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the highest rated Bible at Black Natural Grain Goatskin, Red Liner, Ribbons: 3 red ribbons See Pictures Here.

Page size:6.1′ x 9.1′ x 1.1′ (156 mm x 231 mm x 29 mm)
PDF sampler of this Bible.
28 GSM Paper
Font: 11 pt. Milo
Double Column, Verse-by-Verse format
Single Column, Verse-by-Verse format for Psalms
Ornamental Drop Caps
Italics for supplied words
Words of Christ in Red.
Epistle Dedicatory & Translators to the Readers
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
55,000 Cross References
Glossary of King James Terms
Art Gilt Edging (red under gold)
Gold Foil Spine Stamping
Schuyler Bible Maps


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Weight 4 lbs

73 reviews for Schuyler Canterbury KJV Black Goatskin Bible

  1. Hunter WF (verified owner)

    This is my first premium Bible purchase, as well as the second Bible I’ve owned. If you’re doubting your decision to buy this Bible or any other version from Schuyler Bibles, DON’T! Of course only purchase if it’s within your means. I received my Bible a couple days ago and the excitement and happiness I feel hasn’t faded. It is truly a fantastic Bible. From the natural grain goatskin leather, the eleven point milo font, the ornamental drop caps, to the red under gold art gilt edging. Schuyler Bibles are a masterful work of art that can not be ignored. I will without a doubt be purchasing my next two translations from the Schuyler brand. Next up, the Quentel NASB. Followed by the Quentel ESV. God bles!

  2. Christopher Gresens II

    I received my Schuyler Canterbury KJV, Black Goatskin Bible – Red Letter for my birthday this year. It was the perfect gift. This is my first “premium” Bible. I will be purchasing one for my wife soon. I kind of want to buy another one for myself….I highly recommend this Bible!

  3. sharlow

    Received the Canterbury Black Goatskin red letter KJB today. I ordered it in May and it was worth the wait. WoW! Also have the Canterbury Blue Goatskin that I purchased in 2018 and I much prefer this one. As one review has already said the lighter paper is not a downgrade the quality is great and the lightness and the use in the pulpit will be fine.
    But the greatest part that I absolutely love is the readability. The text and size makes for easy reading, but especially: “NO CLUTTER.” Appreciate that there is no ‘helps’ in breaking down the words with pronouncing the words. To me those things are an hindrance to a clean text which I prefer; this Bible is so easy on the eyes as I just keep on reading and reading.
    Thank You all again at Evangelical Bible for your excellent help and service. I wont be gone long.

  4. Paul Graves

    Well, I did a thing.
    I purchased a Schuyler Canterbury KJV, in imperial blue, for my good friend, who has never owned a quality bible.
    He was blown away by the quality and color of his goatskin bible. He particularly enjoys the strong binding, ornamental drop caps, and the blue art gilt edging.
    You guessed it, my friend was very grateful!

  5. JamesC

    As you can tell in the many other reviews, the Schuyler Canterbury is a fantastic Bible. The materials, craftsmanship and the layout, all make for an extremely elegant copy of God’s Word! This is truly an ‘Heirloom Bible’ that you can enjoy and leave to your children. It’s a healthy sized Bible but not too big to carry with you to Church. It’s just perfect for reading and studying. I like the cross-references being at the bottom of the page. It’s not hard to train your eyes to follow the references. I love the slightly ‘off-white’ color of the paper and it’s being silky smooth to the touch. The study aids in the back with the King’s Glossary are all helpful to this impressive Bible. I will be using this one for years to come. Can’t end the review without a note of thanks to the folks at I placed my order at 12:40 pm one day with the note ‘I hope this can make it in today’s mail’. I got an immediate email notifying me of my order and at 12:44 another email telling me that my order was on it’s way! It doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  6. K. Wade Stover (verified owner)

    I have had this Bible since Christmas 2018 and could not be more satisfied. I use this one for teaching because it has the 36 GSM paper which makes it easy to turn and the pages lay flat and still. These Bibles are the highest quality and you will definitely not be disappointed.

  7. Michael Wollman

    My Schuyler Canterbury arrived in the mail, neatly wrapped, on April 1st. The return address indicated it came from Bob Conlon, Calgary. A man I had never met, or known of his existence since answering his Kijiji ad early in the year, yet here he had sent me a virtually brand new Bible as a gift. For those interested in that story, I’ll include a link below.

    I carefully unwrapped the packaging unveiling the sleek black Schuyler protective box inside. I opened the case and gently lifted out the Schuyler. The thought running through my mind was this, I had never even heard of premium bibles a few months prior and yet here it was. This supple goatskin Bible radiated quality in my hands. It was a precious moment.

    Looking, I noticed the luxurious, textured black premium goatskin leather with a semi-prominent Jerusalem cross tastefully stamped about a third of the way down the front cover and precisely in the center. Turning the Bible over to have a look at the spine and there, situated between the second and third prominent raised ribs were the words in bold gold letters Holy Bible. Below, between the third and the fourth ribs read King James Version in a font roughly half the size, and right on the bottom there was another smaller Jerusalem cross in gold with Schuyler written right underneath. The Schuyler brand, I surmised.
    Turning the bible over to the back , no markings or stampings, just glorious goatskin.

    I couldn’t resist putting this wonderfully textured goatskin cover up to my nose, closing my eyes and drinking in the smell of new leather. I have so many smell memories associated with leather and this goatskin smelled as rich and deep as any.

