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Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Marbled Mahogany Calfskin-RED Letter, Full Yapp – PREORDER

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Due Mid November
Full Yapp Marbled Mahogany Calfskin cover with calfskin liner
3 ribbons (dark brown, gold, dark brown) and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
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Due Mid November exclusive.  here are our pictures.

The Concord is a truly remarkable Bible, one of our favorites. Clear, bold type, abundantly supple leather make this an excellent choice in the Authorized Version. Now, exclusively available from EvangelicalBible, it has received a beautiful new binding of marbled mahogany calfskin with a unique flexible leather lining. It also features a full yapp and raised spine hubs.

This Bible offers a wealth of reference material–a glossary, concordance, dictionary of names and phrases, fifteen color maps, and gazetteer. Bold-figure cross-references link passages of the text without cluttering the page.

In addition, a presentation page and family record, India paper, gilt edges, ribbon markers, and a real leather binding make this a very attractive Bible.

Features include

  • India paper
  • cross-references
  • concordance
  • 15 color maps
  • presentation page
  • three ribbon markers: dark brown, gold, and dark brown
  • RED-letter text (words of Christ)
  • art-gilt page edges
  • gold gilt line
  • head and tail bands
  • sewn binding

Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″ (140 mm x 207 mm x 30 mm)
Page extent: 1,532 pp.

Typography: 8 pt Times Semi-bold 421

26 reviews for Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Marbled Mahogany Calfskin-RED Letter, Full Yapp – PREORDER

  1. Chris Todd (verified owner)

    I am not writing this as someone who collects premium Bibles, but as someone who loves God’s Word and is very cognizant that we should be wise with how we spend, especially when many people cannot afford Bibles, so this was a very considered purchase. I do own a nice Cambridge Wide-Margin KJV and a Thomas Nelson Single Column Goatskin Bible in NKJV, but this was for me an investment.

    I bought this Bible primarily to sync with my Cambridge Wide Margin Bible which I use for study and fill the margins with copious notes and references. The Concord Reference has the same pagination so is perfect as a Bible to use to carry around for witnessing, street preaching etc. This is a beautifully crafted Bible and I can understand the great reviews from those have purchased these.

    I was initially hesitant on the text size as I thought it may be a bit small, but I can assure you that upon opening the Bible the text is a delight to read. It is clear and well spaced and the quality of the paper is reminiscent of my old Oxford bible but with a much clearer text type and layout – the size of the font belies the readability and seems much larger than stated. The paper is wonderfully opaque and easy to turn, the colour is a soft white with no interruptions or headings in the text and minimal references to distract. I have not seen a Bible this size with such a well thought out range of support materials in the concordance, maps and Book outlines. To me this is the most perfectly sized Bible.

    As many other reviewers have stated the brown calfskin cover and liner with the full yapp is very soft and supple and make this an elegantly understated Bible that belies what is within. The outstanding quality of the Cambridge binding and the supple cover means this lays perfectly flat for reading and is easy to hold in the hand.

    If you are needing a KJV Bible for all purpose reading, preaching, and carrying around then I highly recommend this as an elegantly understated, beautifully crafted Bible from Cambridge. Don’t think the calfskin is in any way inferior to goatskin – this is just as supple and has an ‘old-worlde’ charm with the dark mahogany cover, raised hubs and narrow ribbons.

    If you are in a position to own a premium Bible I pray that you read, study, and obey the wonderful words that are within as these are more precious than gold, and I pray that you are always ready to give this away to someone who may not be fortunate enough to buy one.

  2. Jordan Barham (verified owner)

    This Bible is absolutely wonderful. If you’re considering one for your carry all purpose Bible this is it! 10/10

  3. Elliott (verified owner)

    A truly beautiful bible and I’m glad I picked one up before they were gone again. The leather has a visible veiny grain but is very smooth, not pebbly like Cambridge’s goatskin (Clarion, etc.). Interior is leather-lined. The yapp is full on the long edge, but is not quite full on the top/bottom. Inside corners are cut and glued, not tooled, and are done very cleanly. The text block is superb – you either like this layout or you don’t. I wish modern fonts printed this dark! The Glossary of Biblical Usage is nice to have as the KJV isn’t my primary translation. The only thing I would change is the tiny ribbons and replace them with 10mm ribbons. Overall, I wish Cambridge would make all their bibles this well!

