Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Navy Blue Goatskin-Red Letter, Full Yapp

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Full Yapp Navy Blue Goatskin cover with leather liner
3 blue ribbons and blue under silver gilt
Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″
8 pt. font with words of Christ in red
Cross References and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The Concord is a truly remarkable Bible, one of our favorites. Clear, bold type, abundantly supple leather make this an excellent choice in the Authorized Version. Now, exclusively available from EvangelicalBible, it has received a beautiful new binding of Navy Blue Goatskin with a unique flexible leather lining. It also features a full yapp and raised spine hubs.

This Bible offers a wealth of reference material–a glossary, concordance, dictionary of names and phrases, fifteen color maps, and gazetteer. Bold-figure cross-references link passages of the text without cluttering the page.

In addition, a presentation page and family record, India paper, gilt edges, ribbon markers, and a real leather binding make this a very attractive Bible.

Features include

  • India paper
  • cross-references
  • concordance
  • 15 color maps
  • presentation page
  • three ribbon markers
  • Red-letter text (words of Christ)
  • blue under silver art-gilt page edges
  • silver gilt line
  • head and tail bands
  • sewn binding

Page size: 5.5″ x 8.25″ x 1.125″ (140 mm x 207 mm x 30 mm)
Page extent: 1,532 pp.
Typography: 8 pt Times Semi-bold 421

16 reviews for Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible, Navy Blue Goatskin-Red Letter, Full Yapp

  1. Logan (verified owner)

    Very high quality. With a couple issues.

    I noticed the silver glit, seems worn off in some spots. Or not on properly at least. And the old printing style has quite a few printing errors where letters have parts missing. Whether by lack of ink or otherwise i dont know. Tho it doesnt really hurt its readability.

    I love the bible. Its quality, easy to read. Small form factor. And not too floppy because of its quality. So I am very happy with it despite the very small issues i mentioned. The bold print actually jumps off the page and makes it so much easier to read.

    I will definitely be a Cambridge bible user from now on. Even if the print is not digital and perfect. Its extremely readable.

  2. jasetaylor (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning Bible, even smells great. This is a good portable size, in-between a Schuyler full size and personal size, for a Cambridge reference, in-between a Cameo and the Topaz but thiner than the Cameo. Feels great in the hand and nice & floppy. The yapp isn’t quite a full yapp, more a large semi-yapp, still plenty to protect the text block. I have a feeling this may become my favourite Bible however there are a few areas of criticism; The three ribbons are narrow, more narrow than a Schuyler personal size and I would prefer they match the width of Schuyler. The text block printing is showing signs of wear to the printing press, I believe the Concord is a 1950s type setting and the paper block is a traditional hot press printing. Some pages are printed lighter than others and some letters are partial prints with small patches missing. This is to be expected for a 70 year old type setting, it could do with the reworking the 1920s typesetting received (Cameo). Overall I’m very pleased with this Bible, ticks many boxes and may become my favourite Bible irrespective of the minor niggles. Now tempted to grab the brown calf bound Concord.

  3. Landon Leslie (verified owner)

    This bible is awesome! The pictures don’t do it justice. I love this bible so much. To read the word of God out of such a thing of fine craftsmanship is nothing less than a blessing.

  4. Justin Robinson (verified owner)

    I own this bible and it’s incredible. I own many nice bibles but this one is my favorite.
    The cover is very soft and beautiful.
    The font is an 8 but it reads like a 9 or 10. It’s bold but not too bold. It’s quite nice and become my favorite text. The red lettering is dark and rich and consistent throughout.
    The paper is on the thinner side compared with what I would like (36 and up) but for a 28 it’s quite good. It doesn’t feel thin or cheap.
    The gilt is beautiful. Blue under silver is quite lovely. In fact my favorite combination of colors are here in this bible. A blue leather with silver gilt. Fantastic!
    It has a nice dictionary and concordance.
    The maps are plentiful, 15 pages, and very lovely.
    For a smaller bible this is very elegant and well done. Easily my favorite.

    The only cons I have about this bible are 2.
    1: I wish I had got this bible sooner 🙂
    2: it makes a strange creaking noise when handling it. It doesn’t really annoy me yet but it’s odd and the only bible I own that makes this type of noise. It does make me anxious that something might be wrong with the binding, I don’t know.

  5. tdstims (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely beautiful bible. I love the full yapp and the blue under silver art gilding. This one of the nicest carry bibles I’ve ever seen. I can’t find anything I don’t like. Everything from front to back is just exquisite. I highly recommend.

