stiffness for that just perfect medium. The paper is a little on the thin side at 28 gsm, but the opacity and paper quality are very good and the well done line matching leaves very little in the way of ghosting. The verse by verse layout combined with generous spacing between the print lines and use of a good modern font in this Bible makes for very enjoyable reading. The only negative thing I have to say about my Topaz and it is a minor thing, is that the red letters do vary a little in shade, with some pages in the Book of John being just a little lighter shade of red. Overall this is a very well done Bible. If you have been looking for a premium red letter, verse by verse ESV Bible, this is the one I would recommend.

  12. Jason (verified owner)

    The Cambridge ESV Topaz is finally “the one” that I have been seeking for both preaching and personal reading! Every premium Bible by all of the major publishers are excellent in their own ways, but each one that I’ve purchased (seven between my wife and I) has had at least one characteristic missing that has kept me searching. The Topaz has the wonderful goatskin cover that is to be expected from Cambridge. It smells fantastic, has just the right amount of grain, and is floppy right out of the box which is what I prefer. It lays flat in the center, and flat enough in Genesis and Revelation to be fine. The Bible is just small enough for me to comfortably hold in one hand and manipulate easily, which was the major problem preaching from my full size Quentel. I think that the 10 point font is the sweet spot, crisp and easy to read but able to keep the overall book size manageable. I am so pleasantly surprised that Cambridge has upgraded to the beautiful high quality red ribbons! They are easily as nice as Schuyler ribbons. The lower quality ribbons are one of the disappointments with the Cambridge Wide Margin and Pitt Minion. When paying so much for a book of this quality, using low quality ribbons never made sense to me. And finally the Topaz VBV layout is fantastic! I can easily locate a verse on the page almost instantly using the clear verse number column. The verse number colors alternating between red and black to be opposite the text color is a great and very useful touch. Cambridge has hit a home run with the Topaz and I’m looking forward to many years of study and preaching with this Bible!

  13. Stephen Earnest (verified owner)

    I was glad to see Cambridge release an ESV in verse by verse format. I ordered the black goatskin and after using it over the last month for preaching and reading, I have some thoughts on the Bible.

    Overall, it is a beautiful Bible and the overall craftsmanship is excellent. The leather is extremely supple making it a joy to hold. The paper is amazing and is on par with my Schuyler Quentel Bibles. I actually don’t mind the red letter as it is a subtle red, but bold and the overall font is easy to read and preach from. However, a couple small complaints are only 2 ribbons (prefer 3) and there are not any designations for paragraphs. KJV will use the pilcrow marks and NASB will make the verse number in bold. This would have been a nice feature to have. Finally, the Bible is really nice, but I feel it is a little over priced at this point.

  14. Charles Viers

    I, have waited long for a ESV quality bible in goatskin that is verse by verse. There is lots of people likes bibles that are verse by verse instead of paragraph form. Publishers should be offering more quality bibles in verse by verse. I, want to thank Cambridge for offering the Topaz. I received mine in blue and was not disappointed in the quality and readability. If you are looking for a quality ESV in verse by verse I would highly recommend this bible.

  15. Ron Larson (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic Bible and I’m VERY pleased with it. The 10 font is large, bold, and crystal clear. The Bible size is great and perfect to take with you and ideal to preach and teach with. The goatskin leather and leather lining impeccable. Clearly Cambridge listened to their customers and I’m very pleased that they started the Topaz Bible series with an ESV text.

  16. jenningsken (verified owner)

    Being partial to the verse-by-verse format in other translations I was eager to see this bible in person and I was not disappointed. This layout hits all the best features, for me, of a very usable VBV reference format. Having the references on the outer part of the page took very little time getting used to. The font is a great size and reads extremely easily. Everything about this format makes this bible a very easy one to read for extended periods of time. The paper is luxurious and easy to turn, it has a silky feel. I know it says it is 28gsm but the opacity appears to be that of a thicker paper. The goatskin leather binding is superb and the craftsmanship is beyond reproach. This is the kind of bible that makes you want to pick it up and read whenever you can. It’s an expensive bible but I have no regrets having spent the money on it because it should last a very, very long time and get lots of use.

  17. Andrew (verified owner)

    Finally a proper ESV Bible. My years long search for “the one” is over. Smells wonderful too. Reading this every chance I get! It came with a cut in the gold of art gilt on top. But that is OK with me as those things will happen with normal use either way.

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