Allan KJV 112 Ruby Reference Edition, Black Goatskin Bible

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Black Goatskin cover
2 navy blue ribbons with red under gold page edges
Page size: 6 1/8″  x 4 1/2″
7 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.


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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This robust black goatskin edition of the Ruby Reference Bible is ideal for personal use. Bound in black natural grain goatskin with semi-yapp, two navy blue ribbons and red under gold art gilt page edges.

The Ruby Reference Bible is a classic Oxford University Press typesetting and includes concordance, dictionary of proper names, subject index and Oxford Bible maps as well as an Allan Presentation Page and 32pp Allan feint-ruled notepaper.

Please note: this Bible is not leather-lined.

Page size: 6 1/8  x 4 1/2 inches (155 x 115mm)

Type size: 7 pt

Boxed weight: 1 1/4 lbs (0.6 kg)

12 reviews for Allan KJV 112 Ruby Reference Edition, Black Goatskin Bible

  1. Daniel Stewart

    My Allan Ruby KJV is an “Allan 103”, and it must be similar to this Allan KJV 112. I just bought my Allan 103 from Evangelical Bibles. And it is exquisitely printed and bound by Allan and Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands. Yes, it has smaller print fonts and is a smaller Bible style of the “pocket type” to carry with me during the day, when I am at work and on lunch break. But it is an extremely well made Bible in terms of the leather cover, Bible paper, binding technology, and clearness of the printing of the words of the Bible. I find nothing wrong with it in any way.

  2. Magno

    This is a diminutive much less vaunted version of the Allan 103 – it’s a much more cheaply produced item lacking all the trade mark attributes that characterises Allan Bibles.

    There is no yap

    There is no leather liner/edge line

    No hand pleated corners

    Nothing additional to write home about.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s a waste of a goatskin minus a leather liner. Way overpriced I would rather spend a little more on the awesome Allan 7c which has a great portability and all the above missing with this soulless, quick buck, aberration. Not sure about these 5 star reviews – they certainly don’t convince me.

  3. Bearded Baptist

    Absolutely beautiful little Bible!!! We got it for our daughters birth. The team at is incredible! They printed our daughters name on the Bible and shipped it the next day. It arrived so fast and is everything we wanted for her!

  4. nathan cray

    this is a winner for 100$ with imprint.

  5. Franky (verified owner)

    I’ve been eyeing this beauty since last year and so I finally had to purchase it. There doesn’t seem to be many reviews of the 112, so hopefully this helps others who are contemplating the purchase.

    The cover is sturdy giving only a slight bend but may soften as time progresses. What might explain this is the fact that this is NOT edge-lined, but pasted down. The end pages are vinyl-like coated paper, the cover corners are crimp-rounded, and the spine has divots to give an imitated hub feel. I don’t have large hands, but this sits perfectly in my palm and can very comfortably be read with one hand not having to curl or bend back the cover. The goat skin of the copy I received is not 100% flawlessly pebbled — there’s a tiny imperfection on the front and on the back. It could possibly be just the scars of the goat, but I’m not entirely certain how the manufacturers even give these animal skins this textured (as mentioned, “pebbled”) feel.

    Text Block and Paper
    The text block is rounded at the spine giving a great feel when thumbing through the pages. Out of the box, the 112 lays flat starting at the first bible paper page after the beginning card stocks. The paper size is definitely 6 x 4 1/2 inches as advertised, and I measure the cover dimensions at about 6 5/8 x 4 7/8 x 1 inches. The red and gold art gilding is gorgeous, although it seems like a few red speckles landed its way in the outer columns of a few pages.

    The print is dark and the line spacing is narrow but it’s still definitely legible. The bible text is accurately advertised as 7 pt with the center-column text size almost the same. The text itself reminds me of the 1st edition KJV Pitt Minions — dark and traditional Times Roman font presented in a verse-by-verse format.

    This bible is definitely easing it’s way as my favorite traveling bible. It might be too early to tell, but I think I favor this over the 2nd edition Pitt Minion. The paper quality is much better — 2nd edition Pitt Minions curl and warp after having applying skin contact within a few seconds whereas the 112 seems to have a thicker and sleeker paper without sacrificing overall thickness. I think that this is fairly priced at $81.25, and I truly hope the folks at R.L. Allan do not discontinue these like they did the Ruby 103s.

  6. Jeff Richard Young (verified owner)

    This Allan Ruby in Black Goatskin is a delight to me. It exudes quality. The bible is small, and the print is small, but with my normal reading glasses I can read it just fine. I highly recommend it.

  7. Pastor Mark Barrett

    for $90.00, this is a winner!

  8. Juan De Leon (verified owner)

    This is a great Bible to have for everyday reading. It is great for travel or when you’re on the go. It’s not too big, not too small and not too heavy to carry. I take it with me everywhere I go. The 7 point size is readable. I like the how the BC (for Old Testament) and AD (for New Testament) dates are displayed on the center reference column. The included features – dictionary of proper names, concordance, helps to study the Bible, and Bible maps, are great. It also includes a few blank pages for notes. The construction quality (cover, paper, ribbons, etc) of this Bible is excellent. It lays flat and is comfortable when place on the palm of my hand. I truly enjoy this Bible very much and would recommended it.

  9. James (verified owner)

    I bought this KJV Holy Bible for my son for regular use to carry to church. Why? Because I bought him the Schuyler Canterbury KJV, which is sized primarily for home/study use, not to carry to church in all sorts of weather. This Holy Bible was sized right and priced right. I had mine embossed with his name by EvangelicalBible, which came out nicely. This Holy Bible was made in the Netherlands, which is a nice touch. No cheap Asian import here! I would recommend this Holy Bible for church/travel use primarily.

  10. jd (verified owner)

    This is above all the best!
    Craftsmanship is top notch.
    No wonder they call it a ruby.

  11. Peter

    A small Bible, well suited for travel, is, as described in another review, built “like a tank.” In spite of its size, brand new it lays flat at any page, and is well constructed. The 7 point works well with my glasses, and the small size packs away nicely so even when travel limitations are present, its always a fit.
    The paper is also quality without terrible bleed-through of letters from page to page, which is common in cheaply made Bibles, and the leather is beautiful goatskin, of which I use a quality leather preservative once per year so that it lasts many generations.

    A great little Bible!

  12. Kevin Scott (verified owner)

    What can I say, it’s an Allan!
    It doesn’t have a full yapp.
    It has a “card stock” type cover, dressed up in goatskin. It lays flat right out of the box. It’s built like a mini tank and I am more than confident that it will stand up to the task! For a small font, it’s actually very readable. It’s small enough to take any and everywhere!
    I love it and certainly recommend it!

    One Love…

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