  4. Randal (verified owner)

    Please Cambridge, bring these back and offer this same cover type for the Personal concord too!

  5. Mark

    Best bibles. Full stop

  6. Randal (verified owner)

    Have several Cambridge Bibles now, including a Concord w/goatskin cover and I only use the KJV. This is by far the best cover of them all. While I like the Allan Bibles, I am no longer a fan of the Oxford text. The Cambridge text of the Concord is far easier on my eyes. When I seen this Bible I pounced on it back at the beginning of the year. I hope they continue to produce them. Might buy another as a gift.

  7. kyle22muir (verified owner)

    Fantastic bible. 95% perfect. My one and only complaint is about the way the cover leather was folded over the liner leather in the corners. They are cut instead of pleated, which is fine (most or all Schuylers do this), but they were cut too far and sloppily glued in with layers stacked on each other and not flat. These cuts are super visible when the bible is closed because of the full yapp so they catch your eye. Attention to that type of detail when spending 200 bucks should be better but I love this bible regardless.

  8. Justin Smothers (verified owner)

    I never give reviews because frankly I’m lazy! But my experience with Evangelical bibles and this specific bible has made me feel obligated!
    The Bible …
    I have own a lot of premium bibles and this is the most beautiful bible I have ever held in my hands. I feel like this bible takes best of Cambridge, Schuyler, and Allan. The ribbons are better quality than other premium Cambridge bibles I have owned.
    Evangelical Bibles…
    Evangelical Bibles customer service goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction. There speed of ship is unreal! I honestly don’t know how they do it. Evangelical bible, keep up the good work and doing great business!

  9. Robert Millison (verified owner)

    I primarily ordered this Bible out of curiosity and because I’m a fool for full yapps and the marbled calfskin. I am so TOTALLY impressed with this Bible. I was afraid the font would be too small for me, but I found is SURPRISINGLY readable. Description indicates it has 8pt. font, but it seems just as readable as my wide margin Canterbury, which I believe is noted as 9.75pt. font. I love that the concordance is so readable; my biggest complaint about the Canterbury is the smallness of the concordance print, which makes it practically unusable for me. I also really appreciate that this Bible has a Bible Dictionary. The print seems consistently dark (mostly), and, of course, the binding is phenomenal. So glad I took a chance on this Bible. It might even replace my Turquoise as my carry-to-church Bible.

  10. Steve L Spencer

    I will keep this short and sweet: This is the finest Bible I have ever owned. Its worth buying just to feel something so soft that it is beyond description. This has become my favorite Bible. Buy it and you won’t regret it.

  11. JOEL FIELDS (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bible! Check out my review on youtube 🙂

  12. Sayaka Pitt (verified owner)

    I received mine yesterday. Thank you EB, as usual, for your great service.
    May God bless you and protect you from all the evil.

    I think I am holding “the one” here.
    The size is perfect for carrying around, read in the couch AND serious study.
    The typesetting is super legible.
    (I learned that it’s not “bigger the better” when you read the God’s Words for long time… Too big a font is tiring to my eyes)
    I appreciate the Glossary, Concordance & Bible Dictionary.

    You really should get yours.
    It’s not cheap but for a good reason. We need to support the good old, time and skill consuming art of bookmarking done by properly paid people.

  13. Daniel Anaya (verified owner)

    Wow! This Bible is the BEST BIBLE OF THEM ALL. Well you think, he is overstating. No, not at all. The cover is beautiful and soft and supple. You will love the feel and the size. I can’t talk highly enough. Allans are nice, and you owe it to yourself to own at least one Allan. But if you have to choose between an Allan and this version of the Concord. Get this Concord, get it now, don’t wait. It truly it beautiful!

