Schuyler Personal Size Quentel NKJV, Dark Green Goatskin

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Dark Green Goatskin Cover with Brown Calfskin Liner
2 green ribbons and red under gold art gilt
Page size: 4.7″ x 7.1″ x 1″
8.5 pt. font words of Christ in red
Cross references
See Description below for more details.

(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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The Schuyler Personal Size Quentel NKJV is based on the Quentel Series, which is now available in the ESV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, CSB, RSV, and NLT. This edition is designed to be a ‘personal size’ companion to the regular sized Quentel since it is identical in pagination. CLICK HERE for a .pdf sample (of NASB; open at 100% or “actual size”).

Natural Grain Dark Green Goatskin with Brown Calfskin Liner
Same Pagination as the Quentel Series (all page numbers and format will be identical)
Approximate font size: 8.5
Page size: 4.7″ x 7.1″ x 1″ (120 mm x 180 mm x 29 mm)
Line Matching
28 GSM Indopaque paper
2 Ribbon Markers (Forest Green)
Art-Gilt edging (red under gold)
Gold gilt line inside the cover
Smyth Sewn
Red letter text (chapter numbers, headers and page numbers also in red)
More than 60,000 entry cross references
Presentation and family record pages
Lined note paper
Extensive Schuyler Bible Maps

7 reviews for Schuyler Personal Size Quentel NKJV, Dark Green Goatskin

  1. Joseph

    The leather is beautiful. I would like a plain cover option (without the Jerusalem cross). Only real complaint I have is the thin paper and extreme ghosting. This bible would be perfect if the paper was thicker. Thicker paper and comfort font / minimal ghosting would be So nice on my eyes.

  2. Christopher Ashley (verified owner)

    Another writer has described this site’s product as “luxury Bibles”. In the positive sense of luxury, sensory pleasure, it’s an apt description. The paper, type, cover, even the ribbons reward the hand and eye for their attention. Most of us respond well to that kind of treatment and will want to go back for more. I’m certainly not above accepting those incentives to spend time with a Bible.

    I wanted to spend more time with a Bible and less with my phone. That meant two use cases: squeezing in memorization when I have a few minutes waiting on tea to brew etc, and reading at a longer stretch. This Bible excels at both.

    For memorization, I find the type and layout so crystal-clear that I don’t miss the crutch of verse-by-verse printing. I do need to pay a little more attention to find where a verse starts, but if anything that helps keep the flow of thought more clearly in mind so I don’t decompose the passage as I memorize. (I’m using it with 1 John, whose long compound sentences are an especially hard test case.)

    For extended reading, I don’t quite experience full immersion as I might in a contemporary novel, but it’s close. The very thin paper requires a bit of conscious attention if there’s any breeze. I find it possible to ignore the apparatus and let the story or poetry do its work. However, I do tend to get curious about cross-references or alternate readings from time to time. The references and notes are perfectly usable in that case, but they pull me out of reading-mode just a bit and into study mode.

    I think that may be part of the NKJV Quentel experience: It invites the reader to engage with the text’s character as edited and translated. To follow that thread more consistently, I would want the concordance from the full-sized Quentel, and possibly its larger type to make engaging the cross-references easier. But that’s a different use case altogether. I suspect that for me at least, the sensory pleasure of a Bible like this would become more of a distraction from the study than an incentive to read instead of scrolling. A Bible without in-line verse numbers, on the other hand, seems like it would be much less useful for memory work; and if you’ve got in-line verse numbers you’ll have at minimum some editor’s footnotes.

    It’s not perfect, but it makes me want more Bibles, this pleasurable but slightly different. A dangerous good!

  3. Miles Rudduck (verified owner)

    The Schuyler brown on dark green is beautiful.

    References on the bottom seemed awkward at first. But now, the placement allows for adequate note taking, even on this “personal” sized bible.

    This bible feels good in hand. The font is more than adequate, with few distractions on the page; making this easy to read without much fatigue.

    For the moment, in large let because of how beautiful and simple the Schuyler PSQ is, the NKJV has become my go to translation.

  4. Nikki Beer (verified owner)

    Ordered the green and have had it for awhile now. Really love the exquisite size and awesome readability. Beautifully designed and I just love how portable it is. Very happy with my purchase.

  5. Ricky Hart (verified owner)

    I purchased the green NKJV PS Quentel for my soon to arrive grandson (due July 15, 2019). Can’t express enough how pleased I am with the quality and pagination of the Word in this beautiful goatskin cover. I purchased the brick red (black letter edition) regular size NKJV Quentel for my daughter last year and was so impressed with the quality of workmanship that I decided I would present a Schuyler Bible to each of my immediate family over the course of coming birthdays and Christmas Holidays. In the meantime, I am eagerly awaiting my own NKJV in the blue calfskin edition that is scheduled to arrive at Evangelical Bible Co in the next week or so.

    We serve an awesome God, Whom we have lost respect for the magnitude of His glory. Schuyler presents His Word with the quality, workmanship and care of which It is so deserving. I pray that my grandson will cherish and wield his green Personal Size Quentel NKJV sword until the return of our Lord, Jesus the Christ!!

  6. James Henson

    I am really happy with my green NKJV Quentel…service was also great…ordered on a Tuesday, received it on following Thursday! I have bought three Bibles from these great people!

  7. Danny McMullan (verified owner)

    I waited over a year for this Bible. Finally got it today on preorder. I think it’s excellent! Awesome dark green goatskin leather. The corner work on this one was very good too. I noticed that the paper is whiter than the full size version. The full size has a more creamy color which I actually prefer. The whiter paper is still nice though. I highly recommend this Bible for anyone looking for a High quality NKJV Bible. Thanks Schuyler. God bless

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