  6. Anthony K. (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say. This Concord is as good as it gets. You certainly get what you pay for with this glorious Bible. So, to contrast, the Goat skin is as good if not better than the RL Allan. Not a knock on the Allan, but just to give you perspective. It’s very soft and supple. The print is dark and bold and the red letter pops like the moon at night. Just fabulous. The ribbon quality has gotten better, I’d say on par now with RL Allan, however, not as thick, and not as long, if that’s your thing.

    Now, although the print is darker than prior editions, some little imperfections such as fainter words are to be expected, as Cambridge is using the traditional printing method, which nonetheless is phenomenal. The silver art gilting looks sharp, andthe leather edgelined Goatskin cover is of suburb quality.

    Evangelical Bible as always was incredibly helpful and shipping was very fast. I received my Bible in 2 days.

    Do yourself a favor and pick one of these beauty’s up now before they are gone. You won’t be disappointed!

  7. John Mo (verified owner)

    God’s Word should come in the best translation from its oldest publisher with the best of all forms: text block, paper, binding, blue leather, references and aids. This is the all-in-one Bible that balances craftsmanship, readability and portability.

  8. Caleb F. (verified owner)

    I recently received this Bible. This is my first Cambridge and I believe I found my forever Bible to hold me on! This is a Bible I will diligently read out of, use, and study. The leather feels so good, the font is very readable; it doesn’t even feel like a 9 point font. The imprinting was done beautifully. It is very portable and light, as well as a perfect size for readability. Not too small, not too big, just right! Love the blue under silver gilt! Top notch, high quality. Would recommend getting a Cambridge, especially this particular one!

  9. Randal

    I have the one in brown calfskin with the yapp and love it. Also have the Concord in black goatskin w/no yapp (black text). Would really like to see a black, full yapp one in either calfskin or goatskin.

  10. lionwolf1953 (verified owner)

    Bought this bible on 2/28 and received it on 3/2!!! Talk about fast!!! All I can say is this bible is beautiful. Had a blue bible that was a center column reference bible many years ago. It was very similar to the Concord Bible that I bought. Alas, the old blue bible has not survived as it was very poor quality. It was a very good bible but just could not withstand everyday use. When I found this Cambridge Concord Bible in blue goatskin, full Yapp, silver on blue gilt edging, I knew I had found my Bible!!! The line matching and the bold, crisp font is extremely readable. It can be read for an hour at a time without eye fatigue. The goatskin cover is such a pleasure to hold. The concordance, the dictionary, and the glossary are the best I have seen in a bible this size. The maps are very well done. This bible has become my workhorse for my bible study and everyday carry. If you are undecided about this bible all I can tell you is it is worth every penny!!!!

  11. Charlie (verified owner)

    Cambridge blue full yap concord goat skin. Great Bible super quality. It’s great to be able to buy Bibles not made in China. Christians shouldn’t support the communist Chinese.

  12. Beth_saari (verified owner)

    I did it! I have this Bible in calf split and I loved it so much I had to have it in goatskin. I can’t even. The Concord layout, print, and paper are classics and in this cover it is an heirloom treasure for sure! I could not be happier with this purchase. I’m loving every second in this one.

  13. Adam (verified owner)

    I love the silver gilt as I prefer silver instead of gold in most cases. It’s pretty much the perfect size for all around use. Even though it is a little smaller font it is still pretty readable. My only complaint is that some of the text is much lighter compared to other parts where the text is darker like it should be.

  14. John Mays (verified owner)

    Just got mine in. Wow is all I can say. The print is dark and consistent throughout which is a much needed improvement from older concords. Great paper quality. The blue full yapp goatskin is simply beautiful. Wonderful grain. Blue under silver art gilting is very eloquent. Do yourself a favor and pick one up asap. You won’t be disar.

  15. Paul Esposito (verified owner)

    Read the back of the box and you’ll notice the difference, when compared to an older concord: this new, blue goatskin edition is a “facsimile” printed edition, and has a wonderful, dark printing throughout! I noticed the difference right away. Wow, this is one beautiful Bible!
    I highly recommend it!

  16. Daniel D. (verified owner)

    An absolutely beautiful binding for an absolutely beautiful typesetting. I own a few other Cambridge goatskin editions, but the quality and beauty of this Concord surpasses them all. The leather is supple and soft to the touch and has a beautiful grain pattern throughout. The silver gilding is immaculate, both on the pages and on the cover, and the interior gilt line is a really nice touch that I wish Cambridge would include in more of their editions.

    Much has been made of the Concord typesetting, and I concur wholeheartedly with every positive review of it. The typeface is clear and bold, and the reference system keeps the text clean and easy to read with no distractions. The Concord seems to strike a perfect balance between readability and portability.

    I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful edition. Five out of five stars on every metric. Pick one up; you won’t be disappointed!

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