Schuyler Wide Margin Canterbury KJV, Imperial Blue Goatskin Bible

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Imperial Blue Goatskin cover with Navy Calfskin liner
3 navy ribbons and blue under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x ~1.7″
9.5 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The best selling Schuyler Canterbury KJV Bible is now available in a Wide Margin format. This Bible will be identical to the current Canterbury KJV Bible, with the following exceptions: 1. Slightly smaller text size: 9.5 instead of 11 point font. 2. Heavier paper – 38 GSM Bible paper. 3. Semi-yapp cover. 4. Last, but not least, wide margins. Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top Margin: 25 mm; Bottom Margin: 31 mm. To see this in a PDF format – click here. Pictures here.


Imperial Blue Natural Grain Goatskin, Navy Calfskin Liner, 3 Navy Ribbon Markers
Trim size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x ~1.7″ (173 mm x 238 mm x ~43 mm)
Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top: 25 mm; Bottom: 31 mm.
38 GSM Thinopaque Paper (Finland)
Font: 9.5 pt. Milo
Double Column, Verse-by-Verse format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms
Red Letter
Ornamental Drop Caps
Italics for supplied words
Semi Yapp Goatskin Cover
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching
55,000 Cross References, Concordance, Glossary of King James Terms
Lined paper in the back
Art Gilt Edging (blue under gold)
Schuyler Bible Maps

11 reviews for Schuyler Wide Margin Canterbury KJV, Imperial Blue Goatskin Bible

  1. michalski73 (verified owner)

    Best Bible I have ever owned hands down. The biggest reason for the 5 star is the blank pages in the back with room for just over 2,600 names I counted! Leaving room in your Bible to pray for friends, loved ones, and acquaintances is next level nice feature. Quality through and through but leaving room for prayer is a small thing but oh so vital for any Christian. When people see their name in your Bible it means something to them and I believe to God. It encourages you to pray. Pray for those you love. “If you are saved someone prayed for you”. Keith Daniel

  2. spahinton

    Purchased this Bible in the hopes of annotating it with my notes to pass along to my children and wanted something beautiful that would last. This met my expectations in every way. The cover material is soft and beautiful. The printing is crisp and easy to read. I’m certain my family will treasure this for many years to come.
    Of Note, the goatskin cover has some very interesting character to the grain of it and all of us ordering these types of bibles need to understand they come from real animals who have real skin and real skin isn’t always perfectly smooth and regular. Also, the exact color can indeed vary from run to run and while I’m quite certain evangelical bible does their best to photograph them as true to life as they can, we need to expect some variation.

  3. Janice Moore

    Wow. Amazing, truly amazing wide margin bible. No more sticky notes with Hb/Gk word meanings will be necessary, or lack of space to make a notation when Holy Spirit speaks to me. While not my first goatskin bible, the blue is altogether beautiful, and even though the bible is big, it is not cumbersome in my 62 year old hands.

    Beyond the bible, the customer service is outstanding. I reached out to ask specific questions so make sure this is indeed the Authorized KJV. I also had difficulty with the system accepting my online order, so we needed to do some trouble shooting. Great company… I highly recommend!

  4. bdaniel17

    Amazing Bible!! Received this Bible way sooner than expected. Great quality. This is my first wide margin Bible. The goatskin feels really great. The print is very sharp. Easy to read (even though I’m getting older and not as easy to some print anymore. I can read this easily.) High quality craftsmanship. Best Bible I’ve gotten so far. I would definitely recommend this Bible for someone who is looking for a wide margin Bible.

    I’m looking forward to dig into the word of God with this Bible! Thank you Evangelical Bible for the amazing service!!

  5. johnstef2008

    I was looking for a family bible and I wanted something as close to a 1611 edition as I could get, but yet something my children could still read. I happened across the Schuyler Canterbury by accident via YouTube reviews and I knew this was the perfect match. I ordered it and it actually came a day early. When I opened the box, the Bible was well protected for shipping. As for the Bible itself, I have no words to describe how beautiful a work of art it really is. The imperial blue cover, the blue gold art guiding, the edge line binding, the text itself, are all top notch. I have study bibles, but sometimes I just want to read and take my own notes without the clutter of the publisher’s notes taking up all the room. I have not found anything about this Bible I do not like. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quality wide margin Bible.

  6. Rev. Erick Smith

    You would have thought I was awaiting the arrival of a new-born baby with all the preparations that I took prior to THE ARRIVAL of my Canterbury Wide Margin KJV in Imperial Blue Goatskin. I was ready to tell Fedex that they were toying with my emotions waiting for them to deliver it, but it finally arrived no thanks to Covid and mail-in election votes. And I guess I should have grabbed an extra pair of socks because it knocked my socks off. The package I thought was quite a bit heavier than my other Bibles from but after opening it I now know why. This is one BEAUTIFUL Bible, the semi-yapp on it is awesome. The added gsm paperweight(now that I know what gsm is) is beyond description, I know that I will be able to write my notes in the spacious wide margins and not worry about “bleed thru”, although I would suggest using the Pigma Micron for such high quality Bibles. And I’m sure that all other Schuyler Bible Fans can attest to, The Smell is beyond this world. But this Premium Bible is “hands down” simply the BEST that you can buy. I own several other Bibles, and I can count myself as a lifelong Schuyler Bible devotee. You will not find any better Bible on the market. Do they cost a little more, yes, but they are beyond worth it. My new wide margin is going to be my “go to Bible” for reading, meditating, studying, teaching, and preaching and I can personalize it with the size of the margins so that I can put the notes for each scripture right next to it. One extremely happy apostolic pentecostal minister of God’s Word sums my experience with Schuyler up completely. In service to Jesus.