  14. Robert Van Allen (verified owner)

    It’s a wonderfully crafted, highly portable Bible, with wonderful tools for serious study. The cover is expertly crafted and very aesthetically pleasing. The print is smaller but very bold and “jumps” off of the pages.

    My only complaint is that the boldness is not uniform throughout the text. I don’t see myself buying another Cambridge in the future. This is not the first time I’ve had this issue with printing on a Cambridge. For the price point one would expect uniformity in the print, in my humble opinion.

  15. Mark DiAngelo (verified owner)

    I have had and held many premium bibles over the years; and let me just say, that this is the best bible Cambridge has ever produced thus far. I bought a KJV Wide-Margin Concord/Reference Edition in Goatskin a while back, and it is my workhorse for notes and serious study. I eventually got tired of lugging the thing around everywhere and longed for a smaller version of the Wide-Margin. I knew that the regular concord edition was available, though due to financial constraints, and also because the only difference in the two was a “No-Margin” difference, I resisted the urge to drop $200 on yet another premium bible.
    I honestly had no idea that this new reference edition in Mahogany Calfskin was even in the works since I have not visited Evangelical Bible for quite some time.
    It just so happened that one day I decided to finally take a closer look at Cambridge’s reference edition yet again. I have an Allan Longprimer 52 in Blue Meriva Calfskin, and love the cover and layout. However, I prefer the Cambridge font rather than the Allan text block. So, to my utter surprise, I found out that the day I went to look at the Cambridge offerings after months of suppressed hiatus, that lo and behold, this new concord edition had just released and was ready for purchase and shipping. I hesitated at first, though I truly wanted it. After a few days of pondering the ramifications of such a purpose, I finally decided to drop the steep price of $236.00 after taxes and engraving. Now, before anyone judges me, the “reasons” I made this purchase are as follows:
    1. The Wide-Margin Edition of this bible is incredible for writing! However, carrying such a bible around everywhere can be quite the cumbersome endeavor. I longed for a bible just for reading, and thought that the Allan Longprimer 52 in Navy Blue Meriva Calfskin would finally give me that fulfilled satisfaction. I was right at first, but wrong in the long run. The Allan is absolutely fantastic! and it has the best cover and suppleness of any bible I have yet held, including this Mahogany Concord/Reference. So don’t let this review detract from its deserved place amongst premium bibles. The reason this bible for me is quite a step above the Allan is the text block and size. I bought an Allan 7C in Black Goatskin some years ago, and because of its personal size, I eventually relinquished it to my mother. The 7C was just too small. It’s actually quite funny, because I thought that the 7C was going to be the size of a Longprimer due in part by the price of $167.00 at the time, but I never read the description or size parameters; so imagine my surprise when I received it in the mail and the bible was just a tad larger than my hand. That was truly an awkward moment. Hence, the name 7C for 7 inches did not ring a bell in my mind when I purchased it. Now onto the Cambridge Mahogany Concord/Reference Edition. The size of this bible is absolutely perfect. It is rather quite small, and at first I was tempted to be a little disappointed because the pictures of this bible would lend you to believe it was around the same size as the Longprimer from Allan. (As you can tell I did no measuring once again) But as I began to read it and feel it in my hands, I can truly say that no other bible has captivated me like this new edition from Cambridge. Its size is perfect, and the text is easy to read. And the best part! it’s a Concord/Reference that conforms to my Wide-Margin. Cambridge has by far the best Wide-Margin Layout, and their text is super reliable and easy on the eyes. Strangely enough though, both bibles have the text size as 8/9pt. However, when compared to my Wide-Margin, the text size looks to be just a bit larger, which is no flagrant complaint on my part.
    2. The Raised Spine hubs were a huge part in the deciding factor for this bible. I’m a superlative fan of raised spine hubs in any leather bound bible, and would love to see raised spine hubs in a Wide-Margin edition! I can dream can’t I!?
    The raised spine hubs give any bible a regal look to it that is unmatched. Schuyler seems to be the only publisher that does this consistently; though, I’ve never owned a Schuyler for myself so I can’t vouch for there binding techniques, though I’m sure they’re equally as impressive as Allan and Cambridge.
    3. The Calfskin cover, and Especially the Calfskin Liner were a major deciding factor. Though I don’t mind Cambridge’s Synthetic Polyethylene Liners, it just seems to me to be a cop-out for not forking up more money to give ardent readers of God’s holy word a nicer and more eye-catching bible overall. Thus, Cambridge’s Synthetic Liners give off the impression that Cambridge is cheap with their leather usage; which, in all honesty, does not give them the best look, especially when competing with such Publishers as Allan and Schuyler.
    4. Another set of factors that led me to make this purchase was the fact that Cambridge finally gave us 3 ribbon markers of various color, and the wise choice to continue to employ their famous perimeter stitching to the cover. These added attributes, and the fact that it is Smyth-sewn are all wise moves on Cambridge’s part. The only thing Cambridge could do better for this edition is to give this bible an Overcasting treatment, which I truly wish they had done, like Allan did in their 7C edition.
    5. The biggest reason I went with this bible was the Full Yapp treatment. I absolutely adore Full Yapp covers! It keeps the pagers and art gilding clean and protected and gives off a sort of Archaic aura seldom rivaled by modern binding techniques. The Brown Mahogany is gorgeous, and as I’ve never had a brown premium bible, this has won me over with its old rustic patina.

