Cambridge NIV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Edge-lined Goatskin Leather

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Black Goatskin cover
2 ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page Size: 7 1/8″ x 5 1/8″ x 1 5/8″
8. 75 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
See Description below for more details.

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Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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This New International Version Bible is produced in the highly praised Clarion format. Exclusive Photos Here.

Cambridge Clarion Bibles give a superb reading experience. The Bible text is not separated into columns, but flows right across the page, with the references in the outer margins. Clarion Bibles employ a modern digital font, Lexicon No 1, with plenty of space between the lines, delivering text with the readability usually associated with much larger type.

The Bibles incorporate a set of colour maps and a concordance, and have a presentation page at the front.

They use the highest quality materials: they are printed on India paper, and fully sewn, making them not only beautifully flexible, but more resilient too; They are bound in a choice of calf split leather and edge-lined goatskin leather. Both styles have ribbon markers, head and tailbands, and gold blocking on the cover and spine.

India paper
Art Gilt edges
Two ribbons
Black-letter text
Type size: 8.75 pt.
Single-column format
Presentation page
15 colour maps
No “HOLY BIBLE” on the cover

Page Size: 7 1/8″ x 5 1/8″ x 1 5/8″ (180 x 131 x 40 mm)

5 reviews for Cambridge NIV Clarion Reference Bible, Black Edge-lined Goatskin Leather

  1. Phil Snelling (verified owner)

    If you would like a Bible that is good for reading, then this is one to consider.
    > It is single column with clear, legible font that has good line spacing.
    > It has a soft, floppy goatskin cover which drapes across your hand.
    > It has cross references, concordance and maps (with index).
    I can sit and read for over an hour reading this Bible with ease.
    How do I feel it could be improved?
    > Move the cross references to the centre closest to the spine — make the main text more legible and simpler to read by moving it to the prime position.
    > Add a third ribbon and make them thicker (and seal the ends)
    > BONUS: Make a full yapp version with thicker leather
    But potential improvements aside, this is a terrific Bible which I love to read. Highly recommended.

  2. Jordan Quinley (verified owner)

    I bought this Bible about 4 years ago and I’m finally getting around to a review! (The only other option that I really liked was the Schuyler Caxton, but it wasn’t available in the NIV.) This Clarion is a real beauty. The goatskin cover feels very nice and has a lot of flex. After four years, the stitching around the leather is still completely intact, and to my surprise, neither of the ribbon markers has yet begun to fray. The typography was one of the main reasons I went with the Clarion. The single column is great for reading, and keeping the words of Jesus in black print was a must-have for me. The line spacing feels generous, also making it better for reading, and the line matching (on opposite sides of a single sheet) is spot on. I occasionally notice page curling (anecdotally, I think this happens more when central air is running and the air is drier). The is very well sized for holding in one hand. I like that it has a smaller page size, made up for by having more pages. This gives this Bible a thicker, somewhat squat appearance that I actually favor. I love this Bible and, Lord willing, expect it to last for many more years. I would absolutely recommend it.

  3. MIKE HEARST (verified owner)

    Bought this in February 2020 and I am not disappointed. I had bought the Cambridge KJV red letter thumb indexed from the Cambridge web site a while ago. Like the paragraph format for bible study, BUT I wish Cambridge would produce a red letter version paragraph format-I see through this website that Schuyler ; in fact does – the KJV Treveris edition which is due for release soon . The font for this NIV is fine and the goatskin cover is easy to work with – As always though , one can’t judge a book by its cover especially when it is the Word of God that is between the covers. Blessings to all.

  4. Stan McCullars (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a NIV Clarion Bible in goatskin leather for about two and a half years. (I also own one in NKJV). This Bible is of exceptional quality. The text is clear and large enough to where my reading glasses (I’m 54) are plenty strong enough to read without any eye strain. The text on the front and back of the page is lined up nicely. There is minimal ghosting which is not distracting at all for me. The Bible fits perfectly in my hand when open (or closed for that matter). The leather is soft to the touch. The Bible is as good as new with a moderate amount of use. Should I ever need another Bible or want another version, I will certainly get a Clarion in goatskin.

  5. Rod Summers

    I bought the NIV Clarion in Black Goatskin from Amazon (sorry…couldn’t wait) and received it today. I have the ESV Clarion in Brown Calfskin and previously had an ESV Clarion in Black Goatskin. I believe in this NIV Clarion that the paper may be different- thicker. The entire page stack is thicker, as one other blogger noted, and ghosting has been reduced. And I am not seeing the page curl that has been widely discussed and I also experience in my ESV. Further, this NIV in Goatskin does not seem as floppy as the previous goatskin I had (which is why I sold it). I am very pleased with it and anxious to see others’ observations.

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