  7. joel

    I have this in brown as well and this is the best wide margin Bible money can buy in my opinion. It is big however, I wouldn’t use a wide margin for carry to Church anyway this Bible I use for study notes, I use the brown as a journal and my NKJV Quentel for preaching and travel. The leather smells amazing and the blue under gold is just stunning!

  8. Grant Gruber

    Kind of disappointed in this bible. For one it’s super expensive. Definitely the most expensive bible I’ve ever bought. I thought this bible was going to be a lot lighter in color. This bible is more of a turquoise color rather than I nice medium blue color. Also the Bible is huge. There’s a lot of thickness to it so it’s not as practical to carry around or take to church. For some reason there are two black dots on two pages( one on each page ) looks like someone took a pen to it. I’m not worried about it. The cover is nice and the guild is beautiful. The paper is also nice and the layout. It’s just heavy and huge in general. I just expected to get the same color as the picture especially for the price I paid. Oh well.

  9. Bob Beaver

    I received this Bible Jan. 27, 2020 but I wanted to wait a few weeks to do my review because I wanted to have the excitement of the “new” a bit behind me so that I could write a more objective review. So, here goes:
    BY FAR THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, WELL-CRAFTED BIBLE I HAVE EVER OWNED! AND I HAVE OWNED MANY PREMIER BIBLES (from Schuyler, R. L. Allan, and Cambridge)–but this one beats them all and by a huge margin!. The Fire-brick red goatskin is so, SO very elegant. It has a nice yap (not an full yap. But enough to cover and protect the pages. BUT THE MAIN THING I WANT TO SHARE IS THIS!
    When you open this Bible and lay it flat, the fire-brick red and with the silver/blue gilding is . . . how can I put it–OPENING THIS BIBLE WITH THE RED GOATSKIN AND BLUE UNDER-SILVER GILTING IS SO . . . how to I put it. Well, opening it for the first time was an such an aesthetic experience that I just beheld for quite some time. And now that I have had it a number of weeks now, it is STILL an aesthetic experience every time I open it. The drop-caps look fantastic. The paper not only feels great but I have already put my notes in the wide-margins and by using the black and red Micron Pigma .005 just does the trick. There is some shadowing but not distractingly so. And absolutely NO BLEED-THROUGH. And having had many wide-margin Bibles I have now discovered that the black pens for writing my notes and the red pens for underlining is the perfect match. Also, after I have allowed the notes to fully dry–(I usually give it a day or two) but if you use a yellow zebra-ZEBRITE highlighter over your writing it makes the black ink to almost ‘jump-out’ at you. Hard to put into words but it just looks totally awesome! And one thing I can tell you for certain–HAVING THIS BIBLE IS JUST A WONDERFUL-BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! After searching SO LONG for “THE” Bible, well, I finally found it.
    I want to thank Schuyler for making this beautiful masterpiece and I want to thank Evangelical bible for supplying such fine Bibles–especially the goatskin. Yes, it costs more, but it will last a life-time (an heirloom bible that I plan to pass on to my loved-ones. O, also the red-letter print looks just so great. Not harsh at all, but looks just very elegant and goes so well with the cover of this bible. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT MY SEARCH FOR THE “ONE” IS OVER. I hope this review is sufficient enough to make you want to own this as your very own. Grace to you and Peace.

  10. JV

    The goatskin cover on this imperial blue copy is surprisingly better than my slate color version. It is much more smoother and pliable to where it is like liquid leather. Perhaps it may be the difference in which the goat hides originated from.
    All the stellar work is accounted for: stitching, spine hubs, art gilt edges, interior stamped accent border, three wide ribbons, etc. The list reads like a grocery list.
    What’s most important to note is the wide margins are ample. Though Cambridge and Allan might have slightly more room in their wide margins, Schuyler has more than enough to take notes. Also, the text block is free of self pronouncing words. Words of Christ are in read (which is more of a bonus). And Schuyler always keeps the Translators to the reader.
    This bible is too pretty NOT to write in it. Naturally, a person would be reluctant and almost intimidated by the books sheer beauty that it would be sacrilege to mark it up. But in the end it’s just paper and ink. The soul purpose of it is to be read and used as a personal journal in sorting out your thoughts and expounding on what’s important to you. So then, you should write in it with vigor.
    Schuyler is at the apex of bible publishing with their creative works of God’s word dutifully printed on paper which is a blessing in your hands. Get this bible.

  11. James L Roper

    I finally received my new Bible last week. I have had my current Bible (Scofield Study Bible in KJV) for 10 years and it was to the point of retiring. I did a lot of research before ordering the Schuyler. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when reading about this Bible. I wasn’t sure how all of my wants (wide margin, KJV, readable print, quality, craftsmanship and ease of carry) we’re going to fit in this price point. I am more than satisfied! The quality and craftsmanship are amazing. There is plenty of room for sermon outlines in the margins as well as other notes. It will take some time to adjust to a new Bible but overall I have to say that this is a wise investment for anyone that wants to study while feeling quality in their hands.

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