Top Selling Bibles Bibles (January-December 2022)

Customers often ask us to recommend Bibles – as you can imagine that’s not at all a simple task, since there are so many different types of Bibles, translations, and designs – all which ask the customer to research what he/she is looking for in a Bible….. Compact, Wide Margin, Reference, Text, Hardback, Genuine Leather, Natural Goatskin, Color, Red-Letter, KJV, ESV, NLT etc…..There are a lot of variables here! Having said that, our customer service staff does its best to listen to what a person is seeking and match them with a corresponding Bible!

Below is a list of our Top Selling Bibles (from January to December, 2022) – all of which we recommend because YOUR feedback has been extremely positive and we rarely get these Bibles returned for quality issues.  Please note: There are many top of the line Bibles that are not on this – but are equally worthy of mention – so please do your homework before purchasing your Bible.

1.  Schuyler Regular Size Quentel ESV.  No surprise here.  This has been a top seller for the past 8 years.
2.  Schuyler Personal Size ESV. (almost neck and neck with the regular size- identical pagination)
3.  Schuyler Canterbury KJV – the Canterbury has returned to the top in part due to the extraordinary sales of the new full yapp version.  The Canterbury has more ratings than any other Bible on our site.  It has consistently received the highest ratings of any Bible. The Canterbury’s place is also remarkable given the crowded KJV field.
4.  Schuyler ESV Treveris – The ESV Treveris. Incredible setting! Also in KJV.
5.  Cambridge Concord Full Yapp KJV. extremely popular setting by Cambridge.
6.  Schuyler Stridon NASB.  An incredible verse by verse NASB format.

Obviously you will need to do your own research in choosing a Bible that suits your specific needs, however, the “best seller” list is still an important resource. It presents Bibles that have had strong sales over the years – and strong sales is a great indicator of how popular a Bible is….(ever been in a new town and stopped the restaurant that had a full parking lot?  That’s like our best seller list!