Zondervan NASB, Preacher’s Bible, Premium Goatskin Leather, Black, Premier Collection

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Black Goatskin Leather cover with Black liner
3 ribbon markers and art gilt page edges
10.8″ x 7.8″ x 1.4″
10 pt. font with words of Christ in black
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Set in Zondervan’s exclusive NASB Comfort Print, the NASB Preacher’s Bible is the ideal combination of readability and elegance. The easy-to-read print, thick, opaque paper, and a line-matched double-column layout bring the words into clear focus. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, raised spine hubs, and stunning red and gold art-gilded page edges makes it a top choice for any preacher.

Pairing the NASB Preacher’s Premier Collection Bible with the NASB Pew and Worship Bible unlocks its true design ingenuity. While each Bible retains its distinct font and page layout, they were skillfully crafted so that the pages of these two different Bibles begin and end with the same word. That means you no longer have to preach from a pew Bible to be on the same page as your congregation.

Universally recognized as the gold standard among word-for-word translations, the beloved New American Standard Bible, 1995 Edition, is now easier to read with Zondervan’s exclusive NASB Comfort Print® typeface.


  • The full text of the New American Standard Bible, 1995 Edition
  • Matches page-for-page with the NASB Pew and Worship Bible
  • Hand-bound in a supple goatskin leather cover with raised spine hubs
  • Smyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibility
  • Art Gilt page edging, with gilt line and perimeter stitching
  • Three satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch wide
  • Premium European Bible paper, 36 gsm
  • Black-letter, line-matched text
  • Double-column layout
  • Exclusive Zondervan NASB Comfort Print typeface
  • 10-point print size

9 reviews for Zondervan NASB, Preacher’s Bible, Premium Goatskin Leather, Black, Premier Collection

  1. Benenz Hitchcock

    This bible is wonderful if you are preaching from the pulpit. Just text, no additions except for a five or so pages in the very back. The goatskin is MUCH more tangible than Schuyler. I own one of theirs as well. The quality is noticeable. My Schuyler bible is well made, and you can tell. It is meant for generational study. This Zondervan Bible has a small stitch defect on the back cover toward the bottom. Again, if you are looking for a portable Bible for hospital visits and you can preach from it Sunday in and Sunday out, then this Bible will do the job.

  2. Robin Fair (verified owner)

    I ordered this Bible because of it being 1995 NASB. It is a wonderful Bible. Floppy, nice paper, verse by verse and easy to read font. No distractions. I also received it in 2 days standard shipping! I definitely recommend!

  3. Eric Smith (verified owner)

    Save your money.

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    For the money it’s a nice bible. There is a lot to like: size, font, minimalist contents, goatskin cover. The downside is, it is printed in China. Two days after receiving the bible the goatskin covers curled quite noticeably.

  5. jturser10 (verified owner)

    I received my Bible yesterday. Handling it for the first time out of the box, I immediately noticed how amazing the goatskin felt as it lay in my hands. There is absolutely no stiffness in this Bible. None of the pages were stuck together like I find in so many other Bibles. The print is superb. It is easy to read and having used it in church last night, I found the verses easy to find especially with the chapter and verse numbers in red. I wish the verse numbers were a little larger but that is a small thing compared with all of the great things I have seen thus far. There is plenty of room at the bottom of each page for notes however there is little room in the margins. Overall though, this is an excellent Bible for reading from the pulpit. The paper is of good quality and doesn’t feel like it’s going to tear with the turning of the pages. Ghosting is barely noticeable. The verse font is easy to read too. Overall, for the price and quality, this is an excellent Bible and one in which I look forward to using for a long time. I’m super excited to have this particular Bible. If you’re searching for a Bible to use that doesn’t have hardly any of the issues that I’ve read about with other preacher Bibles, then I would recommend that you give this one some serious consideration.

  6. Rick.deth (verified owner)

    I’m giving this bible 5 stars because I was really surprised with the overall quality, how supple the goatskin is, and the generous yapp (about 1/2). As mentioned in one of the above reviews, I really like the fact that it’s only 1″ thick.
    I’m so happy with this bible I just purchased a second one; this is a rare find for this discounted price. Maybe it is discounted because of the NASB 2020 Edition?

