Schuyler Wide Margin Quentel ESV, Black Pearl Calfskin

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Black Pearl Calfskin cover with Navy Calfskin liner
3 navy ribbons and blue under silver art gilt
Page size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x 1.7″
9.5 pt. font with words of Christ in black
Cross references and Concordance
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(Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting)


Please allow 1–2 extra days for imprinting

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Here are pictures.

ESV Text Edition: 2016
Black Pearl Calfskin with full leather linings (navy) pictures here.
Page Size: 6.8″ x 9.4″ x 1.7″ (173 mm x 238 mm x 42 mm)
Outer Margin: 35 mm; Inner Margin 33 mm; Top Margin: 25 mm; Bottom Margin: 31 mm.
9.5 pt. Milo font – text sampler.
Line Matching to avoid “see through”
40 GSM Paper (Finland)
Smyth Sewn
Double Column, Paragraph format
Black Letter Text
3 x 1 cm Ribbons: Navy Blue
Art-Gilt edging (blue under silver) with gilt line (silver line inside the cover)
Silver embossing on the Spine.
Raised Spine Ribs
Smyth Sewn
More than 80,000 entry cross references
Presentation pages
Extensive Schuyler Bible Maps

3 reviews for Schuyler Wide Margin Quentel ESV, Black Pearl Calfskin

  1. Brian Mart (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful Bible out of the box. The leather is coated with some kind of a sealer, most likely to protect the leather; it leaves a dull sheen on the Bible, and it is somewhat slick to the touch. A very smooth surface your fingers will glide across. You can see and feel the grain in the leather if you press down and run your fingers over it, It really is a beautiful cover, and with the calfskin liners, it’s very well done. The art guilt edging, blue under silver, looks amazing, and contrasts beautifully with the black cover. Unfortunately, every little nick and scratch will show. Shame on Schuyler for not offering this Bible with a full yap to help protect the page edges.
    The 40 GSM paper they used for this Bible will be perfect for notes. I always use Pigma Micron pens, but with this paper, I could probably get away with using other pens. At first when you’re turning pages, you’ll think you have two pages to separate. I like their use of two colors. It’s easy on the eyes and helpful with cross references. When I open this Bible and see the blue page edges with the sliver edging on the inside cover that borders the pages it’s all about attention to detail. I’m so happy with this Bible that I just bought the Treveris, with a full yap, to have with me as a reading Bible.

  2. Walter (verified owner)

    This is an amazing Bible. I especially like the larger text size for my older eyes. The workmanship is par for the course for Schuyler, of course. It is large and heavy, but I suspect that I’ll get used to it. The 40 gsm paper looks like it will stand up to many notes that are in my future. Thanks EB!

  3. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I had preordered this bible…struggling between choosing the Regalis Purple or my original pick-the Black Pearl. I went with the BP (BP remains my favorite due to color and my preference for calfskin over goatskin), intending to try out the RP color way on an upcoming bible offering that is not the WM. My bible was JUST delivered today and now that it is in my hands; I felt the need to get online and review this bible immediately!!

    I have to say, I caught my breath a little when I opened the clamshell box housing this bible. Even with the bands protecting the bible still in place, I knew immediately that Schuyler had outdone itself with this one. This bible checks all the boxes. Oh WOW! It is AMAZING! The smooth 40 GSM paper is to die for; making the pages both easy to turn and fully equipped for heavy duty note-taking/journaling. The binding looks tight. The calfskin feels substantial and structured in hand, but still retains enough floppiness to make the bible easy to work with while reading. The perimeter stitch is immaculate. The BP color way varies, as hides and the way they take dyes vary, on each individual bible but I got a stunning offering. The gray is subtle, with interesting striations and the blue under silver (my preferred combo-I realize I might be in the minority with this…but it is, what it is) is just beautiful and the work is so clean. The 9.5 text is easy to read, even though it is smaller than the standard Quentel, due to the uncluttered layout and wide margins. The black letter is also always my preference (I just find other colors, red especially, to be jarring and distracting to my eye…YMMV). I appreciate the lined pages in the back with the useful maps/concordance.

    And make no mistake, this bible is a solid, chunky specimen. This is to be expected due to the wide margins, but fair warning to those who might not have ever held a Schuyler Wide Margin. It will make you strong in spirit, with the unexpected bonus of building up your physical strength by toting it around and about. I am not one to shy away from lugging around a big bible and do so, unless there is air travel involved. Then it is PSQ time.

    My only con, that I have with all my Schuyler bibles, is that I am definitely NOT a fan of the super “firm”, card-stocky presentation pages. This is 100% personal preference, and I can almost bet that I am near to alone on this thought. I just do not like the rigidity it adds to the front of the bible (weirdly pushing up the pages from the gutter when reading in the first few books of the bible). I like a flat, FLAT bible when open, pancake flat. Over time, the rigid pages also seem to put stress/separation on the binding where the card stock joins the rest of the “standard” weight bible pages-in this case, 40 GSM. The firmness does relax over time, but I just don’t care for them. But again…this is not a flaw, just a preference. Obviously the pros outweigh the “con” by a country mile.

    Without a doubt, I could not be more pleased with this bible. The craftsmanship and time that went into its creation is on full display. I also imagine it will be an amazingly tough work horse that can simultaneously be treasured, and loved by use. I respect my nice things by using them respectfully, but they get USED! So I need tough. I also take tons of notes in my bibles, so this will be fantastic for that.

    Thanks as always to EV Bible, for your excellent customer service and super fast shipping! I am always amazed how fast you get preorders into the mail, and how you always answer all your emailed questions in a timely manner. I appreciate all of you.

    Everyday, I am beyond grateful that I live in a time that God’s precious and mighty Word is available to us so we can read and know and grow in our relationship with him. To read His Words in this particular work of art is just icing on the cake.

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