Top Selling Bibles Bibles (January – October 2019)

Customers often ask us to recommend Bibles – as you can imagine that’s not at all a simple task, since there are so many different types of Bibles, translations, and designs – all which ask the customer to research what he/she is looking for in a Bible….. Compact, Wide Margin, Reference, Text, Hardback, Genuine Leather, Natural Goatskin, Color, Red-Letter, KJV, ESV, NLT etc…..There are a lot of variables here! Having said that, our customer service staff does its best to listen to what a person is seeking and match them with a corresponding Bible!

Below is a list of our Top Selling Bibles (from January to October, 2019) – all of which we recommend because YOUR feedback has been extremely positive and we rarely get these Bibles returned for quality issues.  Please note: There are many top of the line Bibles that are not on this (for example the Cambridge Clarion Series) – but are equally worthy of mention – so please do your homework before purchasing your Bible.

1.  Schuyler Personal Size Quentel ESV – This Bible has had phenomenal sales over the past 3 years.  Amazing. Legibility and Portability have been the basis for the phenomenal sales with the Personal Size.
2.  Schuyler Canterbury– the Canterbury has been our most popular KJV Bible over the past 2 years. Quite a feat in a crowded KJV field.
3.  Crossway Omega: This Bible has stayed in the top 5 for about 5 years.  An amazing classic. Very Affordable. 2 new colors: Vintage Brown & Ocean Blue. (This best seller will soon move production to China – so order soon to get the last of the Jongbloed production)
4.  Schuyler Regular Size Quentel NASB.  No surprise here.  This has been a top seller for the past 4 years.

A few years ago Allan would have been near the top, but their supply has decreased substantively. The Cambridge Turquoise is likely in the top 10 or so – and the new Nelson and Zondervan Comfort Print will likely climb this ladder as well.  Next year we expect to see the Schuyler Canterbury Wide Margins and perhaps the new Cambridge Topaz in the top tier as well.

Black NASB Schuyler Quentel