    Other factors you may wish to consider: This bible, though beautiful and worth the price tag, has some issues like any other bible on the market. The first issue I wish to address is that in some areas of the text, some passages appear to be more faded than others, while some passages also seem to be more bold. This can be a little jarring at times; however, it’s no different than the Wide-Margin edition, and as Cambridge has not yet transitioned over to a purely digital printing method, this is to be blatantly expected.
    The paper quality is excellent for the desired purpose. Though not as thick as the longprimer in terms of gsm, (at least to my current knowledge) the paper in this bible does not readily yield to too much ghosting, which should be a plus in anyone’s estimation. This bible also sports a red under gold art gilt that gives off a sort of “salmon” color not too different in appearance to the Wide-Margin Edition. Lastly, The calfskin is absolutely incredible, and, though I said the Allan had a more supple cover, the size of this bible longs and cries for this particular cover treatment. What I mean is that the way this cover is applied and chosen is perfect for the parameters of said bible. Any softer/suppler cover would not be advantageous or due this bible justice. The tiny bit more stiffer Mahogany Calfskin (and by no means is it stiff) renders a feel to this bible like no other I have held. This bible is line matched as well, which should also be respectfully noted.

    Cambridge, let me just say you have outdone yourselves here. Anyone considering purchasing one of these will be making a wise choice that will not be regretted, except perhaps by your wallet. I would grab this over any bible currently on the market, including the Longprimer lineup. You cannot go wrong with this bible. If you are a reader of the KJV and want a bible that will last a lifetime if taken care of properly, this is the one for you. I truly wish this was not a limited edition! But, at least I’ll have one of my own.

    Also, a shout-out to Evangelical Bible and their engraving work. Great job guys, you’ve really outdone yourselves and have made me a very happy customer!

    SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?? GRAB YOURS TODAY AND BE READY TO BE AMAZED AT THE “Cambridge KJV Concord/Reference Edition in Mahogany Calfskin”


  16. James Hollis (verified owner)

    well worth the money pleased in every way if you find something wrong with this bible you are way too picky

  17. Paul E. (verified owner)

    I love my Mahogany Calfskin Concord. Like other reviewers have said, having the full app and the 3 ribbon markers is really nice to have on a Cambridge Bible.
    But…I must be spoiled by my Schuyler Bibles! I say that because of the print quality of the Cambridge Concord.
    All these other things have been improved over past Cambridge editions, but then you open it up, and you have a faded, broken letter text, like my other Cambridge KJV’s.
    Time to dust off my Clarion.