    Exhaling in bliss and slowly opening my eyes I focused my attention on the book edges and was struck with the sheer beauty of the art gilt edges as they turned from gold to red and back to gold as I turned the Bible in my hands and flexed it this way and that.

    I opened the luxurious goatskin cover and ran my thumb over the burgundy red scrumptiously soft leather that lined the inside, all the while noticing the fine stitching and impeccable corner work that ran perfectly along a gold line. The cover was thinner than I was anticipating but much more pliable.

    I opened the bible with one hand and softly thumbed the pages with the other. I felt the raised ribs on the spine with my palm and immediately liked the feel of them there. It also made the Bible feel secure while holding one handed.

    Opening the bible I checked out the thickness, feel and colour of the paper, and man, I tell you, I love the paper. It’s plenty thick enough to easily turn a page, but I fell in love with the silky smoothness of it. I often find myself stroking the paper while reading just because I can’t get enough of the feel. The paper is just off-white enough to be easy on the eyes and matte enough to show no glare.

    The font is quite large and easy to read. The layout is two column and the way I prefer it. This way when I stop reading to peruse and think, my eyes have no problem immediately finding where I left off.

    At first I didn’t like the section headings and thought them unnecessary, but after a few weeks I don’t mind them anymore. I think they add to the pleasant reading experience by introducing breaks in the text so the eye is not overwhelmed with print.
    There is also enough white paper space between the letters and the lines so the print looks easy on the eye and uncrowded. A joy to read.

    Now, I’m not the greatest fan of the reference placement at the bottom of each page and struggle more than I care to admit to find each corresponding reference. I hope this will improve as I get more used to it.
    I also realize that by not having them in the center column greatly improves readability.

    The large red ornamental drop caps and red verse numbers and chapters all serve to appeal to the eye and naturally relax you, adding to the overall reading experience.

    The Psalm section is another example of the thought that went into the design. It is written in paragraph style with shorter lines that encompass roughly 2/3rds of the page. The ratio of words to paper is so unbusy it makes you slow down the reading pace and enjoy what makes poetry what it is.

    The more time I spend with this Bible, the more it is evident that it is highly engineered in all ways possible and therefore appeals to all the senses.

    It is such a work of art I will never write in it, except the page that bears my name and the name of presenter. Bible Bob Conlon from Calgary.

    Thank you Bible Bob and thank you Schuyler.

    This is a great Bible, but as always and with anything there’s room for improvement. Here’s my humble suggestions.

    – Somehow, shave at least half an inch of the book block to make it thinner and more relaxing to hold. Make no mistake, this is a hefty Bible and would be a challenge to read from one-handedly for a period of time. I much prefer to read from this in my easy chair, with the leg rest up, the Bible cradled in one hand in my lap, the other paying attention to the pages, and the yellow glow of the floor lamp looking over my shoulder. I’m not sure how to slim it down, because I love the paper quality and the font size but would probably sacrifice a bit of both. But I’d rather leave that decision to the more than capable designers at Schuyler who have produced this masterpiece thus far.

    – Forgo the stamping of the Jerusalem Cross on the front cover, although I must admit it bothers me less and less all the time, but I still think it doesn’t need to be there and detracts from overall design.

    – Full yap please. And the reason for that is probably not obvious but the protection of a full yap would be an invaluable asset to the protection of the pages as I turn them when read in my easy chair, especially on the cold winter nights when a blanket bulks up my lap.

    The story of Bible Bob.

  8. Pastor Aaron L Gravett (verified owner)

    The Schuyler Canterbury, Black Goatskin Leather is an amazing Bible! From the opening of the box to holding it the first time is an awesome experience. The Goatskin Leather feels and smells so good. The craftsmanship that went into this Bible is exceptional from the premium leather chosen, the grain pattern, the perimeter stitching, the edge-lining, the leather liner, the smyth sewn binding, the art-gilding, the premium paper, the ink – all of it is done very well.
    Then the layout, the font size, the drop caps, the glossary, the concordance, and maps continue the quality put into this Bible. The only one thing I would like to see different is the concordance could be a few font sizes bigger. This is one amazing Bible. The word of God done in excellence!

  9. greg792 (verified owner)

    As others have stated, the Canterbury is a truly a wonderful bible. From the cover to the pages, the feel is buttery smooth. This is my first premium bible and there certainly is a difference between this bible and the other 40 bibles that I own. May God bless Evangelical Bible for many years to come. I am blessed to own this wonderful work of art.

  10. Mike Z (verified owner)

    As a relative newcomer to the world of premium Bibles, I cannot add anything new to the myriad reviews above that lavish praise upon praise, not only for the Canterbury itself, but for Schuyler Bibles in general.
    In my opinion, they are the most beautiful in build and presentation that you can buy.

    The Canterbury displays a perfect combination of classical KJV presentation, with contemporary elegance and style; something old that is new, if you will.

    The exterior black goatskin is majestically complimented by a crimson red leather liner, with three cardinal red satin ribbons. customer service is also second to none, which is no small thing in this day and age of mass distribution companies that throw your order into a box and send it on it’s way, with no regard to protecting your expensive items from potential shipping/handling damage.
    They even proactively notified me on a recent order, that the shipping calculator charged too much for expedited delivery, and promptly credited the difference.
    Many thanks, and sincere appreciation to the EB team for your prompt replies to inquiries, fast shipping, and commitment your your customers !

    Grace and peace to all of you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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