Cambridge NKJV Aquila Wide Margin Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit Leather, Red Letter Text

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Black Calfsplit cover
2 ribbons and gold gilt
Size: 257 x 208 x 43 mm
8 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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A Cambridge speciality edition of the New King James Version, with wide margins and extra study features in a quality leather binding. The NKJV Wide-Margin Reference Edition is based on Cambridge’s NKJV Pitt Minion Reference Edition. It has the same layout and pagination, but the text is enlarged and has generous wide margins for the reader’s own insights and notes. Another difference is the concordance, which is much more extensive. The Bible is printed on slightly thicker paper for enhanced durability and, as in all Cambridge Bibles, the pages are sewn for long life and so that they lie flat when the book is open. This edition features red-letter text for the words of Christ, full cross-references, extra ruled pages for notes and 15 maps. Bound in black calf split leather, it has two ribbon markers, a presentation page and gold page edges.

  • quality real leather binding
  • wide margins for note-making
  • concordance and maps
  • ruled notepaper

4 reviews for Cambridge NKJV Aquila Wide Margin Reference Bible, Black Calfsplit Leather, Red Letter Text

  1. brenden.ashby (verified owner)

    As always, Cambridge delivers an amazing Bible. I had looked at a friend’s Cambridge wide-margin KJV from the 70s and really liked it. To my surprise, the Aquila has even more room than his! I can find the verses easily and have plenty of room for notes and underlining. My only challenge is figuring out what to do with the index and 32 pages of note-taking paper!

    Also, Evangelical Bible shipped it fast and I can’t wait to start teaching and preaching from this Bible.

  2. bdaniel17 (verified owner)

    First of all, the experience with Evangelical Bible has been great. This has been my second order and both times have received my order sooner than expected.

    This is a great wide margin Bible. The print is good and paper is good as well. I’ve only had this Bible for a couple of days have enjoyed studying with already. The paper is very good for taking notes in the margins.

    The only cons for this Bible for me are:

    1 – The ribbons are not great. For this price point I would think that the ribbons would be better quality and have 3 ribbons instead of 2. (I do own a couple of Thomas Nelson Premier Collection Bibles and of course purchased my first Schuyler a couple of months back and ribbons on those Bibles are great).

    2 – I should have waited to save up more for the goatskin version. The calf split is ok but after using a couple of Bibles with goatskin it just doesn’t feel as good to me, but that is just my preference.

    Overall I great Bible.

  3. Truck

    I have had my NKJV Wide Margin for 2 years now and use it essentially daily. It is holding up very well. The print is on the small side but readable for me. I wish it was all black letter but the red is dark enough to not be an issue. I have a goatskin KJV wide margin and the goatskin is the utmost of luxury but is probably not worth the upgraded cost unless you just want it. I think the calf split will last just as long, it’s mostly an aesthetic and texture upgrade (the goatskin cover is more flexible).

  4. Bob Beaver (verified owner)

    I like this bible (for the most part). The red letter text is even and looks really great. The print IS small, but even with these aging eyes I can read it just fine (as long as I have my readers). I wish the paper had been thicker. Writing in the margins shows pretty bad on the other side of the page. Also, I wish I had saved up and paid $50 more for the goatskin. I also wish I had bought the goatskin because the art gilding on this calfskin is only gold (no salmon colored pink on the outside of the pages). And so I guess I have to say that if I could do it over again, I would have bought the goatskin. I wish I could have written a more complimentary review. I just want others to be aware of what I consider to be shortcomings.

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