  18. Derrick James (verified owner)

    I have wanted a KJV Cambridge Bible for a long time, and when I saw that there was one available now with all the features of the concord, but ALSO with 3 ribbons, edge-lined, and a FULL YAPP, I simply could not pass it up.

    It fits the Bill for what I wanted, although one day I may need to pick me up a Turquoise as it is Cambridge’s supposedly highest quality edition of the KJV.

    This is my first calfskin Bible, and overall it is very attractive in the marbled mahogany color. I have nothing to compare it to otherwise except goatskin covers which I still prefer overall. That being said, it’s soft, flexible, and smells great. I do worry about it holding up to scuffs vs goatskin, but I treat my bibles very well so it shouldn’t be a problem even when I read it through.

    I am so happy that there are 3 ribbons. As far as I know, this is the only Cambridge I’ve seen with 3. For how I read daily, 3 ribbons is—practically speaking—a must. That being said, I was a bit disappointed with the ribbon quality; berisford ribbons they certainly are NOT, but they are good enough for government work as they say. All things considered, I personally would rather have 3 somewhat shoddy ribbons rather than 2 beautiful ones, but to each his own.

    The text is bold and quite readable, though I do wish it was more crisp. The dark red they use for words of Christ are dark and attractive. There are some pages, particularly in the tools at the back, that are light and not uniform in print. Not what I expected but I can live with it.

    I would compare it in size to the Allan Longprimer 43 thin line. Other than the size comparison, no other comparison is remotely fair as the Allan is simply leaps and bounds better than this Cambridge.

    The art guilt is quite nice, though I would personally prefer a deeper red. The corner work on the inside yapp leaves a lot to be desired, and I also would like to have seen a gold guilt line around the interior perimeter.

    Overall I am quite pleased with my purchase. That being said, don’t expect the quality of a Schuyler or an Allan. As the best quality concord available, however, and the fact that it is an evangelical Bible exclusive that fits the minimum bill of the niche I wanted it for in my collection, I am very pleased.

  19. Donald Tracey (verified owner)

    I waited just about 3 months for this Bible and it was worth it. Of all the Concord editions this, in my opinion, is the most attractive. The marbled mahogany calfskin cover is beautiful, soft with blended slightly darker areas among a rich brown overall color. There is a very generous yapp (the edges almost touch) and the spine has pronounced, raise hubs. The cover is supple without the spongy leather over foam rubber feel of other publisher’s expensive Bibles. In fact the yapp and the cover are the reasons I bought this Bible. This book looks like a printing of The Book should!

    The text block format is classic 20th century Cambridge; no “how many different accent colors can we put on the page” style that is the rage in Bible printing these days. The 8/9 point semi-bold font is very readable, at least to this near-sighted baby-boomer with no other eye problems. The print quality, even the red letter, is both consistent and excellent. The text is self-pronouncing, which I know some feel is distracting but I think is helpful. (Ever listen to someone doing a public reading in church hit a name like Methegammah?) There are useful helps not always found in Bibles this small (or often in larger ones). There is a Glossary of Biblical Usage (every KJV should have one, even if this one did leave out peradventure), Concordance, Concise Bible Dictionary, and 15 beautiful matte-finish maps. The maps are on thicker paper than the text but not that awful glossy, light reflecting card stock some other Bible publishers use. A lot of extras are packed into this portable and beautifully produced Bible. Since Cambridge and Schuyler seem to have a nice arrangement going, Since wishes are free, I’d love to see a Cambridge Turquoise produced with the cover style and material!

    Please pardon any typos!

  20. Brian McClurg (verified owner)

    Absolutely the most beautiful Concord I’ve seen and held! The marbled mahogany Calfskin is so supple yet textured. I love everything about this Bible. Grab one while you can. Thanks EB

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