Schuyler Wide Margin Quentel NASB, Black Goatskin Bible

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Black Goatskin cover with Red Calfskin liner
3 red ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x ~1.7″
9.5 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This Bible is identical to the current Schuyler Quentel NASB with the following exceptions: 1. Slightly smaller text size: 9.5 instead of 11 point font. 2. Heavier paper – 40 GSM Bible paper. 3. Semi-yapp cover. 4. 32 pages of lined note paper. 5. Last, but not least, wide margins. Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top Margin: 25-30 mm; Bottom Margin: 31-36 mm. To see a PDF sample (in ESV), click here. Pictures here.


Black Goatskin Semi-yapp Covers with Red Calfskin Lining
Trim Size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x ~1.7″ (173 mm x 238 mm x ~43 mm)
9.5 pt. Milo font
1995 text
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
40 GSM Paper (Finland)
Smyth Sewn
Double Column, Paragraph format
Italics for supplied words
Black letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page number in red)
More than 95,000 entry cross references and about 17,000 translation footnotes
Presentation and Family History Pages
Schuyler Maps
3 red ribbons
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold) with gilt line (gold line inside the cover)
32 pages of lined note paper in the back


7 reviews for Schuyler Wide Margin Quentel NASB, Black Goatskin Bible

  1. Nathan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the thickness of the paper and the margins. I don’t even use it to write in (yet). I just find it exceptionally easy to flip through and read from it. Also, the black goatskin is amazing.

  2. George

    The 9.5 font is to small. You guys should go back to the 11 font or 12 font would be better. I would purchase one and advertise to my christian brothers and sisters.🙏🏽

  3. David Barton (verified owner)

    This was my first premium bible! I absolutely love the look and feel of this Bible. I plan on making this my traditional gift to my children (whenever I get to that point) along with my notes, when they come of age.

  4. Melissa Bunitsky

    Adding this review just in case this could be an issue for someone else. I purchased this bible used recently not though Evangelical, I had been wanting it for a very long time. Although the cover is beautiful and typical of the excellent craftsmanship we have come to know of Schuyler, the paper of this bible was a huge disappointment. I prefer the smooth feel of the paper of the PSQ and the Quentel over this type of paper. I like to run my hands over the pages as I read. To me this is more like what you would find in a text book. I understand it’s chosen to be thicker for journaling in the margins. However, I have the Lockman 2020 wide margin (pages are set up exactly like the Schuyler Stridion) that was under $30 and found the Lockman wide margin to have significantly better paper quality, even at their lower price offering.

    I actually decided to return this bible.

    If the paper feel isn’t an issue, all other areas of this bible are fantastic.

  5. pastormark

    I was hesitant to buy this bible because I am old and my eye sight isn’t what it use to be. However, with new glasses comes new opportunities! Praise God for bifocals! I love this bible. Great quality, thick 40 GSM paper… zero bleed through. I also love the lined paper in the back. This would be an ideal bible for a young preacher.

  6. Jason Ledford

    I love this NASB Wide Margin bible it is the best quality I have ever seen. My only complaint is that when you write in the margins like your supposed to do it cause the pages to curl really bad even though this is a 40 GSM Paper. I highly recommend this bible to anyone who loves writing wide margin bibles.

  7. C. Keezer

    I was nervous to spend almost $245 USD for this Bible. WOW!!!!! Let me say my only regret, is not getting it sooner. I can truly tell you with all my heart, this is the finest, high quality Bible I have ever had the pleasure to own (and I have quite a few bibles) Don’t hesitate, You will be happy with your purchase. 🙂

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