    Anyway, if you are looking for NASB text only (almost) bible, I’m certain you will love this one.

  7. James (verified owner)

    I just received this Bible today and I absolutely love it. I don’t have much to add to the thorough customer review already posted, except to say my copy of this Bible doesn’t have issues with glue residue. This Bible is more beautiful even than the pictures show. The leather has a great feel. It is a true thinline. The print is dark, and the line matching makes for a clean look on the page.
    While it is a preaching Bible, I intend to use it for day to day reading. I like to have an addition of the NASB that is stripped of cross references and many of the translation footnotes. I find I’m less distracted. There are some translation notes in this Bible, but not many. I have found many of the notes to be inconsequential to the meaning of the text. While I’m glad to have those notes in other editions of the NASB, I’m glad to have a clean-looking text. Outstanding Bible!

  8. luekenc (verified owner)

    I just received this Bible in the mail and decided it would be beneficial to write a review. The point of this review will be to compare this alongside my ESV Schuyler Quentel regular size (also in goatskin). This allows for a better comparison and understanding of my points.

    1. This is personal preference but the typeface on the Zondervan does appear to be more readable. It seems easier to focus on the words than the Schuyler. The text is separated by verse instead of paragraph in the Schuyler. I personally prefer paragraph, but again…this is just preference.

    1. This Bible is WAY cheaper. $116.50 compared to $200 is significant. This may not matter as much to people who are more interested in a “best in class” Bible, but it is a factor.
    2. This is hard to articulate, but this goatskin cover is actually softer and more supple than the Schuyler. You may be scratching your head how that is even possible considering this liner uses vinyl and the Schuyler uses calfskin. I don’t know, but it is. My wife and kids also agree. This goatskin actually “gives” a litter more like a squishy ball. I guess Schuyler “presses” their goatskin down so it is more sturdy (but still supple of course). I just feel like I am holding a more sensitive Bible and need to baby it more. This is a VERY NOTICEABLE difference.
    3. Both Bibles have the same width and length, but the Schuyler is ½” thicker. This Bible truly is a “thinline” which is very nice. This also results in a much lighter Bible. This is significant consider they both claim the same page thickness (36 GSM), and This Bible is only 1 size less font (10 vs 11). The big reason for this is this Bible lacks a concordance, colored maps and cross-references. With the plethora of Bible resources online today, I don’t really see the value of this in physical Bibles. If you are chasing cross-references or looking up words in a Concordance, you are better off going online now for a deeper study. This also removes distracting superscripts in the text with the exception of footnotes that are useful. This is actually the sole reason why I chose this Bible over the Schuyler.
    4. The paper on this Bible is whiter than the Schuyler.
    5. The final pro is everything except the actual text and super-scripted footnotes are in red. This makes it much easier for your eyes to separate the text from anything else. The chapters, verse and section headings are all in red.

    1. Made in China. This is not meant to dismiss the country, but rather understand that this is a mass-produced product and the level of attention to detail throughout is evident. This is not a huge factor, but just understand that you can see the difference when both Bibles are next to each other (which also contributes to it being cheaper).
    2. For example, the ribbons were not glued to the spine as nicely as my Schuyler. One of the ribbons is even folded into the spine. This is just a minor aesthetic difference.
    3. There is some glue residue on the back that I need to figure out how to take off without ruining the goatskin.
    4. The part of the vinyl liner that is attached to the binding worries me. It is hard to explain, but I am nervous that it could tear overtime if I am not careful.
    5. The ribbed spine is present but not as prominent as the Schuyler which actually “stamps” it.
    6. The red under the gold gilt is much lighter too.

  9. Chuck Williams

    This is the exact NASB Bible I have been looking for! It has everything I wanted in a Preacher’s Bible. Thanks to Zondervan, Evangelical Bible, and my Mentor Paul Gotthardt I have what I would consider the perfect Bible. Praise the Lord!

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